Unlock PDF Files 2.1

Our Free PDF Unlocker software allows users to unlock PDF files and remove all types of security from a PDF file. You can start deciding your security settings to giving a unlock password for files. You can protect your PDF files with local restrictions that restrict the users from copying, editing, printing etc. Visit at: http://www.freepdfunlocker.com/unlock-pdf-files.html

Netwrix Privileged Account Manager 4.135.145

Privileged Account Manager provides secure, centralized access to privileged accounts, randomizing their passwords on a scheduled basis. Members of the IT team can securely access all passwords from a web browser. All password-related operations are audited. Please contact Netwrix Corporation (www.netwrix.com) to obtain a price quote.

Apex Remove User and Owner password

Remove user and owner password software having simple graphical interface. Application has option to release all PDF page level restrictions as well as crack security of PDF document into different manner. Tool maintains two type security first user and second owner. Time of cracking user security must be type password but time of owner no need to type password. Utility unlock all page restriction like Print, Copy, Edit, Form-filling etc.

Recover MS Access Db Password

Looking for a tool to unlock password protected MS Access database file? If you forgot or lost the password of your secured *.MDB file, try V2 Softlogic MS Access password recovery software. It helps in getting back forgotten password. MS Access password unlock tool quickly reveals each characters of password even database is of Access 95/97 format or Access 2000 format.

Remove Password from PDF Document

Remove password from PDF document software help to open it software firstly ask the user password then enter password and open PDF file after that program automatically detect owner password and open it and then you can modify in feature such as copy, edit, form filling, modify, print, annotation, content copy for accessibility, etc. You want check efficiency software so go this link PDF Password & Restriction Remover www.pdfpassword-remover.com.

Unlock MS Access MDB Database

Best tool to recover password of locked *.mdb file is V2 Softlogic Access password recovery, as it support recovery of password of any length and complexity. Tool successfully runs on all Windows version of OS and reveals actual password. MS access database password retrieval tool unlock password in just few mouse clicks, just browse *.mdb file and click on Start button.

Tenorshare iPhone 5s 5c 5 Data Recovery for Window 2.4.01429

Tenorshare iPhone 5/5S/5C Data Recovery is the top-ranking data recovery software which can easily recover all deleted or lost data directly from iPhone 5 without any backup files, and also quickly restore iPhone 5 data from iTunes backup files. With high functionality, it can save lost data from damaged, crashed, broken or smashed iPhone 5, and retrieve lost data after jailbreak, iOS upgrade, factory setting. Besides, this data recovery software

SpotFTP Password Recover 2.4.8

SpotFTP is FTP password recovery software. The program recovers ftp user name and passwords for FileZilla, WS_FTP, Microsoft Expression Web FTP, Far ftp client, CuteFTP, FlashFXP ftp, DeluxeFTP, FFFTP, SecureFX ftp client, WebDrive, FTP Voyager, AutoFTP, 32bit FTP, FTP Now, FTP Navigator, CoffeeCup Direct FTP and FTP Control Passwords.

SpotOutlook Password Recovery 1.2.6

SpotOutlook Password Recovery is the best tool to recover Microsoft Office Outlook passwords. The software recovers password for all versions of Outlook. SpotOutlook Password Recovery is a lightweight and very easy to use application that will help you to decrypt the passwords stored by Microsoft Office Outlook. All the mentioned features are provided with a user friendly graphical interface.

Protected Passwords 2.7

he number of passwords, we modern users, must remember isn't getting any smaller. From social media to shopping sites, Web-based mail to online banking, site after site demands a username and password. Using the same password for all of them is a really, really bad idea, since a single data breach would totally wipe out your online privacy.That's where our "Protected Password" PC software saves the day.

SpotIE Password Recovery 2.9.5

SpotIE Internet Explorer Password Recovery is a program for recovering passwords to web sites saved in Internet Explorer (in local password list), as well as AutoComplete strings (form fields) which MS Internet Explorer saves in cache. All the mentioned features are provided with a user friendly graphical interface.

IE Asterisk Password Uncover 1.8.5

IE Asterisk Password Uncover allows you to view passwords hidden with asterisks in password fields in web pages and ActiveX controls. Comes in handy when you have forgotten your passwords. When you login into a web site with user name and password, you sometimes have the option to store the password in your computer. This freeware utility reveals the passwords stored behind the asterisks (****) in the web pages of Internet Explorer.

Remote Password Recovery 1.2.6

Remote Password Recovery is a remote computers password auditing program and security test tool, it retrieves passwords for software products saved on local or remote network computers. The software recovers Internet Download Manager, FFFTP, FileZilla, WinProxy, FAR ftp, Easy Web Cam, Web Drive, Core FTP, Ipswitch IMail, Ipswitch Messenger, Ipswitch Messenger Server passwords.

Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker 2.3

Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker is designed to let you search for passwords of protected ZIP files. This program guarantees the most complicated passwords recovery. Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker allows to search for the password of the protected ZIP file using Brute Force algorithm. After recovering the password it will extract the files to a destination folder.

Remove pdf print restriction 1.3

If you are not able to print your pdf document or pdf copying & editing option is disabled, try our pdf restriction remover software. Pdf restrictions are just because you encrypted them with owner password previously and now forgot this password. To overcome from this situation, we developed a tool, Axommsoft pdf restrictions remover which helps in removing this forgotten password.

Appnimi Wordpress Password Kit 1.0.0

Wordpress Password Kit generates password which can be entered into the database directly through phpmyadmin.It helps in changing the password of wordpress.

Free VBA Password Recovery 3.2

Free VBA Password Recovery Software helps you to recover lost VBA password from password protected VBA files of any password length. VBA Password Recovery Software recover VBA password for all MS Office documents like Power Point, Excel, Access, Publisher, Word, Front page and Outlook. Software gives you free demo faculty.

Registry Data Recovered Error 3.3.1

Registry Data Recovered Error message on startup ? Hard Drive Data Recovery is perfect solution against permanently deleted data, Formatted Data recovery, Shift Deleted Data recovery, Registry Recovery, Movies Recovery, Mp3 recovery etc from Hard Drive, Pen drive, Memory Card, SD Card XD Card or from any kind of storage device.

Apex Removing Password from PDF File

Removing password from PDF file program decrypt password on PDF file firstly it is ask user password to you then enter password to open or view PDF file then software automatically remove owner password then you can able to change in feature like copying, editing, form filling, modifying, printing, content copy for accessibility etc. You want check efficiency software so go this link PDF Password & Restriction Remover www.pdfpassword-remover.com.

Apex Disable PDF Password Security

Disable PDF password security software can unlock all locked protection, limitation, restriction, permission on Adobe PDF document. Software save time encrypts and decrypts process in multiple PDF file by using batch mode. Software supports two standard encryption levels such as 40bits and 128bits. If you want this easiest and cheapest software to go this link PDF Password and restriction Manager and download software www.pdfpassword-remover.com.

VPN Password Recovery 1.0.3

VPN Password Recovery enumerates, displays logins and recovers passwords for VPN virtual private network access, provides users with information about network connection properties, such as connection names, domains, phone numbers.

How to Find VBA Project Password in Excel 3.3.1

Most of the people think about ?How to Find VBA Project Password in Excel?? In our point of view you should get a chance to acquire best solution for VBA Password Recovery Software by which you can unlock password protected VBA files. If you go with solution for VBA password recovery then you can save your time and money as well.

Excel Password 2014.05.15

Excel Password is advanced and extremely fast password recovery tool for MS Excel spreadsheets in 2007-2013 format (.xlsx, .xlsb, .xlsm, etc.). Several configurable attacks with number of modifications are available: dictionary based (with several languages included), mask based and brute-force. Advanced keyboard layouts aware recovery technique. Highly optimized code and GPU (AMD, NVIDIA, Intel) utilization guarantees fastest recovery speed.

SpotDialup Password Recover 1.6.7

SpotDialup enumerates, displays logins and recovers passwords for Dial-Up, Internet and VPN virtual private network access, provides users with information about network connection properties, such as connection names, domains, phone numbers or IP addresses.

SpotPaltalk Password Recovery 1.1.5

SpotPaltalk recovers Paltalk instant messenger passwords, as well as passwords for AOL, Google, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ saved in Paltalk messenger. The passwords are automatically recovered, if they are saved on the local system and you can login with Paltalk automatically without having to manually enter the password. Paltalk versions are supported including Basic, Paltalk Scene, Premium, SuperIMPlus, Extreme, Deluxe, PalPlus and Plus.

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