Antechinus Web Effects 1.0

Enhance your Web site with Antechinus Web Effects. Use Antechinus to Add menuing capabilities to your site. You can create, add, and modify cross-browser Web menus visually and without any programming - the program creates all the JavaScript code for you. Support scripting. The program works closely with Antechinus JavaScript Editor allowing you to switch easily between the code and the visual interpretation. Edit your Web pages

Izaxon NextPhase (Tablet PC) 1.0

Izaxon NextPhase is a software application which acts as a personal information assistant. It works 24 hours a day, retrieving news information from the internet delivering it to you, filtered according to your sources and interests. Izaxon NextPhase lets you focus on the information itself instead of manual and time-consuming information retrieval.

Izaxon NextPhase (Swedish) 1.0

Izaxon NextPhase 228r en programvaruprodukt som fungerar som en personlig informationsassistent. Den arbetar dygnet runt med att h228mta nyheter fr229n internet, paketera och leverera dessa till sin anv228ndare, filtrerat efter anv228ndarens nyhetsk228llor och intressen. Izaxon NextPhase l229ter dig fokusera p229 nyheter och information ist228llet f246r manuell och tidskr228vande informationsinh228mtning.

Izaxon NextPhase (Tablet PC, Swedish) 1.0

Izaxon NextPhase dr en programvaruprodukt som fungerar som en personlig informationsassistent. Den arbetar dygnet runt med att hdmta nyheter fren internet, paketera och leverera dessa till sin anvdndare, filtrerat efter anvdndarens nyhetskdllor och intressen. Izaxon NextPhase leter dig fokusera pe nyheter och information istdllet fvr manuell och tidskrdvande informationsinhdmtning.

ResponsEMailer 1.0

Response Mailer is an automated system that instantly emails information to your customers and prospects. It can automatically reply to your e-mail messages with a prewritten response and add information to a prospect database for use in your subscription email marketing campaign.ResponseMailer is an auto-responder that checks the contents of your incoming emails to determine how to reply to it. In addition, it can automatically followup with the

Izaxon NextPhase (Tablet PC, German) 1.0

Izaxon NextPhase ist Ihr persvnlicher Informations Assistent. Er arbeitet 24 Stunden am Tag, empfdngt und packt Informationen und prdsentiert Sie Ihnen gefiltert nach Ihren persvnlichen Bedrfnissen. Izaxon NextPhase richtet Ihren Fokus auf die Informationen nicht auf die zeitaufwdndige, manuelle Informationsbeschaffung.

Attach! 1.0

Makes sure you dont not forget to attach file to your e-mail.

Followup Maker 1.0

Followup Mailer is an automated system that instantly emails information to your potential customers. In addition it can automatically followup with them over the coming days, weeks, and months. You can send one or more messages at preset time intervals. For instance you can create 10 messages and release them to prospects on the schedule you specify. Followup Mailer is an auto-responder that checks the contents of your incoming emails to determi

Extract Email Online 1.0

Extract Email online is PHP scipts that can extract emails from specified websites on your web server. It seek all pages of target websites and extract emails from them. All work will be done by your web hosting server. Download Encrypted PHP code immediately after online order (Encrypted with Zend)

Max Spam Shield 1.0

Max Spam Shield is a single user anti spam software product. It is a Permission Based system that employs optional Challenge/Response and rules to accommodate special situations. This unique combination effectively prevents 100 of the spam intended for the users inbox. Max Spam Shield contains one list of people from whom messages are always allowed and another list of senders that are never allowed. If the sender is on neither of the lists Max


Experience the power of Pop Up Blocker Pro and Spyware Detector. This revolutionary software product protects users from the intrusive pop-up ads, Messenger Service spam, Flash ads, and banner advertising that continue to plague the Internet. It also blocks ads from programs such as Kazaa and Morpheus, as well as ads from chat programs such as ICQ, AIM, Trillian, and MSN Messenger.

IP Messenger Advertising Blocker 1.0

Messenger Blocker - Stop and Get rid of IP Messenger Service popups and SPAM

IP Messenger Advertiser 1.0

Send IP messenges and promote your business with this software

VoIP Phone 1.0

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone allows you to make telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. Not only it is convenient for having a virtual second phone line in the house, VoIP Phone is the true cost-effective, efficient way of making long-distance calls. Forget heavy phone bills. Ignore bad weather and storms. Use VoIP Phone over your broadband connection to call anywhere in the

H323Phone DLL 1.0

H323Phone DLL

Surf Pal 1.0

Surf Pal is a browser add-on that works directly within Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.x and provides one-click cleaning, pop-up window control, and many surfing enhancements at your fingertips Surf Pal features advanced pop-up stopping technology to prevent pop-up windows from intruding on your surfing experience. Pop-up windows are stopped prior to loading to save valuable bandwidth Surf Pal allows you to keep a list of your hot links for quic

NoticeWare Email Server - 100 mailbox pack 1.0

NoticeWare Email Server - 100 mailbox pack. Server licence also required.

ComputerGOD 1.0

ComputerGOD silently and remotely records all keystrokes, websites visited, email received, passwords, instant messages, details of applications and windows opened, and snapshots of the screen taken periodically. In addition, ComputerGOD can control most functions of a remote computer. It can restart, shutdown, and logoff a computer, send chat messages, control the remote computers desktop and mouse, transfer files, and make the remote computer

Spam OFF site license 1.0

Spam OFF is a powerful anti-spam solution package that takes away the hassle of removing spam messages and viruses from your e-mail box. Spam OFF combines several sophisticated mechanisms and unobtrusive automatic daily update to track spam and mark them up in your favourite e-mail client. Your protection will always be up-to-date thanks to built-in update module inside Spam OFF. Every e-mail message you receive will be scanned for sp

Stonebroom EasyCheXML XML Validator 1.0

Stonebroom EasyCheXML is a simple-to-use program that you can use to verify that all the XML files in one or more specified folders are well-formed. If the XML file has an attached schema or DTD, it will also report any validation errors against that schema or DTD. If you import or handle XML files that are created dynamically, or sent to you for processing, this utility lets you quickly confirm that the files are of the correct form, and do not

Winmail Mail Server (500 users) 1.0

a professional grade Internet mail server designed for small businesses and great for large multi-branched corporations. Winmail provides support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, WebMail, anti-virus, multiple domains, SMTP authentication, remote administrative control, spam filtering, mailbox quotas, mail groups, mail routing, mailbox monitor features. Support for popular mail client software like Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape, Eudor

InverseFlow Domain 1.0

InverseFlow Advertising Server MySQL

Netvantage Functional Tester 1.0

Netvantage Functional Tester, automated Web testing software, makes creating functional, regression and acceptance test scripts quick and easy. Boasting its industry leading gui, Netvantage Function Tester allows your existing qa testers to create reusable data driven Web automation test scripts, without coding that could have only been created by writing code with the last generation tools. Netvantage Functional Tester using, Microsoft146s In

NoticeWare Email Server - Unlimited mailbox pack 1.0

NoticeWare Email Server - Unlimited mailbox pack. Server licence also required.

Instant Internet Empires 1.0

You get 5 professionaly built websites 4 digital ebooks 18 videos, 19 audios all ready for your customers to download. This baby is on autopilot and you get the reproduction rights and all the profits. Comes with complete video tutorials on this project. The reproduction rights to the videos and audios alone are worth over 875.00 These are website video tutorials.

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