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Flip PDF for iPad (Mac) 2.0

Flip PDF for iPad (Mac) is designed especially for Mac platform users to build iPad friendly eBooks from still PDF documents. The wonderful but easy-to-use software will help to design unique mac iPad books with various options, And no more programming knowledge required, you will handle and lovethe little smart tool in minutes.

PDF Catalog Creator (Flip PDF) 4.0

PDF catalog creator (Flip PDF) creating stunning digital catalog with page flip effect from PDF files. Furthermore, Flip PDF Professional provides professional page editor to insert multimedia contents into page flip book...Additionally, there are multiple beautiful templates, themes and scenes to beautify your PDF digital catalog easily. Once you finished enriching and publishing the digital catalog, then you can embed it on your website, ...

Yearbook Publisher(Flip PDF) 4.0

School yearbooks are collections of memories for a life time, covering a variety of topics from daily life, sport games, academics and other major events of the school.Creating a school yearbook takes time and effort, and it requires even more to make your digital yearbook look inspiring. But with a yearbook publisher-flippdf, you can easily publish a highly customizable school yearbook that shows your creativity.

iPad Catalog Publisher (Flip PDF) 4.0

Flipbuilder makes digital catalog publishing on MAC and iPad tablet possible! Creating digital publications on mobile devices of IOS system can be so easily realized within several operating steps. Based on advanced technology, Flipbuilder can create riveting digital publications that can be made both as flashes and HTML5. Flash is good for PC, HTML5 for tablets.

Digital Catalog Creator (Flip PDF) 4.0

Digital Catalog Creator (Flip PDF) is with helpful technology that allows customer to buy the product on digital catalog directly. When you click the hot spot on the images, it will show you more details of the product. In a word, it is a powerful and user-friendly digital catalog maker to make stunning digital catalog from PDF.

Free Flash e-Catalog Creator 5.0.8

The world has now exactly developed a crazy new trend, the mobile trend! With the rising number of technological innovations, people have gone crazy about mobile devices. Wherever there are and whatever the time is, there is always something to look, something to tweet, something to check, something to buy merely with a few monthly service fee. The trend also tells us, there is a large business market in mobile users.

PDF to FlipBook 4.0

PDF to FlipBook (Flip PDF) is easy to convert PDF files to easy-to-read flip books with Flip PDF and Flip PDF professional. We take all of the hard work out of converting PDFs to flip books. With Flip PDF in just a few can create media that is easy to read. Stop forcing your readers to scroll up and down as they try to get from page to page reading and click the mouse to turn the page.

PDF to Product Brochure (Flip PDF) 4.0

Some companies try and design their own flash based product catalogs. They spend hundreds if not thousnds of dollars to build a catalog. Then plenty more for any changes, PDF to Product Catalog (Flip PDF) lets you publish a content rich product catalog in minutes. And you can make changes just as easily. It is the most efficient way to promote your product line.

Free Online Digital Brochure Creator 5.0.8

Flipbuilder creates digital publications that can be made to be compatible to all the electronic platforms and operating systems. Whether it's PC, tablets, and whether it's windows or OS and IOS system, digital publishing can all be so easily realized within minutes! Business owners or marketers might see tremendous chances on this.

Free Ecommerce Digital Brochure Software 5.0.8

In the age when e-commerce prospers, if we can well apply electronic platforms and better our connection with our clients, there will definitely be lots of commercial opportunities of earning profits. Problem is, what is that way? What kind of way is the most efficient one? What shall we do to save our marketing costs. Marketers have already tried PDF catalogs.

Free wholesale Brochure Software 5.0.8

Wholesalers have long expected an efficient platform that can well market their product; promote the sales of their business. Thanks to the improvements of technology, we now have digital publishing solutions that allow wholesalers to create extremely shop inspiring digital wholesale catalogs with extremely shop inspiring content.

Free Shopping Catalog Software 5.0.6

Do you have personal website? And you just have no idea to get start to build your website? No worries! There are easy to use website tools to help you build a website or application without complicated procedures. Let's take Drupal for example. Drupal is an open source content management platform and it is used and supported by an active and diverse community of people all over the world.

Digital Publishing Software (FlipHtml5) 4.0

HTML5 Based Digital Publishing Software is a provider of FlipHTML5 digital publishing software solutions that easily convert PDFs, Office Documents and images into page-flipping digital publications and upload created flipbook on Flip HTML Online service. The output files from HTML5 Based Digital Publish software is total html format. more see:

Flip Html5 2.1

Flip HTML5 is a free Flip Book Maker which can convert PDF to HTML5 & jQuery flipbook and Cloud Hosting your publication?s easily, also support converting MS Office, OpenOffice and Images to HTML5 and jQuery based page flip ebook. Flip HTML5 is a great tool for advertising and marketing, or any other business related purpose, if you want to distribute your publication on the web in an engaging way for your readers.

Free Flash Digital Catalog Software 5.0.5

With the progress of era, the development of high-tech, new changes have taken place in people's life. In the past, people find the suitable product based on what they want. But for now, more and more people buy product or service based on brand. They love brands. In fact, you can find brands everywhere, such as the food what we ate (KFC, Pizza hut), the electrical appliance we used (iPad, IKEA, SAMSUNG) and the service we chosen (AXA, 4Life).

Free PDF Digital Brochure Maker 5.0.5

Bring a new life to your PDF print catalog by creating Flip Digital catalog. Time is changed. Now business and publisher would like to present their content by flip digital catalog, rather than PDF/PPT/Word. You can get an amazing reading experience by flipping the catalog page, just like reading a realist printed catalog.

Free online yearbook creator 5.0.5

With the development of network, online business is born. Many businesses have made a decision to enhance their online business. The most common measure is to build their website. Sell their product on website really help them to inspire the purchase order. Except for building website, there are also other methods to enhance online sales. This article will provide an electronic catalog solution:

Flip Tri-Fold 1.0.0

Flip Tri-Fold is an in-house digital publishing solution for businesses, digital marketers, online sellers and graphic designers. This user-friendly software can realize your idea of being able to simulate a printed tri-fold or Z-fold brochure by creating online brochures with 3D realistic tri-fold animation that gives readers the cool experience of folding a paper brochure. With the digital online tri-fold brochure...

3DPageFlip for WORD 2.0

3D PageFlip for WORD - Word to Flash converter lets you automatically convert your Microsoft Word XP/2002, 2003, 2007 & 2010 documents into a highly compressed Adobe Flash? format (swf). Converted output in Flash format allows you to share the documents on a webpage or distribute it through CD. Another amazing feature of WordFlashPoint is that it allows you to create Adobe Flash based 3D Flipping Book (eBook) within seconds.

3DPageFlip for Video 2.6

3DPageFlip for Video is software to help you to convert PDF files to 3D page-flipping eBooks with video embedded feature. With using the powerful PDF and Video converter, you are enabled to create professional 3D eBooks, no matter digital magazines, company brochures even annual reports, without any Flash or video skills needed.

Free PDF brochure converter 5.0.3

If you operate an E-commerce business, you may want to find a really effective way to connect to your customer? Do you want to impress your customers with professionalism, organization and display of your product? We can't deny that no one would like to browse a online digital catalog with terrible arrangement, description and product images.

Free page flip software for windows 5.0.3

Do you have an idea about social media? What is social media? Social media is a way for people to communicate and exchange online. Since the rapid development of World Wide Web, social media sites have own a large numbers of users and become really popular in the last 10 years. So why does name it social media? That's because users can engage with each other in a social context such as conversations, commentary and other engagement interactions.

Free multimedia shopping catalog maker 5.0.3

Creating digital catalog is a wonderful resource for a product-based business. Compared with printed catalog, online digital catalog provides an easy and straightforward way for users to browse and purchase the product. On one hand, the process of making online digital catalog is not complicated at all; on the other hand, it offers numerous benefits contains increasing business and brand promotion.

Free Flash magazine software 5.0.2

With the technology is developing rapidly, more and more people love to work and study online. And there is no doubt the advanced technology has changed the way we lived greatly such as the ways of shopping. Then what's the advantage of creating and using a digital catalog for your product? It is affordable, environmental, practical and wide accessibility for your users.

Free interactive catalog publisher 5.0

The tide of digital and networking is rushing for HTML5, and we all know that the prediction "HTML5 will take over Flash" will turn out to be true sooner or later. However, it won't be so soon. Although HTML5 has gained its popularity in recent years and has been widely applied to different digital areas.

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