Klondike Solitaire 1.0

This is the popular Klondike Solitaire card game. The object of this game is to pile all the cards up in four piles, each pile must have the same suit and must go from A to K. The card can also be piled up temporarily at the bottom, while doing so the cards must be in alternate colours and must be in descending order of consecutive numbers. Only a K can be put on an empty column at the bottom.

Online Poker Ocean 2.5

Poker Ocean highly innovative poker room incorporates state-of-the-art software, enabling players to get the feel and thrills of poker in an online environment. Poker Ocean offers free play for new players, and ring games and tournaments at all hours of the day and night.

PSHoldemDatabase 1

PStars Hand Histories Database for free. Daily update on merseo.com

Governor of Poker 1.0

You are now in your hometown San Saba. It is a small town. Here you start your trip with a cowboy dressing. You want to become the Governor of Poker. To achieve this goal you have to start by winning every home in San Saba. Take them down city by city, town by town. When you have all of Texas, you have to face your final opponent. When you are ready to try to win some money, click on the exclamation point icon to start playing a tournament.

Online Poker Deuces Wild 10 Play 1.0

Deuces Wild 10 Play online poker is your favorite free video poker game. Learn the odds of Deuces Wild without spending any money, and become a video poker master without any the hassle of gambling away your life's savings or social security checks. This online poker game is just like any video poker deuces wild game that you'd find at a casino (except it's free!). Just place your bet, deal, select which cards you want to hold, draw, and win!

Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt 1.0

In this free Pyramid Solitaire game you must help the Pharaoh build his illustrious pyramids by removing all the cards dealt at the start. Clear cards by selecting pairs of cards that add up to exactly 13. Aces count as 1, Jacks as 11 and Queens as 12. Kings count as 13 and can be removed on their own. All other cards are at their face value. To assist you, you may place a single card in the Temp Card Store.

Online Poker Tens or Better, 10 Play 1.0

Tens or Better, Online Poker, is the perfect way to start your day. This simple video poker game lets you play casino-style tens or better--without the hassle of gambling any real money. Play ten hands at a time, and learn the odds, free of charge. Just place your bet and hit "deal", hold whatever cards you like, and hit "Draw" to replace the rest. It's that easy. Try to hold any "10's" (or better) that you come across: a pair of tens is the min

Halloween Tripeaks 1.0

Bring back the happy haunted home of Frankenstein and his Witch bride in this spooky solitaire treat. Reveal the haunted castle by clearing all the cards. Only cards that are one lower or one higher can be placed on the card showing at the bottom. The Ace is both high and low. If you cannot place any cards from the layout onto the showing card, click the next card button or the wild card.

Jacks or Better, 3 play video poker game 1.0

3 Play Jacks or Better Video Poker Game lets you play your favorite online poker game with 3 hands at once. Select your bet (or use max bet), then draw--and let the fun begin! You'll be dealth a hand where the minimum winning set is 2 Jacks. After you select which cards you want to hold, press "deal" and you'll be dealt your final hand. If you're lucky, you're a winner, and this online poker game will pay out big (or course, in play money)!

Ten Play Jacks or Better, Online Poker 1.0

Online Poker Game Jacks or Better 10 Play let's you play 10 hands of video poker at the same time! Just like any other video poker game, this jacks or better has three steps: bet, deal, and draw. The minimum hand is a pair of jacks (hence the name), but you can win big! This online poker game uses play money, so it's 100% free to play. Learn the odds by playing this game, and maybe you'll make a little more dough next time you head to Vegas!

Tams11 Cribbage

Check out this popular game Cribbage. You can play with 2, 3, or 4 players. You can also play 4 player partner game. Game includes chat abilities, tally list, and many other features. Needs the Tams11 Lobby (www.tams11.com) in order to play with others.

Sunny Park Solitaire 1.0

Sunny Park Solitaire is a new free nice variation of the popular game patience by Card-Board-Games.com The object of the game is to place all cards from the tableau to the foundation. You can move two cards of the same rank. If there is no combination, turn over the top of the stock (it can be turned over only 3 times). There are 20 levels and bright high quality graphics that make this game even more addictive! Absolutely free!

Canasta 5.0.1

Canasta is a fascinating Rummy type card game in which you collect or meld 'baskets' of cards, Canasta being the Spanish word for basket. Played with two packs of cards and four Jokers, you must make melds of 7 or more cards and these are called Canastas. This is the Classic version in which you play an intelligen robot. Now with greatly improved graphics and extra options.

Babobab Solitaire 1.0.EN

People of all ages love solitaire games. Our fresh nice title gives anything every wonderful solitaire has. Baobab Solitaire is famous for the captivating interface and rather easy instructions. Player has to make up the dibs in a column to gain the sum of 21. Remember as well that you will lose your points if the total amount is more than 21. When the cards are over or the time expires, the solitaire will end.

Ancient Spider Solitaire 1.0

Get caught in a web of addictive fun with this amazing version of Spider Solitaire! This classic card game has never looked better with 8 unique game modes and cool new twists that include combo bars, multipliers, grades, and more! Are you a novice? No need for despair, tune into in-game tutorials that allow players of all skill levels to join the fun. You?ll discover gorgeous graphics and exotic sounds that enhance the game.

Slingo Quest Free game download 1.0.0

Slingo Quest Game, is one of the free Games you can download and find at Free Ride Games. Free Ride Games the only place where you can download over 300 top games for free, including Hidden Object games, Time Management games, Match Three games, Sports games, Puzzle games, Arcade games, Card games, Board games, Flash games, Fashion games, Food games, Online games, Word games and many more.

Poker Superstars III Free game download 1.0.0

Poker Superstars III Game, is one of the free Games you can download and find at Free Ride Games. Free Ride Games the only place where you can download over 300 top games for free, including Hidden Object games, Time Management games, Match Three games, Sports games, Puzzle games, Arcade games, Card games, Board games, Flash games, Fashion games, Food games, Online games, Word games and many more.

Solitaire Cruise 1.01

Solitaire Cruise ? Set sail for a world of fun! Embark on a round-the-world cruise of card matching action! A variety of unique levels will take you across the globe from USA to Japan. Each location you visit has its own rich visual theme and music. Find special bonus cards to help you along the way. Cross vast oceans, see the world and play Solitaire!

Online Poker Deuces Wild 1.0

Deuces Wild is a free online poker game where the goal is to make fake money by collecting hands of value. The lowest hand you can get in this online poker game is 2 pair. The typical strategy is to hold any deuces you find, because they can be any card that you like. After you select the cards you want, hit the deal button to receive more cards--and find out how much you've won! Bet low, at first, and bet more when you feel your ready

Online Poker Jacks or Better 1 Play 1.0

Online Poker Jacks or Better 1 Play card game lets you play online poker free. Place your bet, hit deal, and your started on your way to an online poker extravaganza! Next, just select which cards to hold, and hit draw. If you're a winner, and its time to collect! The only thing you need is a minimum of a pair of jacks (hence the name), but you can win extra big if you get two pair, three of a kind--even a full house!

3 Play Tens or Better 1.0

3 Play Tens or Better is a free online poker game. This free poker game let's you play three hands at a time. You may bet up to three hands at a time--the minimum winning hand being a pair of tens. This is no regular video poker game: play free online poker without any login or registration required. Hold whatever cards you want in your hand, and press the draw button to replace the non-selected cards. If you're lucky, you're a winner!

Online Poker Three Play Deuces Wild 1.0

3 Play Deuces Wild online poker game lets you have all the casino, at no cost. This online poker game uses play money, so there's absolutely no risk involved--but it is a great way to learn how to play Deuces Wild for free! Deuces Wild is similar to Jacks or Better or any other type of video poker, but the minimum hand is 2 pair. How do the odds stack up? Very well, because is Deuces Wild any card with the face value "2" is wild.

PokerDIY Tourney Manager 0.73

Free, simple blind timer/chip calculator to manage poker tournaments with addons/rebuys/payouts and customization options to match your poker night theme. It runs offline and in fullscreen mode so can be projected at your next home poker tournament. It is designed to be easy-to-use and simple; you can either start your tourney with the default blinds/chipsets or create your own and save them for later.

Los juegos de Rummy v4.1973

El Rummy es un juego de cartas en grupo basado en las habilidades del jugador. Este juego de cartas requiere la participacin de dos a cuatro jugadores. Jugar al Rummy es muy divertido y se considera el tercer juego ms popular del mundo. El objetivo del Juego es ser el primero en descartar todas las cartas en tu posesin (en mano). Esto se consigue cogiendo y descartando cartas, mientras se van formando "Juegos" y "Escaleras" con las cartas e

remi download free 10

Remi je skupina skill-based card games. Ove kartice su najbolje igre igrali sa dva do ?etiri igra?a. Igranje je zabavno Remi i smatra svjetova 'tre?a najpopularnija igra. Cilj igre Remi je biti prvi raspolagati sve karte u ruci. To je u?inio po branje gore i odbacivanje kartice, dok formiranje karte u ruci u melds. Pobjednik turnira je prvi igra? koji akumulirati najvi?i iznos bodova, ili zadnji igra? ostati u igri bez otklonjeni prelazi rezultat

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