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PAL KeyLog Pro 2004 1.0

PAL KeyLog Pro 2004 is the first product of its kind available that allows parents and businesses to engage in on-line surveillance that incorporates a computer monitoring system with the latest web filtering technologies. PAL will automatically record everything your spouse, children and employees do online. Features include email monitoring (incoming/outgoing), chat rooms, instant messages complete keystroke logging, filtering by meta tags, u

Email Privacy 1.0

Did you know that when you send your email messages, they do not go directly to the recipient mailboxes Did you know that first of all, your Internet Service Provider gets all your email messages, stores them somewhere on its mail servers and then delivers the messages to your recipients leaving copies of your messages in its database Do you know that someday all the information kept on the servers can be easily used against you Email Privacy

Advanced SMTP Server 1.0

Advanced SMTP Server is a system-tray local SMTP server program for Windows that lets you send email messages directly from your computer to recipient mailboxes. Along with a mass mailer the program can be used as a relay server for sending newsletters, distributing messages to different mailing lists, sending notifications to your customers, as well as for sending personalized messages. You can use it instead of your ISPs SMTP server to increas

Smart Privacy Suite 1.0

This suite includes Smart Protector and Smart PopUp Blocker.

IamBigBrother Spy Software: Secretly Record All 1.0

IamBigBrother is an instant Spy Software download. The product allows you to secretly monitor all incoming and outgoing email, instant messages, chats, websites and more. Once the product is downloaded and installed, it is totally hidden, and only the you can access it. Products of this sort are sometimes refered to as spyware, spy software, or parental control software.

CGI script archives 1.0

An archive of CGI scripts that can be used for the beginner and for the advanced webmaster. These scripts are pre-made and can be inserted into any web site with ease. These scripts include shopping carts, banner rotaters, auction sites, payments scripts, domain management, affiliate software and many more. See for more details.

WebClean Internet Privacy and Security Software 1.0

When you surf the Internet, your computer tracks and records a history of the Web sites you visit as well as other sensitive information (credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords). WebClean Internet Privacy and Security Software was developed to protect consumer privacy by wiping out all traces of this evidence. Youll be surprised how much dangerous information is removed from your hard drive, including cookies, your browser cache

Web Snake 1.0

WebSnake is the worlds most powerful off-line browser designed exclusively for Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT/2000.In addition to off-line browsing, WebSnake is unique in that it uses our proprietary intelligent pull technology to search and retrieve files from the World Wide Web. For example, WebSnake supports website mirroring (including directory structure), retrieval of e-mail addresses, site maps and advanced file search. Unlike most of our competi

MP3 Gold MailBox 1.0

1) Convert your emails into MP3 (Web based only) 2) Access mailbox with IMAP 3) 2 GB of MailBox 4) Anti-Virus enabled 5) Anti-Spam enabled 6) Auto Preview/Summary of Emails 7) Zipped Backup Facility

PopUp Sweeper - Powerful PopUp Killer 1.0

PopUp Sweeper will enable you to close those annoying pop-up windows and enhance your Web surfing experience There is no need to configure the program and you wont need to learn how to use it. Simply download and launch it. PopUp Sweeper includes an IE Toolbox which is an extremely useful tool for customising your Internet Explorer.

Ad Arrest Popup Killer 1.0

Ad Arrest Popup Killer uses an advanced, 2-filter system to block pop-up advertising from Internet Explorer, Kazaa, Morpheus, AOL, Gator, and chat programs such as ICQ, AIM, Trillian, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger. It will also prohibit spam ads initiated through your browser by spyware, adware, and virus programs. The software requires minimal resources, and it will not conflict with personal firewalls or anti-spyware programs. Ad Arrest offers a sim

Arkalys WebSite Whois 1.0

Arkalys WebSite Whois is a software to find available domain or to find and keep information about registrant. All the information is save into a database on your computer. Then u can print or consult without any internet connection. U can proceed with a long list of domain name with a single click. When the software search u dont need to click anymore until the end of the research.

Identity Knight 1.0

Most Internet users are also on-line shoppers who pay by credit card and are concerned about credit card online security and identity theft and identity fraud. Hackers who gain unauthorized access over the Internet, or anyone with direct physical access, can commit identity theft by stealing identity information on your PC. Most Internet Explorer users enjoy the convenient autocomplete feature (IE 5.0 and higher). It remembers data, including

PrivacyBuddy 1.0

PrivacyBuddy is a revolutionary system history cleaning application that automates the mundane task of cleaning up your temporary files, internet cache, cookie cache and other system tracks left behind by everyday computer use. PrivacyBuddy functions using windows notification systems so that you need not ever have a serivce application running when you want to clean your system. PrivacyBuddy eliminates the tedious nature of keeping your system t

Quick and Easy Software Package 1.0

NADmedias Quick and Easy Software is the ultimate collection of quality software that you can use yourself and also sell to others. You keep all the profit You get 23 quality software titles included, all of which you get resell rights to, so you can profit from every sale And you get 6 quality Ebooks that will help you maximize your profitsSome titles areThe Greatest Marketing Secrets of the AgesPicture Gallery MakerJava Source Machine IIHT

MailFisher 1.0

MailFisher For Outlook is the ultimate anti spam solution for Microsoft Outlook. It is very easy to use and offers out-of-the box protection so you can simply install it and be done with it. For the more experienced users however we have made all the features of the program fully configurable.Whatever caters to your taste, with MailFisher you are back in control again So why wait, download your free 30 day evaluation version today and see for yo

The Latest In Web Marketing 1.0

Get reprint rights to this 371 page ebook that will teach you to get huge amounts of hits to your website daily from all over the internet. Learn how to advertise effectively and very very cheap. And remember you can reprint and sell this 371 page ebook.

Revenue Checker for Google AdSense 1.0

Revenue Checker for AdSense is a totally secure real time Google AdSense monitoring and tracking solution. Please visit for more details about this product. Click ORDER NOW to proceed with order.

Outlook Messenger [10 User License] 1.0

Outlook Messenger is a new concept messaging solution for interactive communication within Office Network (LAN). In addition to usual Rich Text Chat, Voice Chat, Group Chat and Send File functions, Outlook Messenger is plugged into Microsoft Outlook, enabling the users to share their MS Outlook Emails, Contacts, Appointments, Notes and Tasks among the other Outlook users. Good news for novice users. This Lan Messenger will run instantly afte

Net Nanny Platinum Bundle 1.0

3 Great Products, 1 Low Price Exclusively through the Net Nanny Online Store, get all three of our top-selling Internet safety and privacy products for digital a savings of 20 NET NANNYS CHAT MONITOR The Safe Way to Chat Online Net Nannys Chat Monitor discretely monitors, filters records popular chat and instant messaging programs. Regularly 29.95. INCLUDED IN NET NANNY PLATINUM NET

NoticeWare Email Server - 10 mailbox pack 1.0

10 mailbox licence pack for the NoticeWare Email Server. Server licence also required.

XMedia EMail Backup Gold 1.0

XMedia Email Backup is a handy software utility designed to create backup copies of your email database. XMedia Email Backup can save emails, address book, settings, mail and news accounts, message rules, blocked senders lists and signatures to a single, compact, compressed backup file that can be easily restored when necessary. Unlike other email backup utilities XMedia Email Backup works with the top 9 popular Email Clients such as MS Outlook,

Online Recorder 1.0

Now records AOL 4.0-8.0, Yahoo, MSN, web sites, keystrokes, and window captions Are you worried about what your spouse or children are doing on the Internet Do they hide windows when you look over their shoulder If you want to know exactly what theyre typing and where theyre going, this program is for you. The Online Recorder secretly runs under windows when your computer starts up and extracts text from Internet applications. It also re

Access Control Manager 1.0

Access Control Manager helps you to manage user accounts on your computer and local area network. It allows to specify login time for each user account and restrict access to network via specified protocols and ports for each user in you local are network.

Site Map Scripts 1.0

Site Map Scripts Help the Google and Yahoo List more of your pages.Site Map Scripts is robot software written by php script that generate batch of flat maps, all the titles of your site pages will be indexed on map for webiste promotion. You can set filter to titles names, file names or file directory to be indexed or not.

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