Alexandru Ion Marias 3.2

Alexandru Ion Marias is a software developer creating computer games and utilities.

FollowUpExpert Business 4.5.2319

Business slowing down because of recession? Use follow-up autoresponder marketing and newsletters to get value from your customer relationships. FollowUpExpert is an easy-to-use program gives you complete control over your mailing lists. It can automatically reply to incoming emails, send sequences of personalized follow-ups and newsletters. It helps you grow your lists using sign-up forms and by tracking purchases made in your online store.

Direct Email Sender 6.85

This direct email sender can work with large mailing lists. You can upload a million emails into each internal group. And thanks to its unique capability - connect directly to your CRM database - you can send email newsletters to several millions recipients without export-import. Once you setup a database connection, the program will always read an up-to-date contact list from your CRM database.

Outlook Email Data extractor 1.0.8

Outlook Email Data extractor is a best tool to extract email addresses from Microsoft Outlook. Outlook Email Extractor can extract email addresses from all email accounts configured in Microsoft Outlook.Outlook Email Extractor allows users to select only email folders to extract emails. It also have many options for filtering extracted email addresses from Microsoft Outlook.

MailThem Pro 9

MailThem Pro is designed for newsletter mailings and mailing lists management. It has own high performance built-in SMTP server. But if you want you still can use your an external SMTP mail server to send emails with an incredible speed. Personalize and merge individual information into any message allows you to create really personal e-mails. You can merge up to 10 different custom fields.

Email Subscriber Pro 2.501

Email Subscriber Pro helping you make subscription to email lists on Internet websites. It uses POP3 email accounts to receive subscribe and unsubscribe requests from respondents, extracts email addresses and sender names from email messages and creates plain-text files with subscribers wanting to subscribe or unsubscribe. The text files with emails can be used with any bulk mailer as mailing list files to add new subscribers and delete existing

Atomic Subscription Manager 8.06

Atomic Subscription Manager is a mailing list management utility. Once installed, this program automatically handles all user requests to subscribe/unsubscribe to/from the mailing list. The number of mailing lists that can be maintained is not limited. ASM is the subscription central station working real-time, 24 hours a day. Simply install the program, create a mailing list, define rules for maintaining the list and minimize the program to tray.

Boost Sale with Email Marketing Software 1.0

Professional email marketing software can be used to build brand recognition, maintain customer relationships and drive new sales. Quite simply, email marketing works, simply start with email marketing services and generate sale, you can collect lead with our software and suite email to all lead at one click without any losses of data files. Email marketing software trail version are available at free of cost and full version at just $99.

Blast Mails via Email Marketing Software 1.0

Stop Monthly rental for email marketing or email marketing services. Buy email marketing software at $99 and send unlimited number of promotional and effective mails to all users at one click. You can also email Blasting by Proxy Setting with email marketing software. The main feature of this software is that it can send all emails to customer inbox not in junk or spam folders (Big Achievement of this software).

Mass Emails Email Marketing software 1.0

Email marketing software is the way for increasing traffic and sends promotional emails and other special offer to all users who are old or new that are included to take benefits. You are skype user and trying to increase more friends, email marketing software is a tool that can easily find out friend and add more friends to your skype circle. Email marketing software is a complete online bulk mailer with a full statistics services

Email Marketing Services 1.0

Share your Business information and send promotion code to customer via email marketing services. Software is highly cost efficient and highly popular in the field of software world. Trail offer is valid for limited time period; Email marketing services can send mass email, extract email and verified email address. Buy full version of this software at just $99 only. Our all-in-one email marketing software includes and profit from email marketing.

Email Marketing Software Verifies Emails 1.0

For continuous increasing traffic and regular contact with all customers you may buy full version of email marketing software. Each business man know the value and importance of email marketing software, it can play an important role for developing my business. Email marketing software has become one of the best ways to promote and market about your products or services.

ZoloSpider 0.99

ZoloSpider extracts emails from a list of URLs (ZoloData freeware:

Send Email with Email Marketing Software 1.0

Bulk emailing software play an important role in email marketing, Email marketing software is whole and sole all type of businesses. Email marketing software can share all your information at single click with any delay. It is one time investment software program, just pay $99 and connect millions of customer at time to time with online chat support for long term. During the sending time of bulk email no matter of size of email and contact list.

SysInfoTools Email Management Tools 1.0

SysInfoTools Email Management Tools is a combo pack of multiple programs such as Email converter, PST Split, Merge, Compress & Compact, Upgrade & Downgrade, PST Password Recovery which helps users to convert their emails files, to split PST files into small files, to merge multiple PST files into a single file, to compact and compress PST files, to upgrade and downgrade PST files and last but not the least to recover lost passwords of PST files.

Pasadena Therapist 1.0

Pasadena Therapist Version 1.0 By John Beck. As a therapist, and guide for over 15 years, Daphne is an innovator when it comes to providing warm, healing settings for individuals, couples and groups. She has an extensive background in both traditional and modern psychotherapy tools, as well as creative arts, alternative, and body-based somatic therapy modalities. Her work is grounded in a whole-person approach to transformation and growth.

slbinfo 1.0

Get email marketing secrets that can boost your opt in list campaign. Discover the best email marketing tool for success.

Atomic List Manager 5.03

Atomic List Manager can split and merge email mailing lists containing multiple data parameters. Our mailing list software can split the list using some common-sense filters, like excluding invalid and duplicate e-mails as well as free e-mail addresses (Hotmail and Yahoo!, for example). A number of "mix-and-match" and filtering tasks can be done with Atomic List Manager based on parameters other then e-mail address.

Email Checker Basic 1.0

Email Checker Basic is used to check and verify whether the email address is valid (format or syntax) and really existing on the email server without sending. Usually, it is used to maintain a clean emailing list. It's very easy to use: just input the email address and press <Enter>, the result will show soon. The result contains status (OK/BAD), Description and Interaction between Email Checker Basic and email server.

Track Your Sent 1

Did you ever send an email you needed feedback on .. and forgot to follow-up on later?

KUBA - EDV Pullmailer 1.0

POP3 Forwarder

Email Extractor Plus 5.0

Email Extractor Plus is a multifunctional program, designed for extracting email addresses from web pages, text, or HTML files, and also from local directories, disks, Outlook Express, The Bat, browser cache, search engines. . Bulk Email Extractor has various scanning range limitators, which help you extract only those addresses you need, and not every one of them.

Appabyte Email IDs Generator Platinum 10

This New Powerful Software Generate Unlimited Email IDs. Useful for affiliate marketing, website promotion, cpa, facebook friends, facebook fanpage, twitter, myspace and digg

Facebook Forager 1.0

Facebook Forager is a new powerful facebook extractor software that allows you to extract your prospects' details from facebook in seconds, boost your marketing efforts with this software and accomplish what used to be too time consuming in seconds. This is the fastest method to generate your followers' email information without checking them one by one.

Thunderbird Email Data Extractor 1.0.8

Thunderbird Email Data extractor is a tool to extract email addresses from Mozilla Thunderbird.This tool can extract email address from all the email account you are using in Thunderbird or user can can select particuler email account or folder to extract emails.Thunderbird Email Extractor is the fastest tool to extarct email from Thunderbird

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