SwiftDownloads.com Product Details Sponsored Link 1.0

Use this form to pay for your product details advertisement on SwiftDownloads.com. Please make sure that your booking has been reserved and approved by the SwiftDownloads.com team before you make your payment. If you have not yet booked your advertisement, and you are a software developer, you can conveniently do so directly from within your Developers Centre login. Alternatively, you can contact us at any time at The SwiftDownloads.com website

Contact Plus Pro/Smart Merge Bundle -- 1 User/Down 1.0

Contact Plus Pro/SmartMerge Bundle for Single User for Download Only.

Email Harvester/Download 1.0

Plug-in module toautomatically enter data from web response forms into a Contact Plus Prodatabase.

Contact Plus Pro -- 3 User/Media 1.0

Contact Plus Pro for 3Users on CD-ROM.

Software page ad package on softforall.com 1.0

Ad package on all the software pages of softforall.com. The ad will be showed on about 15000 pages for a period of one month, please visit for details.Advertiser is required to send us title and short description of your software to

year priority support 1.0

Priority support is intended primarily for corporate customers who wish to have a guaranteed response to their questions within 24 hours, even during weekends and holidays. While all our products come with free technical support and the maximum 48-hour response time, only priority support customers are guaranteed to enjoy the quickest service possible. Priority support is offered on a per-company basis It costs US 99.95 per year per compa

GOLD Service Package (shareware promotion) 1.0

GOLD Service Package includes the following services - Hand-made submission to the software download sites - Hand-made monitoring of software download sites - Hand-made monitoring of online news and web - Hand-made monitoring of shareware crackswarez GOLD Service Package, providing weekly reports, costs only US 449.95 for 1 month of service. Order it now and start saving your time and money We send you the first report during 2 weeks afte

Extended Voice/Internet Support 10+ Networks 1.0

Extended Voice/Internet support for 10 user and more network systems for one year. User has access to Contact Plus technical support via phone and internet control for one year during business hours. Monday - Friday from 900 am - 400 pm MST. Additionally, the support plan includes updates to Contact Plus Professional for the support period.

Contact Plus Pro -- 2 User/Media 1.0

Contact Plus Pro for 2Users on CD-ROM.

MINT Home Edition 1.0

The Home Edition has been designed and developed to provide software solutions that enable physicians to get their money in the most efficient, cost-effective manner known to date. MINT.he comes with an integrated accounting system, doctor scheduler, contact management system, free e-claim processing and much more. MINT.he provides complete health-care billing for individuals who want to make a great living from home, while providing a service to

NavTools Route 1.0

Complete voyage planning utility for merchant navy vessels or yachts. Includes unlimited number of waypoints, NMEA connection to GPS (not compulsory), automatic logging of vessels progress, AMVER/AUSREP and other reporting systems, average weather enroute, hurricane tracking, and calculation of most fuel efficient engine settings.Please note this shareware utility can be tested for free during 30 days before you need to decide whether or not to b

Extended Voice/Internet Support (5 network user) 1.0

Yearly extended voice/internet support for 5 users. User has access to Contact Plus technical support via phone and internet control for one year during business hours. Monday - Friday from 900 am - 400 pm MST. Additionally, the support plan includes updates to Contact Plus Professional for the support period.

Contact Plus Pro -- 5 User/Download 1.0

Contact Plus Pro for 5Users for Download Only.

DirectLink USA; Purchasing and Procurement Portal 1.0

Direct Link was developed as an interactive database linking you directly to the Marketing, Purchasing, Procurement and Materials Management departments of Corporations, States, Counties, Cities, and Universities. Links are checked and updated weekly.No more searching the Internet for sales leads to find product and service purchasing contacts at big companies or universities. Simply click on the links proviced in the CD and up come the purchasin

New Age Complete 1.0

New Age Complete is Your Ultimate Gateway to the Worlds of Love Romance, Dreams and the New Age.The New Age Complete is a total Love Romance, Dreams, and New Age software package that includes Sahara Softwares most popular products SoftMatch, SoftDream, SoftRhythm, SofTarot, SoftRunes, SoftIChing, and SoftNumerology. These software products are amongst the best in their respective categories on the Internet today. SofTarot - Your Mysterious

Upgrade from XP to Professional BOX 1.0

This order will upgrade your current InstallWizard XP subscription to InstallWizard Professional Edition.

FDM - Custom Branding (std to pro upgradel) 1.0

FDM - Custom Branding (std to pro upgradel)

TIMER (Multiple Switchings with Pulses in Minutes) 1.0

Timing software for home automation, to control irrigation, hydroponics, lights etc. This is a program that enables the PC to connect to the outside world, by using the printer port LPT1.

Spytech SecurityWorks 1.0

Spytech SecurityWorks is a comprehensive security suite with nine different utilities. The included utilities range from password secure storage, secure encryption and deletion, to network security and active spy surveillance.

Ad Packet 1- Block A 1.0

Advertisment on hotsoft32.com -- Package 1 Block A

Smart Merge Pro/Media 1.0

Database synchronizationtool for Contact Plus Pro. Keep remote users out in the field up to datewith whats been happening in the office.

Custom Developing Service 1.0

Custom Developing Service

Registration in search engines and directories 1.0

Increase the number of visitors to your website dramatically by registering it with thousands of engines, directories and link pages

Epson Fiscal Printer Driver (Activex) 1.0

Drivers para Impresoras Fiscales Epson Version Activex. Control OCX para lenguajes Visual Basic, Visual C++ , Visual FoxPro, Visual Interdev, etc.

empty 1.0

The CD contains the trial versions of five games Net Gin Rummy, Net Spite and Malice, Net Cribbage, Net Chess and Net Checkers.There are no additional or hidden payments. Shipping and handling fees are included.

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