SmileysWeLove for MS Internet Explorer

Smileyswelove enhance your chat with thousands of awesome smileys and memes to use with buddies. Great with Facebook chat, GTalk, Mail programs and in website forms. Add more smileys later to your collection, and express exactly what you mean with fun, crazy, or beautiful smileys. Easy and fun to use for everyone. Install SmileysWeLove in IE and smile with your buddies.

Send Free SMS to Mobiles

Click on company website for downloading Send Free SMS to Mobiles software which allows user to communicate with your business and personal people. Application also provides SMS alerts to investors of market up and down without any technical help. Program does not require internet connectivity to send messages to all mobile users.

Web Site Chat Software 1.2

eAssistance Pro allows business organizations to effectively redress customer grievances and monitor visitors over website. It is available in standalone as well as web versions. Web version can be accessed on both computers and mobile devices. Standalone version of eAssistance Pro comprise advanced chat features and can be installed on some or all operator computers within an organization.

Web SMS to Mobile

Demo version of Web SMS to Mobile software is available at website for broadcasting multiple short messages to any mobile networks without internet connections. User friendly bulk messaging software is broadly used to promote business products to large customers via text sms.

Cell Phones Text SMS

If you want to send bulk message to multiple people without internet connectivity, simply download Cell Phones Text SMS software from company website URL which helps user to create custom notification and send group of user in one click.

Pidgin IM 2.10.6

Pidgin is a powerful instant messaging software, capable of connecting to multiple chat networks simultaneously. Pidgin supports over 15 chat networks out of the box including AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber/XMPP, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, IRC, Novell GroupWise Messenger, Lotus Sametime, SILC, SIMPLE, MXit, MySpaceIM, and Zephyr. With plugins, Pidgin also supports Facebook IM, MSN, Omegle, Skype and Twitter and many more protocols

Smileys We Love

SmileysWeLove adds hours of fun to your chat with a ton of extra emoticonss and memes to use with buddies. Works with Facebook IM, GTalk, Mail programs and in online forms. Add more emoticons later to customize your experience, and express precisely what you intend with amusing, hysterical, or beautiful emoticons. Fun and easy to use for everyone.

Smileys We Love

SmileysWeLove augments your chat with oodles of great emoticonss and memes you can exchange with friends. Works with Facebook IM, GTalk, Mail programs and in online forms. Add additional memes to your collection, and express exactly what you mean with amusing, hysterical, or animated emoticons. Easy and fun to use for all ages.

Mobile Text Message Software presents Mobile Text Message Software broadcasts multiple messages at a time to all national or international service providers. Bulk message transmitting program forwards text messages to a group of people without any internet connection required.

Web SMS to Mobile

Advance Web SMS to Mobile Software launches by company on website for Windows operating system that provides best connectivity between your computer and GSM based mobile phone to compose and sends number of message without requirement of any internet connection.

Mobile Text SMS

Want to send limitless free SMS to your friend cell phone on her birthday? If yes, then simply visit site which provides Mobile Text SMS program that permits you to forward unlimited text from laptop to mobile phone without any cost and without internet connection.

Online Text Message

Download free Online Text Message software from website for sending bulk sms to any national and international mobile numbers without internet connections. Professional text message sending utility has option to save the details of send sms in template folder for future use.

PC to Mobile SMS

Do you want to stay connect with your friends by sending bulk messages from PC via connecting GSM technology based cell phone device? Then do not waste your time just download PC to Mobile SMS program from website to deliver unlimited messages in minimum time.

Live Chat Software 1.2

Do not get confused while choosing reliable live chat software tool, try eAssistance Pro and establish a collaborative platform for online visitors to get instant response of their queries. It can successfully boost your business by increasing quality of your service that leads to improve customer satisfaction level

Live Chat Support Software 1.2

Use of live chat software for providing instant and effective support to online customers is very popular these days. eAssistance Pro is one of the most proficient live chat software. It enables you to monitor your online visitors, resolve their query quickly and change them into your valuable customers

Online Chat Software 1.2

eAssistance Pro offer Web based chat services on a Website. It can be accessed from both mobile and desktop web browsers. Online Chat software integrate three types of users on a Website i.e., Admin, Operator and Visitor. It is available in Web and Standalone versions. Standalone version comprises all advanced Chat features of the software and it can be installed on all operator systems of an organization.

Online Live Chat Software 1.2

Online live chat software has been developed especially for businesses organizations that are looking to provide online assistance to website visitors and customers in real time. Among various live chat tools, eAssistance Pro is one of the best tools that offers a number of beneficial features that help you to effectively engage with your site visitors and change them into valuable customers.

Website Chat Software 1.2

eAssistance Pro facilitate live chat sessions over the company website. It can be used from any web browser and platform. Website Chat software allow multiple live chat sessions simultaneously. It also track visitor activities on different websites of a company. eAssistance Pro offers visitor chat messenger that is available as add-on on one or all pages of a business website.

Online Help Chat Tool 1.2

These days, online customers are very much aware about the product or service quality and need instant support for any problem they face during utilization. A live chat support tool plays a key role because you can effectively and efficiently resolve queries and problems of your customers in a quick and documented way.

Live Chat Support 1.2

Live support software is designed specifically for businesses or organizations to provide online assistance to website visitors in real time. Live chat support tools offer far better result than typical instant messaging tools such as Skype and MSN. eAssistance Pro is popular software in this field which is designed and developed with interactive and user friendly features to ease you.

Website Online Chat Software 1.2

eAssistance Pro facilitate web based customer support services on a business or commercial website. It can be installed as add-on on all eCommerce and CMS websites such as Joomla, Big Commerce, Shopify, Sales Force and many more. Website online chat software offer two versions of operator console i.e., Web and Standalone. It also tracks geographical location, time and web access history of a website visitor.

Bulk SMS

Get visit and access Bulk SMS program from site that provide option for users to save sent messages as templates for future reference needs. Bulk sms utility does not require any broadband connectivity in transmitting large ammount of sms to a group of contacts.

Send Bulk SMS PC to Mobile

Do you want to promote your business using bulk sms sending program? Highly technical Send Bulk SMS PC to Mobile software is easily downloaded from provides option to deliver grouped text messages on national and international mobile phone networks without any internet connection.

Live Web Chat Software 1.2

Live Web Chat tool helps business organization in effectively managing online queries of the customers. It enable website operators to interact with website visitors through live chat consoles. eAssistance Pro also track visitor?s location and other details on a website. It use 256-bit SSL encrypted layer to prevent unauthorized access of live chat sessions.

Support Live Chat Software 1.2

Support Live chat software help business organizations in assessing exact needs of customers through live chat sessions. It can be installed and used on all Operating systems such as MS Windows, Android, Symbian and Blackberry. eAssistance Pro include three types of users - Website administrators, operators and Visitors. It also provide automatic spell check feature to correct the grammatical and word mistakes in the typed message.

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