pcvisit BasicSupport 12.0

pcvisit BasicSupport PLUS provides the easiest entrance into the world of online support and includes comfort functions. See everything on your customer's PC and lead them through the support session by remote control - just as if you were sitting together.

pcvisit SupportJournal FREE

pcvisit SupportJournal FREE - helps billing your support hours - efficiently and reliably.

pcvisit RemoteSupport 12.0

Allowing flexibility through remote access pcvisit RemoteSupport is an ideal software solution for administrators and those requiring remote access for server or network maintenance. Additionally, business travellers can access their office PC regardless of place and time. After the software has been installed on the user's PC, it can be accessed from all over the world via the internet.

KnowledgeBase Deluxe 3.9

KnowledgeBase software for Windows: database management system with ready to use KB database solutions. KnowledgeBase Deluxe allows you to gather, organize, and manage information about all your frequently asked questions, product specification, product troubleshooting, service and support documents. KB Organizer Deluxe is easy to use and very intuitive. Use database solution included in the software or build your own with Designer.

Internet Organizer Deluxe 3.9

Internet Organizer Deluxe provides your business with a central place to organize web addresses, e-mails, login names, passwords, notes, advertising, and all other net activities. For the database novice, Internet Organizer's intuitive interface and ready-to-use templates make it easy to set up and use. For the power user, Organizer affords the simplicity of wizards that make it easy to set up and use the Web database organizers that you create.

Gateway Mediation Server 1.3

Gateway Mediation Server (GMS) is free self-hosted server software that replicates the functionality of our global Internet ID servers. That is - it allows firewalls and NAT services to be bypassed when establishing a remote connection.

SysAid IT Management Software 9.0

SysAid <a href="http://www.sysaid.com">Help Desk Software</a> is a an all-in-one IT Help Desk software that provides the essential features for managing IT tasks: Asset Management, MDM, Monitoring, Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Password Reset, SLA, Reports & Analysis and more. With integrated capabilities, SysAid is one powerful and easy-to-use package. SysAid also has a free software solution for small to medium-sized organizations

Industrial 2 of 5 Barcode Generator

Company offers www.2dbarcode.biz for producing tags that is widely used in different sectors like retail, business, inventory management, chemical industry and manyothers. Innovative Industrial 2 of 5 Barcode Generator utility is easy to operate.

Packaging Barcode Label Maker

Best featured Packaging Barcode Label Maker utility does not need any prior technical knowledge of software to operate software for generating coupons and stickers to tag material, articles and food products to enhance their security during transportation and distribution. Trail of packaging tag application is available at company website www.businessbarcode.com to understand and determine functionality of utility in an easy and reliable way.

Quicker Support v1.0

The Worlds first and only 100% FREEWARE Remote Desktop Live Support Application that is fully Customisable! that can be used on Windows/Android Devices! Unlike Team viewer our cloned application has no usage restrictions or limitations, it was designed for personal or business/corporate usage but without the $$$$ price tag! (All the current features can be found on our Web site)

Ticker Tape 1.4.0

Ticker Tape is a simple way to broadcast unobtrusive messages to workstations spread over one or more sites - it's ideal for Help Desks or Administrators wanting to proactively advise people of issues affecting one or more locations. Ticker Tape is especially useful where other means of communication, such as email, are unavailable and helps avoid unnecessary calls to the Help Desk reporting known issues or requesting status updates.

Impero V3 3505

Improve your company productivity Impero discretely logs all computer activity to a central store, not only logging Websites that remote users visit, but also all Windows, Software Applications, Printed Documents and Deleted Files. Log Everything with Minimal Footprint Being extremely efficient and optimized, Impero Logviewer clearly displays Computer Activity by Day, then by User, then Computer and finally by the time the user logged on.

Quinnect Remote Support 5.3

Quinnect is a remote support solution for quick and secure access to remote computers over the Internet. You can use Quinnect for ad hoc remote customer support and for administering remote workstations and servers on a 24/7 schedule. Quinnect includes Viewer, Host and Agent. Use the Viewer as a control center. Install the Host on a remote PC for 24/7 access. Use the Agent for spontaneous remote support without installation and configuration.

Quinnect Server 1.2

Quinnect Server (formerly Gateway Mediation Server) is free self-hosted server software that replicates the functionality of our global Internet ID servers. That is - it allows firewalls and NAT services to be bypassed when establishing a remote connection.

BigAnt Office Messenger 2.92 2.92 sp3

BigAnt Office Messenger is an instant messenger tool for Lan and internet network. Support Windows 7, Mac os X, Android and Blackberry.

Online Desktop Presenter

Present your windows desktop via Internet to any other user without any problems of firewalls nor any other security related installations. Transmit your screen content online via Internet or Intranet for presentations, trainings, sales conversations etc. to one or several remote Internet users. Your screen content will be transmitted via FTP to your own web server or to free web space automatically and continously.

NeuQs Help Desk 2.01

Whether you are looking for a help desk solution to support your own company users, or are a support organization looking after multiple companies with many sites, NeuQs Help desk will ensure you deliver professional levels of service through timely management and high levels of feedback. Developed in Microsoft Silverlight, to give you a truly engaging user experience and based on .Net technologies and using scalable SQL Server.

Folder HelpDesk 12

Collaborate on helpdesk tickets in Outlook. Create tickets from email or web, manually or automatically. Describe problems using attached files and rich text. Sort tickets. Get information from the Outlook contacts or the GAL. Access, SQL Server or SQL Azure database. Closed tickets can be searched and re-created in Outlook if needed. E-mail history. FAQ answers. Statistics tool, KBase. Subscription $150/month for all kalmstrom.com products.

Kindle Cash Flow 2.0

Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 by Ty Cohen is LIVE! Check out my Kindle Cash Flow Review & Bonus!

SupportPortal 3.3

Online help desk software that allows any business or work group assigns support ticket and issues, manage incoming and outgoing e-mails, streamline workflow, provide live chat,build knowledge base, manage access to shared binaries, and deliver newsletters through the single point of access. SupportPortal is support solution which is best suitable for use in internal and external Help Desks, Call Centers, Contact Centers, and Web Portals.

BigAnt IM Server for business 2.91

Build your own instant messaging network with BigAnt IM Server.BigAnt IM server offers unique features like AD integration, message logging & archiving, automatically update all Big Ant clients, send broadcast message from server to clients in case of emergency, import plug-in application to integrate with Big Ant client program, integrate document management to the IM system.

Carbon Copy Commissions 2.3

Carbon Copy Commissions Is A Tested & Proven Commission Generating System From Justin Michie

ShareRight 6.0

ShareRight is a network administration tool providing detailed analysis of all file shares and documents on the network and their associated NTFS permissions, together with discovery and quick launch of each shared folder,document and VNC viewer. In addition, notes may be recorded for each machine for support and maintenance purposes.

ThinVNC HTML5 Screen Sharing and Remote Desktop

ThinVNC is a pure-web Scren Sharing and Remote Desktop solution. The remote computer can be accessed from any OS platform through any HTML5 compliant browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.). ThinVNC takes advantage of the latest web technologies to deliver a high-performance Remote Desktop access over the web, using HTTP and SSL protocols. No need of plugin, add-on or any kind of installation on the client side. Web rdp client. Free.

SysAid IT Management Software 8.5

SysAid <a href="http://www.ilient.com">Help Desk Software</a> is a dynamic, highly intuitive free software solution for small to medium-sized organizations. SysAid provides Helpdesk, Asset Management, Remote Control, Monitoring, Reports/Analysis, Priority Matrix, KnowledgeBase, Live Chat, Password Services, IT Benchmarking, and Calendar in a simple, easy-to-use package. SysAid manages systems by automatically scanning your network.

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