Google Pagerank Inspector 1.0

Google pagerank inspector is PHP scripts that can seek all of your website, include out linked domains or not, and display google pagerank value for each of website pages. You can download a google pagerank report for all web pages in your site. New website or pages linked by high pagerank pages can be indexed in google quickly and have higher keyword rank in google search result. Download Encrypted PHP code immediately after online order (Encr

Outbound Links Checker 1.0

Outbound Links Checker find all outbound links of you website and generate a Pagerank report for them. The report can be download and you can make a survey of your outbound links or find the bad neighborhood links more easy. Download PHP source code (Encrypted with Zend) immediately after online order.

NetMail Merge 1.0

Once you have a targeted email list, Maillist Express lets you create e-mail message templates.You write one message that will be sent to all thepeople on your list, Thus, it will be individually addressed with personal data merged into the message body.

WebSpeak 1.0

WebSpeak will give your web page life and make it much more fun. When someone visits your web page, a Microsoft Agent character pops out and starts talking. You can program the character to speak, or select an animation from many animations. WebSpeak is extra easy to use and no programming or coding knowledge necessary. WebSpeak will create the code for you. Its that simple.

Eureka Email 1.0

Eureka Email is a powerful and easy to use email client which has built in junk email filtering which learns as it goes along. You can assign icons and sounds to your friends so you can see at a glance and hear who an email has been sent from.

My Ad Blocker 1.0

My Ad Blocker is a powerful and easy-to-use tool with which can block annoying pop-ups, banner Ads, flash Ads and other Internet Ad annoyances intelligently and automatically without interfering your surfing. It not only eliminates the annoyance, but improves your surfing speed as well.My Ad Blocker also has a powerful and user-friendly configuration GUI where you can see indicators for amount of killed pop-ups and In-Page Ads for displaying how

MailNavigator 1.0

MailNavigator is a mail and news client that contains some unique capabilities. It contains a system for retrieving information from the archives of most popular mail programs, including Microsoft Mail, News, Outlook, and Outlook Express Netscape Messenger Eudora Forte Agent Pegasus Mail The Bat Eserv and Fidonet mail. The description language of the filters includes the standard operators or, and, not, near, their synonyms, and parenthes

ChargeMeter - money meter dialer protection 1.0

ChargeMeter is a new idea-utility that is very useful to anybody. Anytime you want, know you can see how much money you spend when you use via your telephone line the internet. It is very easy The only thing you must do is to ask your telephone company, analytically, its prices. ChargeMeter keeps history, so you can see anytime when and how much money you spend when you used your internet connection. A very usefull function is the annual bargra

Mercury Mailroom 1.0

This small utility packs a very useful punch, giving you an easy way to store the answers to frequently asked questions, search through them and then put those answers into the emails you are writing to your customers. It allows you to keep the messages organized in groups, find them as quickly as possible and then with one keypress it switches back to your email program and pastes your message into an email. Emails can be answered in just a few

Save Message Action for InboxRULES 1.0

Save Message Action for InboxRULES can save message body to selected disk folder either in Plain, RTF, HTML, Native format. There is a possibility to customize message header in the save file and include attachment info to the saved file. Save Message Action can also save message attachments to selected disk folder. The Action supports normal, embedded and OLE attachments. After saving message or attachment to the file it is possible to l

IPMonitor [Academic License] 1.0

IPMonitor is a sophisticated network monitoring solution that allows network administrators, webmasters, and Internet service providers to monitor any networked device on the Internet, corporate intranet, or TCP/IP LAN and receive alerts immediately via audible alarm, message, e-mail, or third-party software when a connection fails. It is a powerful personal monitoring product delivering low cost, simplicity of operation, and round-the-clock cove

Trilent Mail Proxy 1.0

This firewall-friendly SMTP/POP3 proxy enables small network users to access and distribute email via a single Internet connection, eliminating the need for a dedicated mail server. It offers install-and-forget operation and superior stability. The proxy supports up to 30 concurrent mail connections and includes a mail monitor. The Trilent153 Mail Proxy is an application-level proxy. It enhances network security by enforcing mail prot

Snabblogin 1.0

Telia ADSL login utility for fast login to Telia ADSL service.

AddrCleaner for WAB 1.0

AddrCleaner for WAB is a utility to find and remove duplicate records in the Windows address book used by Outlook Express ( also known as WAB ).It provides a user friendly interface to view and find the duplicate records easily in the address book. Then after simple clicks, you can remove them.The duplicate judgement criteria can be customized by user. By default, records that have the same email address will be judged as the duplicate records, y

AimAtSite IE Toolbar 1.0

You saw an important information recently online but do not remember where. AimAtSite IE Toolbar will solve this problem. You collected a large list of favorite links and it is difficult to find something there. AimAtSite IE Toolbar will solve the problem. You would like to search most popular search engines, dictionaries and encyclopedias sites quickly and comfortably. Could you guess what will help you You are right - it is AimAtSite I

My IP Suite (Personal License) 1.0

My IP Suite is an AWARD-WINNING IPWeb tool. It combines Domain-IP Convert, Batch Ping, Tracert, Whois, Country from IP, Website Scanner and Connection Monitor into one friendly easy-to-use utility.With the powerful IPWeb tool you can1. Convert domain to IP, IP to domain2. Batch Ping, Ping from a TXT file 3. Trace IP addresses and domain.4. Identify the source of connectivity problems5. Find out the country from Internet IP6. Obtaining all ava

a-Mac Address Change 1.0

Change your Mac Address in seconds Scan Mac Address within any range of IP address. Exports the scanning results from a Mac Address Lookup list. Spoofing the Mac Address of your network card to any new Mac Address.It makes ping mac address possible.Use this mac address finder to search proper mac address. It is not only a mac address scanner but also a spoofer.It support wake on lan. Win Ipconfig.It scans any range of IP for the proper Mac Addre

MSN Messenger Keylogger 1.0

Find out their passwords of MSN Messenger and what they have said in MSN Messenger. The log-file will send to you via e-mail. It works with all version of MSN Messenger including MSN Messenger 6.xx Some applications of the Remote Keylogger - A spy tool, let you know what they typed in MSN Messenger - Find out who a person chat with.- Monitor your computer while you are away - Retrieve lost information - Parents can moni 1.0 automatically blocks Internet Explorer popup windows while you surf. A small, effective, and smart anti-popup software product than can kill annoying pop-up windows without your intervention by using artificial intelligence and intelligent agent technologies. Users are raving about how this is exactly what a popup blocker should be. It is so simple your Grandmother will understand how to use it. The interface is so unique and intu

Netlocator Pro 1.0

How do you find documents that you may have missed or how do you create a MP3 playlist of your LAN Try Netlocator Pro - a mighty utility, especially created for the purposes of a quick search of files of the local are network (LAN). The program is based on the usage of an Explorer like interface as well as Drag Drop technology. Netlocator Pro has a user-friendly interface, is easily tuned according to your wishes, and can make the search of do

Browser Hijack Recover(BHR) 1.0

Browser Hijack Recover(BHR) is a safe and easy-to-use tool that recovers your browser after it has been hijacked by Spyware, Adware, Hijackware and Other Pests. Browser Hijack Recover(BHR) wills scan your registry and fix IE Homepage, IE Default Page, IE Search Page, BHOs, IE Menu, Internet Options, IE Search Hooks, IE Toolbars, IE Context Menu, Registry and so on. It resumes your broswer to the state that was just installed. Hundreds of known br Express 1.0 Express is the all-in-one, next generation anti-spam tool to protect you from the next generation of spams. Compatible with all versions of Windows and most E-mail clients, Express can safely and efficiently remove spam from your existing POP3, Yahoo, Hotmail, GMail, or IMAP accounts. Integrates easily with your E-mail client and logs all scanned messages allowing you to see which messages were blocked and why.Features inclu

Letterman Spam Control Pro 1.0

Letterman is the most effective anti-spam solution available today. It is about intelligence, total control and effectiveness. No more time and bandwidth is wasted in downloading spams Conserves dial-up network bandwidth. Unlike traditional spam filtering product which waste time in scanning the entire mail content before performing spam identification, Spam emails were deleted directly from the mail server before they were allowed to get into y

Print Message for InboxRULES 1.0

Print Message can automatically print email body and attachments to specified printer when email arrives to MS Outlook account or MS Exchange Server mailbox. Message body can be printed in Plain, RTF or HTML format. There is a possibility to customize message header and include attachments info.Print Message can work with attachments which were included or embedded to the message or which were included to the message as OLE object.Print Message h

Hitware Companion 1.0

Hitware Companion is robust all in one privacy software solution. Providing tracks eraser, popup blocker, and windows hotkey. Hitware Companion helps protect your privacy by totally erasing your browser, windows and applications traces from your computer. By erasing your browser location bar history, cache, history, unwanted cookies, autocomplete history, windows temp, search history, find computer history, telnet history, recent documents a

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