Password Manager Deluxe 3.8262

Don't worry about forgetting passwords anymore! Let Password Manager Deluxe manage your passwords securely! What Password Manager Deluxe can do for you: remembers your usernames and passwords, automatically login to webpages using Drag-Drop, easily locate the desired login, securely encrypt your password entries, securely encrypt your files. Securely Store: passwords, usernames, registration details for programs and files.

Efficient Password Manager

Still be worrying about so many passwords to remember? Now we have Efficient Password Manager, a completely free but powerful and unique password management package. She can not only help you remember generic passwords, but also record website login passwords, software registration codes, e-mail account passwords, etc. A random password generator is integrated. With Efficient Password Manager, you only need to remember one password!

Efficient Password Manager Network

Still be worrying about so many passwords to remember? Now we have Efficient Password Manager Network, a powerful and unique password management package. She can not only help you remember generic passwords, but also record website login passwords, e-mail account passwords, etc. Besides, with network edition, different users in your organization can access the same copy of data, to work in conjunction and improve work efficiency!

Excel VBA Password Recovery 3.2.1

Excel VBA Password Recovery program that help to recover any length of VBA password from any MS Office file which is password protected from a long time. File size and creation date does not matter in VBA password recovery process. User is free to run this application on any of windows application environment easily without any difficulty, because it supports all versions of windows operating system. Get more :

VBA Password Recovery Software 3.2.1

Use VBA password remover tool to unlock VBA password in bulk. VBA password recovery software provides you better user interface by which you can able to remove VBA password with some easy steps. VBA password recovery software also allows you to remove VBA password which include all kinds of letters, expressions and numbers. VBA password recover software can be used with any version of MS-Office Applications like 2010/2003/2002 etc.

Crypt-o 2.4.180

Crypt-o is a Client/Server password manager with many advanced features like strong data encryption, customizable databases, multi-user access, flexible permissions system, form filling, portable mode, Web access. Crypt-o is a secure Client/Server solution for creating custom databases, which is designed for use in enterprise networks. The data is reliably stored in Firebird SQL Server database and encrypted using AES algorithm with 256-bit key.

JP's Password Safe 1

JP's Password Safe is a handy utility that will make it possible for anyone to keep logins safe and ready to be retrieved in case they are to be used. The program functions like a vault and no one except the users who have the access password can open it. The stored data can be changed with ease and saved on the spot.

How to Open VBA Password 3.2.1

How to Open VBA Password is the very wanton problem for MS Office users, but don't worry one great soultion is here try VBA Password Remover Software to remove VBA Password and easily open VBA Password. Software easily working in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power-Point and Other MS Office version. Software supports Win7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and 98.


Enter your personal password WebPassBooster it generates from this a robust and secure.You can bring this password generator with you and follow it on any windows pc without installing it. Comes with launch the virtual keyboard windows against keyloggers, the inclusion of symbols in the password to suit the needs of the sites, the copy paste and secure triple-click that no hacker is expected to write the generated passwords anywhere.

TrueCrypt Password Plugin

TrueCrypt Password Plugin is a simple program for complicated passwords for your TrueCrypt file and speed up the opening. Simply set up a simple and easy to remember password to open your TrueCrypt file with a password of 64 carattteri unassailable. You can start creating TrueCrypt file by clicking the "create". You can log on using the "link" to a folder TrueCrypt for example if it is installed in portable mode.


If you think that storing passwords on PCs is a mistake, this is the right password manager for you. Generate safe passwords with ease! All you need to do is specify the phrase from which you want to generate the password. Then the application will save the generated password to the clipboard and you can paste it on a web page or in a specific file.

VBA Unlocker 3.2.1

VBA Password Remover is one of the best ways to reset the current password of VBA project. VBA Project Password Unlocker program is easy to reset VBA password Word, reset VBA password Excel and other MS Office files. VBA Unlocker scans your protected VBA file & then resets old password with the new password. VBA Password Remover utility helps our users to unlock password protected VBA file of .doc, .xla, .xls etc.

Pdf Restriction Security Remover

Unable to print your office pdf documents due to restriction applied by the author of pdf document? Don?t panic, if you have permissions, try our pdf security remover software and quickly remove owner password to print copy & edit pdf. It removes embedded permission password even if you lost or forgot this password automatically.

Microsoft Visual Basic Password Remover 3.2.1

Microsoft Visual Basic Password recovery is not much complicated now. Ths VBA password recovery software helps you to remove VBA password easily and quickly. Microsoft Visual Basic Password is the password recovery utility for password protected VBA Data in MS Office (Excel, Word, Access, Power Point, Project).

Password Manager 1.01.01

Store all your passwords in one place. No more remembering multiple passwords. You only need to remember one master password and then you have access to all your others. With one simple click of a button, you retrieve your password - no typing required. You can store hundreds of passwords and other information you need including user names, website URLs, and notes.

Password Manager for Flash Drives 1.01.01

Password Manager for Flash Drives has all the features of the desktop version of Password Manager, but runs completely from your flash drive. You can run this portable version from any computer and keep your passwords with you at all times, whether you are at home or at work. So if you use more than one computer, this is the software you need. You can store hundreds of passwords and other information you need.

VBA Password Recovery Master Tool 3.2.1

VBA Password Recovery Master Tool swiftly recover VBA passwords of any complexity and length. VBA Password Recovery Software assures that your VBA projects are accessible at all times despite everything. VBA Password Recovey Master Tool fully support all versions of MS Word, Excel, Outlook.

Memo Password 3.0

Memo Password is a simple, tiny but powerful tool useful for storing and easily retrieve your passwords. Feel free to use different passwords for each service you use with your computer (e-mail accounts, online registrations, Windows logon, ...). You only have to remember one single master password that will secure all other passwords.

PDF Cracker 2.70

PDF Cracker is designed to remove the password and restrictions (Owner Password) of PDF files. It is easy for So that you can copy, edit or print the PDF after decryption.

Best VBA Password Cracker Software 3.2.1

With the help of Best VBA Password Cracker Software user can recover their MS Office VBA Project Password, you can quickly & safely recover lost VBA project password in few minutes. This Visual Basic Applications Password Recovery Software is intended by the highly advanced & technical features.

Download VBA Password Recovery Software 3.2.1

Download VBA password recovery software program and swiftly remove VBA password of any length and complexity. You can completely rely upon this third party tool for making the complete recovery of the password you have applied. Software can recover first two digits of your forgotten VBA password easily.


PasswdElf is "The Easiest" personal passwd management tool. You can very easy to manage and to query your passwds with PasswdElf only need two hotkeys (Add: Alt+A; Query: Alt+Q). For safety, you can give a login passwd. PasswdElf is a portable software, you only need unzip it to a folder, not need setup it. And you can copy it to a USB driver and take it along with you. PasswdElf features: hommization, easy-to-use, security.


PasswdElf is ?the most secure (known-security)? and ?the most easy-to-use? personal passwd management tool. It?s completely local (do not send anything to network), so you don?t worry about the program leaks passwd information via the internet. For easy-of-use, you only need 2 hotkeys (Add Passwd: Alt+A; Query Passwd: Alt+Q) to manage and query your passwd, and all of them are very user-friendly.

VBA Password Remover Tool 3.2.1

VBA Password Remover Tool that can recover any typical password. Get VBA Password Remover software to reset lost and forgotten password from VBA project files of MS Word, Excel, Power-Point and other MS Office files, that ware created in MS Office version of 2003, XP, 200 and 97. VBA Password Remover software works to reset your password by replacing with a new password.

BluBlu Reader

BluBlu reader is a Management program for your links and passwords. This tool is completely free and free of charge. In order to have your personal data is always at hand, you can purchase the Password Manager BluBlu app for mobile devices on the Android market.The Android BluBlu app supports import and export to and from the BluBlu reader.

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