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Free social friendly catalog maker 5.0

With the development of science and technology, we have stepped into a digital era in which information sharing is so easy and fast. And because of its obvious advantages, digital publishing has gained its popularity among publishers, authors, business and so on. Flip PDF, one of the most popular digital publishing solutions in digital market, will help you publish digital magazines full of digital advantages and experiences.

Free HTML5 Page Flip Software 4.6

The world is now plunging into the trend of using chic tablet devices with the increasing advancement of technology. The reason why tablet devices are so welcomed by people is that these chic gadgets are not only portable but have powerful functionalities. And gradually mobile tablet has become an ideal platform for enterprises to market their products or services through creating digital publications.

3DPageFlip for Image 2.6

3D PageFlip for Image can create beautiful Flash Photo Gallery with realistic 3D book flipping effects. Add unlimited images! You don't need the Flash software for editing the gallery. You can easily add, edit or delete pictures by 3D PageFlip for Image. Creating your own Flash photo album has never been easier! View the demo below for a beautiful Flash and XML photo gallery with book flip effect.

3DPageFlip for Office 2.8

3D PageFlip for Office is a Easy-to-use professional Office to Flash converter that enables you to turn your Microsoft Office document (*.docx;*.pptx;*.rtf) and PDF file into highly compressed flash page flipping book. Converted output in Flash format allows you to share the documents on a webpage or distribute it through CD. Another amazing feature of 3D PageFlip for Office is that it allows you to create 3D Flipping Book within seconds.

Free Html5 Flip Page e-Magazine maker 4.5

Reading an e-book is not a rare issue with the rising innovation of electronic devices. But people just can't always get satisfied with the functionalities of their devices not only because the e-book they read can hardly leave them an impression of real book reading, but because they have to pay for those e-books and can hardly customize a beautiful e-book of their own.

Free mobile magazine publisher 4.5

Yesterday when I read a newspaper article, unwittingly I come across a line that well describes the current condition of marketing jobs: technology makes marketing channels every day at every second. It correctly reminds those who engage on marketing jobs that when we try to excavate a new channel to try to market our products or services, we should come to the newly initiated technological gadgets.

Free Html5 magazine marketing software 4.2

Along with the development of society, html5 digital publication is more and more popular now. For one thing, the awareness of environment protection of people are getting stronger and stronger; for another, digital publication such as e-magazine, e-catalog, e-book and photo album can be viewed on desktop, tablet and mobile devices at any times. Then do you know how to market a digital HTML5 Page Flip e-magazine and e-Book?

Free Html5 page Magazine creator for MAC 4.2

As book readers, we've long got tired of monotonous PDF files, text , or other office files with dull pages. We've long expected the very program that can helps convert dull PDF files into riveting digital books with realistic page flipping animation. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we now get the privilege to choose to the best page turning magazine creator that are compatible to all kinds of PC systems.

Free iPad magazine creator 4.2

The distribution of e-books exactly calls for excellent marketing skills. To well distribute your magazine to a wide range of people thus maximize its value, you have to figure out your basic intentions with it and the basic demand of the market. Some digital magazine publishers are book retailers. They sell digital books on main stream online book stores such as Amazon, Apple Ibook store.

Free html5 page turn Magazine maker 4.2

We always persist the idea that if our users feel good, we feel good. Fliphtml5 is a quality flip book maker not only because it's based on advanced technology, but because it well meets the demand of users. It creates flipbook with super interactivity that allows users of electronic devices to regain their love for book reading.

3DPageFlip for CHM 2.7

3D PageFlip for CHM is a wonderful chm to flippingbook converter that enables you to convert CHM files to highly compressed Adobe Flash? format (swf) format eBooks for easy looking through on multiple mobile devices. The final output will retain all features from the original CHM files, such as text, graphics, images, hyperlinks and layout.

3DPageFlip for ePub 2.6

3D PageFlip for ePub aimed at electronic book (eBook) users looking for a quick, easy, and efficient way to convert EPUB to online flash format , 3D PageFlip for ePub Converter makes it possible to view EPUB files online (3D Book) by converting them to 3D Flash Flip Book (eBook) format. With 3D PageFlip for ePub, EPUB to flipping book conversion can be accomplished in just 2 steps: Drag and drop files to application and Hit "Convert"!

3DPageFlip for Album 2.7

3D PageFlip for Album is fun and easy software to create animated 3D flipping flash photo albums, share with your friends and families. With 3D PageFlip for Album, you can create digital photo albums that look like real photo albums and complete with page-flipping action. Just using lots of beautiful templates, you can add your photos, titles, photo frames, animation effects, etc.

3D PageFlip Professional 2.4

3DPageFlip Professional is a useful and professional tool that allows you to convert your PDF file to realistic 3d page flip book. It's available for windows system and it can publish online. You will be easily create wonderful digital magazines, video catalog, products pamphlet. This flip book maker is not only a flash book converter, but also an editor. You can freely add link, pictures, flash (swf.), even video in each page you have imported.

Free HTML5 Flipping Magazine Maker 4.0

Produce any new thing has its specific historical background. As a new developing thing, HTML5 based digital magazines is no exception. We put the HTML5 based digital magazine as a virtual magazine, which means it origins from printed magazine. If you are a publisher, you may know that the cost of printed magazine is too expensive, and printed magazine is too heavy to distribution. These reasons would make your lose many potential readers.

Free PDF to html5 flipbook online 3.9

Marketers as well as a lot of business used to have professionals crafted their catalogs, brochures, flyers and publications like that, and they then delivered them in print, with the hope of increasing their exposure and build their brand. However, the advent of digital publication in PDF changed the way marketers used to think and act.

Free non flash page flip maker 3.9

Videos have become an effective way to demonstrate ideas and present the core of products or services. The visual and intuitive nature of the video makes it as if it were a live show, providing the audience with an illusion in which someone is talking to them face to face. And this interactive experience will usually help encourage audience to fall in love with your ideas, products, services or others you are selling.

Free iPad Flipbooks maker for mac 3.9

Did you hear that "Apple does not support Adobe Flash"? Whatever, it is written in Apple's terms-of-service agreement. And, Adobe gave up on Flash support for the mobile devices and concentrated itself on Flash for the desktop and HTML5 solutions. So why are you waiting for your mobiles to support the never-compatible Adobe Flash?

Scan to FlipBook 3.4.2

Scan to Flipbook is powerful software which combines most of features of PDF scanner and flash flippingbook generator. The program enables you to scan your paper books into online flash flip book with page-flipping effect, it also can convert photos, drawings, scans and faxes into Acrobat PDF documents, You will find the tool is so useful to publish your books in a so fashion and popular way.

PPT to FlipBook Professional 1.7.2

PPT to FlipBook Professional is your best assistant as a flash flipbook maker. It can convert Microsoft PPT file to unforgettable page-flipping papers. The elegant visual effect will make reading differ greatly with your usual routine experience. It is more than a real paper book and really like a magic library only can be seen in rare fairy tale. You can read with eye, ear

Free html5 Magazine Publishing Software 3.7

HTML5 eMagazine have both the benefit of printed magazine and digital book. You can view this book on computer and tablet, even mobile devices. You can trial a realist reading experience by flipping book magazine pages. Easily access for all devices, which means you can read and share this book to friends from computer to mobile.

Free Html5 marketing magazine maker 3.7

HTML5 Digital Magazine is a digital web ebook which can be read on all Browsers (Google Chrome/Safari/IOS etc) and devices (desktop, tablet and mobile phones). It have been become an important marketing tool because HTML5 digital magazine always help to attract more readers for Author, and besides, reduce the cost of print. HTML5 digital magazine or flipbook brings a great reading experience for your readers.

Free Android flipbook app maker 3.7

You can do everything with an Android Tablet, such as listen to music, watch a movie, contact with friends and family, reading and so on. The popularity of Android tablet has also led to the development of e-book. As we all know that, Android tablet are lightweight, simple to use and not only smart enough for productivity but also a great companion for reading ebooks while we are going out. There are many ebook reading apps on the Internet.

Free Html5 Flipbook publisher 3.6

Would you like to convert your static PDF pages into interactive HTML5 based eBooks very easily but without any programming skills? Would you like to impress your audience with the stunning page flipping animations? Would you like to make your digital publication interactive with rich media? Would you like to make your flip book cross-screen so it can be viewed on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices?

Photo to FlipBook 3.3.2

Photo to FlipBookis a Photo to flash page flipping albums conveter software that enables you to create stunning online photo albums from your photo collections. With Photo to FlipBook, you can create cool online photo albums less than 5 minutes

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