Dsl modem bulk test V1.1

DslModemBulkTest is an xDSL batch test system. It tests whether the modems are damaged in batch, and then rapidly find out the faulty modem. The main EasyTest functions includes the following: 1.Test whether the modems are damaged or not in batch 2.Upgrade modems in batch 3.Support the wireless modem test 4.Support longtime performance test on the modem

Data Recover Software 1.0

Your baby?s snaps are very important. If due to any reason you have lost them there is no need to worry as all as your special precious photos can be recovered back from hard disk drive or any removable media like USB drive, thumb drive, digital camera, smart phones, PDA or smart phones.

Floppy Data Recovery 1.0

Data is very important for an individual or organization. There are instances when you data due to any reason. There are ways to recover data once again and one of these ways is floppy data recovery. It is a pleasant experience to get the data once again from removable devices such as floppies.

Harddisk Data Recovery 1.0

Have you formatted a hard drive which was having an important file on it? Or you have deleted any data which you never wanted to delete. There are various hard disk recovery tools which can give you a sigh of relief. There are many solutions to achieve that accidentally deleted data. One of these solutions are scanning the surface structure of a hard disk.

Cheap Data Recovery 1.0

You cannot afford to loose the first photographs of your sweet baby? Neither you can loose your office documents due to sudden deletions or electrical damage, heat related failures or due to any natural disaster like fire or flood. If you are convinced with me then you must see us as we are in field of cheap data recovery for a long time.

AutoClickExtreme 5.95

Easy autoclicker. It records actions automatically and reproduces them without mistakes, because it controls many window parameters. This autoclicker allows 100% control of images on the screen and fulfills a sequence of events depending on the image found. You can create a separate sequence of events for every image. Autotext function - places any text as a reaction to a short call command

VisualCron 5.7.5

An advanced task scheduler / automation tool for Windows. Client/Server architecture. Remote, secure control across the Internet. Define jobs with tasks that start processes, copy files, execute remote scripts and send keystrokes. "Triggers" that starts jobs can either be based on time or system events like when a file has changed, a process has started or ended, etc. Real time status update in a modern, easy to use interface.

Blue Eye Macro 2.4

Blue Eye Macro is the easiest way to create simple basic macros or even advanced bots for any game or application. Blue Eye Macro comes with its own virtual driver to allow keystrokes/mouse inputs to be sent to any kind of window, including games. Online video tutorials are available as well as a forum to ask for help or perhaps share your own work - so you can keep moving forward along with the rest of the community.

ReStartMe 1.1

ReStartMe is designed to do one thing, and that is to restart processes. Let me explain, the way ReStartMe is used is that when it is started, you add processes to watch. You can either start a new program, or add a currently running process. Once you tell ReStartMe to watch a process, it will watch it, but it won't react until the process exits. When a process that ReStartMe is watching exits for any reason, ReStartMe will restart it!

Charter Booking SW 1.0.

Charter Booking SW uses the Internet to simplifies the booking process. Placed on your website with an easy to use format and administrative area for you, customers can send request for rent a yacht. Value, direct benefits, of SW: 1. simplifies the booking process 2. simplifies communications between client, charter agency and yacht charter companies 3. automatic maintenance of requests and offers from online database.

Advanced Database Query Automaton 1.4

Advanced Database Query Automaton is a scriptable relational database client utility that allows execution of SQL (Structured Query Language) statements on Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases. Resultsets returned by select statements are automatically persisted to CSV spreadsheets. The application comes with an XML configuration file that allows users to persist database settings.

Advanced HTTP Request Automaton 1.4

Advanced HTTP Request Automaton is a scriptable utility that submits HTTP GET and POST requests to an Internet or Intranet address and optionally persists HTTP responses to files. The application comes with an XML configuration file that maintains target URI with optional querystring, HTTP request type, persist HTTP responses to files flag, persisted HTTP responses directory path and persisted HTTP responses file extension.

Reliable Email Alerter 1.5

Reliable E-Mail Alerter is a scriptable SMTP e-mail client utility that sends out pre-configured e-mail messages. The application comes with an XML configuration file that maintains SMTP server name or IP address, port used for SMTP communication, e-mail account, e-mail account password, list of To e-mail addresses, list of optional CC e-mail addresses, list of From e-mail addresses, e-mail subject, e-mail body and list of optional attachments.

WinSession Logger 5.1.3

Advanced monitoring software, keylogger you can capture images, periodically or on mouse clicks inside specifics windows, URLs(from several Internet browsers), clipboard content, Also you can restrict your browser, and recibe your logs by e-mail, FTP,LAN and Web. It is secure, invisible in W XP(in process list). Includes a logs viewer. You can export logs,search by date, etc. Remote deployment, the best software for home or office use.

HSLAB Force Down 2.8.831.20

The program is intended for quick and guaranteed execution of Windows Shutdown if there is a plenty of open applications. Allows to fulfil: - Accelerated command Shutdown; - Normal command Shutdown; - Accelerated command Shutdown and Restart; - Normal command Shutdown and Restart; - Command Log Off; - Start shutdown from command line; - Hook and execute a shutdown; - Eject emovable media; - Use "Hot Keys".

HSLAB Shutdown Folder 2.1.506.20

"It's missing from Windows!" HSLAB Shutdown Folder is a utility which provides a service, analogous to the Windows "Startup" folder. It launches tasks, command files (*.Bat,*.Cmd) and symbolic links placed into a "Shutdown Folder" folder ahead of Windows shuts down.

HSLAB Shutdown Folder 2.1.632.20

HSLAB Shutdown Folder is a utility which provides a service, analogous to the Windows "Startup" folder. It run on shutdown tasks, command files (*.Bat,*.Cmd) and symbolic links placed into a "Shutdown Folder" folder ahead of Windows shutdown.

Auto Clicker 2010 3.4.2

Auto clicker is a simple program that is used to simulate hundreds of clicks without the interference of the user.It can be used in repetitive clicking tasks. You can create clicking macro. It can also be used in Gaming! Simple, easy to use and the cheapest on the market!

MouseRobot 2.1

MouseRobot is not only a keyboard recorder, macro player, visual macro recorder and mouse recorder, but also a. All recorded keyboard and mouse actions can be saved to file as a macro, assigned to hotkeys, extended with custom commands or compiled to an EXE file. MouseRobot automation software will save you a lot of time on repeated actions.

Running Recorder 2.7.8

RunningRecorder is a software for recording Running Programs,Folders or Webpage,and replay at anytime.

Laptop Assistant 1.0

Laptop lid controller will increase your laptop security -- it will lock laptop when you close it. Also, it can suspend/shutdown the computer after specified time, play the sounds and execute applications. Different schemes for different power sources. The auto-mute option makes your PC silent when it going to sleep/suspend mode, turning off or while desktop locked. Also, the sound is automatically muted when the screensaver appears.

Efficient Macro Recorder Mini

Efficient Macro Recorder is a handy utility that makes your computers do work automatically and efficiently for you. It can records all or selective operation of mouse and keystrokes and saves them as macros for later use. It can play back the recorded macros to automate your work any number of times that will save you a lot of time. Use it to automate the procedures for any window application and make the on-screen presentations and tutorials.

Batchrun 4.3

With Batchrun you can create a batch file using a graphical interface. For example, you can launch multiple Windows applications with a click. Start Batchrun, add the applications you would like to run together or one after another, then select "File | Save to Desktop" and you have just created your first batch file. Double-clicking this batch file on the Desktop will start all the programs you have selected.

AfflatusMind Macro Recorder 1.1.9

A powerful automation tool to help people to deal with repetitive tasks, build presentations or tutorials. It can record actions of both mouse and keyboard, the record file can be edited and played at anytime. It also supports a lot of customed operations without need any program skills, such as files or dirs copy,move,delete, compress or uncompress files, time delay, launch program or kill program, send email, etc. also can be compiled to a exe.

GhostMouse Win7 3.0

GhostMouse Win7 is a tiny program that lets you record and playback a series of keyboard and mouse actions, and saves operation records as script files for later use. It is as simple as the music player, there is convenient graphical interface to customize the configuration, and no need for programming experience. It's simple, but it does something useful when you need it. Perfectly compatible with Vista, Windows 7, and 64-bit systems.

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