GG-CSV Converter

GG-CSV Converter lets you convert information between Google and CSV (comma separated value) files.

LN-CSV Converter

LN-CSV Converter lets you convert information between Lotus Notes and CSV (comma separated value) files.

ZetaCalc 1.01

ZetaCalc is free basic calculator software for Windows with history support.

Gum Doctor Remedy 1.0

Gum Doctor Remedy Hello to all Internet Marketers! Today I?m going to tell you about a recent program out there called Commission Shortcut 2. Yes, the second installment of the popular Internet Marketing program is here and its developers promise us some great changes, but are it worth it? Fortunately, yours truly was a Beta Tester in their exclusive group.

EasyCargo 1.5

Truck and container load planning software. Very easy to use. With real time interactive 3D visualization. Items can be set non-stackable and non-tiltable. Organized to groups and prioritized. Load plans can be saved right on the server and shared with the other team members, customers or vendors. EasyCargo also supports weight distribution calculation for 2 and 3 axle trailers and trucks with semitrailer. Full version 30 days for free!

Apex Image to PDF Converter

Image to PDF converter has option to change several image types like picture, photo, screenshot, photograph, snapshot etc into PDF documents. Application support several image formats like JPG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, WMF, PNG etc. Utility allow to change PDF page size, margin and Meta properties. Tool permitted to change image size setting. You can change title, author, subject and keyword. Program provides protection through security setting. 1.0

percent@business-calculator lets you quickly calculate percentages : percent calculator, percent increase calculator, percent decrease calculator, percent increase and decrease calculator

Mathwizard 2.5

can do scientific calculations , real and complex matrices , algebra , calculus and plot multiple graphs

KinematicsSolver 1.0

Finds the steps of solution of physics problems(kinematics: velocity ,acceleration,time,....etc).It can do your homework and improve your solving skills.It is your best physics tutor.

Differential Equations 2.0

It Solves linear homogeneous and non homogeneous differential equations with constant coefficients. The inputs and outputs are in symbolic format. You enter the symbolic differential equation and you get the answer in symbolic format.

Maths calculator 1.0

It is a calculator for mathematics..It can do scientific calculations, calculus, and plot multiple graphs.The user can input the mathematics expression the same way he is used to in hand writing.It supports brackets and nested brackets to any level which allows the user to express any expression. >Very easy exciting and fast to use.

Algebra calculator student Edition 1.0

It is a calculator for algebra.The inputs and outputs are in algebraic format.It can do the operations of add, subtract, multiply, divide, evaluate, find roots, rank and solve a factorized. It records the history of operations on algebraic functions.You can copy one function to another which allows the user to implement an algorithm of algebraic operations. >Very easy exciting and fast to use.

Algebra calculator 2.2

>Can store up to 15 functions at run time. Can give these functions names >Can write your own programs that manipulate functions and can use these programs on different sets of data. You can write as many programs as you need. >shows the past history of manipulations on functions with their results >Can save, edit, and update the work on functions. >Can do integration and differentiation. >Can print out your work. >Very easy, exciting

Area ABC ePUB DRM Removal 2013

Remove Drm from ePub

ESBDateCalc Pro - Date Calculator 1.1.4

ESBDateCalc Pro is our Date and Time Calculator for Windows and it aims to provide a sophisticated yet easy to use tool to perform Date and Time Calculations. This includes displaying various information for a given year and a given date, as well as doing calculations on a Date Range as well as a Date / Time Range. Also includes Time Zone Conversions, National Holidays, Christian Holidays, Jewish Holidays, Duration Summation and more.

Pay2MT 0.6

With Pay2MT anyone can convert CSV files generated by Paypal in just a few mouse clicks to the desired MT940 format.We developed Pay2MT because it is not possible with Paypal to generate MT940 files and the most accounting software packages import only a MT940 files. You make all your Paypal transactions manually of you purchased Pay2MT. Pay2MT saves you a lot of time.

Free Sim Card Undelete

Want to get reliable Free Sim Card Undelete software? Just click at from website to download sim card message retrieval application which is used to rescue deleted items, information, and dialed numbers from accidentally virus infected cell phone sim card memory.

Apex PDF to Image Converter

PDF to image converter supports several image formats like JPG, TIF, GIF, BMP, EMF, WMF, PNG and more. Application change PDF documents into image format basis of odd/even pages, all pages and page range and custom pages. Tool allow to change image size setting as per your need also can be use default setting. Utility has option to rotate image into such angles like 0, 90, 180, 270 degree. You can be save resultant output in user defines location

Car Finance Calculator 1.00

There is no way that the average family would be able to simply pay for their car upfront. This is where car finance becomes a really important part of how people live. The option to make monthly repayments towards your car over a period of several years is usually far more appealing than sacrificing your lifestyle to save up money and be a cash buyer. The monthly repayments are usually customised to suit your needs and term of the loan. For a fa

Medical Barcode Creator

Company announced website to generate colorful and printable barcode labels of different sizes and shapes in few simple mouse clicks. Medical Barcode Creator application produce easily printable and readable barcode images that support commonly used printers and scanners.

Hispanic Marketing 1

Hispanic Marketing Free CHMOD Calculator by Callzilla - Callzilla is the trusted Spanish Call Center partner to the US?s leading companies and brands.ince 2005 we?ve successfully handled 5 million Hispanic customer care and customer acquisition calls.Our flexible, live agent and automated solutions will help your brand shine in its communications with Hispanics. Visit our website today at

Pest Control Fort Lauderdale 1

Pest Control Fort Lauderdale Calculator - We are delighted to provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed services in Fort Lauderdale, Jupiter, Stuart, Palm City and Wellington. With one call you will experience the benefits of our 25 years of superior service in Pest Control, Lawn and Ornamental, Residential Wild Animal Removal for your Residential, Commercial or Equestrian Facility. Visit now.

VMeisoft HTML5 Movie Maker 1.1

HTML5 Movie Maker is the all-in-one solution to convert all video file formats to HTML5 compatible OGG, MP4, WebM video formats to play on websites with any Web Browser and Mobile devices. Browser support: Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 4.0+, Google Chrome 6+, Apple Safari 5+, Opera 10.6+ Mobile support: iPhone 3+, iPad 1, 2, Android 2.1+, Blackberry 6+, Windows Phone 7+

Lechon 1.0

Lechon Calculator by La Caja China - Download this free calculator now! La Caja China is best for roasting a pig since it's the best pig roaster in town!

Miami Plumbers 1

Miami Plumbers CHMOD Calculator by Douglas Orr Plumbing- Download now! Douglas Orr Plumbing is a reputable Miami plumber with over 37 years of experience! Call them today at 1800DOUGORR!

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