Hostgator Coupon 1.0

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Advanced Mail Bomber 11.4

It is a professional e-mail software intended for fast mailing list management. It allows you to organize e-mail subscriptions on your web site and to send information/notifications to a large number of recipients. You can create and manage structured mailing lists, import recipients from any file formats, and to generate personalized messages from predefined templates while sending. It can send messages in plain-text, HTML, and EML format what e

Total Outlook Converter Pro 2.0

Total Outlook Converter Pro converts Outlook emails with attachments to DOC, PDF, HTML, TIFF, and TXT. Attached files can also be converted to the target format or placed untouched in a separate folder. The program allows converting emails right from Outlook in batch. You can tune the final file to your requirements using any external scheme. The step-by-step interface is good for new users. Download your free trial copy now to test it.

Outlook Email Extractor 5.0.0

Outlook Email Extractor is a fast and accurate email address extractor adept at extracting email addresses from MS Outlook and Outlook express files. The extracted email addresses can be saved in .CSV format which opens in excel and .TXT format which opens in Notepad. Users can use filter options to set search criteria and extract relevant email addresses. The software easily extracts email IDs from different folders like inbox, outbox etc.

1st Mail Bomber Pro 11.354

1st Mail Bomber is a professional mass mailer, bulk mailer, email software intended for fast sending personalized emails and mailing list management. It allows you to organize email-based subscription on your web site and to send newsletters, information and notifications to a large number of recipients. You can create and manage thematic mailing lists, import recipients from any files, and to generate personalized messages from predefined templa

1st Mail Bomber 11.354

1st Mail Bomber is a professional email software, mass mailer, bulk mailer intended for fast sending personalized emails and mailing list management. It allows you to organize email-based subscription on your web site and to send newsletters, information and notifications to a large number of recipients. You can create and manage thematic mailing lists, import recipients from any files, and to generate personalized messages from predefined templa

BX Free Email Extractor 2.0

Free email extractor to extract email addresses from local files,folders & subfolders in your harddisk or pendrive,MSSql,MySql,MS Access databases,MS Outlook,Outlook Express, Your email accounts like gmail,yahoo,msn,hotmail or any POP3 email accounts etc. High speed of extraction using mutlithreading.Export extracted email ids to an MS Excel (.csv) format.Free software to use and distribute freely valid for a lifetime.

High Speed Verifier 1.42

High Speed Verifier (HSV) is a high-speed software designed to check e-mail address for existence. HSV is capable of checking thousands of addresses per second. It can easily deal with mailing lists containing tens millions of addresses; moreover, it is with this list size that the program's highest performance can be achieved. HSV is offered as a solution for quick removal of garbage from lists with millions of addresses.

WP4FB Review 2.0

Low quality sites are the first casualties of the updated forum on the Google Panda set up. The updates to Panda have been structured in such a way that they will be able to sieve out and eradicate all the sites which have low quality and also those which are wanting in terms of the form of service delivery. This is very important since it makes sure that people who perform the searches can only get to sample the perfectly structured sites which

The tao of badass review 1.0

When two people crack up, there is usually a feeling of one individual absent the other. This is in particular genuine for relationships that lasted for far more than various months. It does not issue what triggered the break up, you will have remembrances of the fantastic periods you shared together even although you will also have regrets of the undesirable occasions. So if you are still questioning if your ex would like to get back with you, t

Udemy Crusher Review 1.0

Participating in public discussion is becoming increasingly important. It is useful in introducing the person with his own capabilities. Not only it is a great booster at the career front but also helpful in personal life. People get the opportunity to exchange worthy information through this medium. It can be general information about your nation, society or even your vicinity. But it is extremely encouraging medium for any person to build and d

Yeast Infection No More reviews 1.0

Some people today are concerned that if they go swimming, they will either worsen their infection or pass it on to other folks. You cannot catch candida infections from an additional human being by swimming in the same water and if you are suffering from it, swimming in a general public pool will not pass your infection onto somebody else swimming in that pool.

Pilot Newsletter Software JAN.2013

Powerful web-based E-mail Marketing software that will allow you to easily design HTML and text based newsletters, deliver personalized emails to your target audiences through mailing lists, and improve your business by boosting your e-mail advertising and communication. Simple Integrated Campaign Editor, Professionally Designed Email Templates, Automatic Bounce Handling, Comprehensive Reporting, Painless Integration Into Any Website and more.

Wartrol Reviews 1.0

On the other hand, you must keep in mind that even if you do well in eliminating warts with over-the-counter drugs like Wartrol and some other individuals, warts do have a inclination to arrive back. This can occur specifically on folks with a weekend immune system. Therefore it can be also very important that you by all means try to bolster your immune system in addition to applying wart removal treatment options like Wartrol.

Vision Without Glasses Review 1.0

Vision Without Glasses Review, over and above this, all expected and noted side effects are examined and highlighted in the medicine's packaging or brochure material. However, if a new reaction to a medicine occurs, which is not mentioned in the packaging material, this reaction is defined as a `side effect'.

Bulk Mac Mail 4.23

Bulk Mac Mail lets you send personalized mass email messages using templates with multiple custom fields from the recipient database inside your messages. It automatically converts such templates to series of personalized messages by replacing macros with the real data taken from the database. It lets you import your customer lists from files of any type and delivers most of your messages to the destination even through recipient content filters

Email Marketing Courier for Mac 4.23

This is a mac software for targeted bulk email marketing and personalized mass mailing using multiple mailing lists and plain-text or HTML message templates. It uses multiple SMTP accounts, sending throttling and schedule to mass-send email messages in a fast and efficient way. Stay in touch with your customers, inform customers about new products, send newsletters regarding product updates or business proposals to potential business partners.

E-List Distributor for Mac 4.23

Manage your mass mailing through our easy to set up and use, hassle free software. We let you import, export, manipulate and send to as many emails as you like, spanning any number of mailing lists. We help you process your subscribe, unsubscribe and bounce back emails so you will stay CAN SPAM act compliant. We allow you to customize and personalize each message that leaves our program, so it is intended for that specific recepient. Try it free.

Spread Email Marketing Software 4.2

Spread Email Marketing Software & Service is the best permission-based email marketing software and service for email marketers to send HTML email newsletters and mass email marketing campaigns more efficiently. Main Features:* Easy-to-use email creation tools * Professional designed email templates * Contact List Management *Real-time Tracking and Reports * Email Campaign Personalization * Email Campaign Scheduler * Custom Online Signup Forms

iMac Mailer 4.27

IMac Mailer is a mass mailer for mac capable of sending thousands of personalized email messages an hour to an unlimited number of mailing lists. It automates mail recipient subscription, removal and bounce back management. Import/export feature lets you move email addresses between iMac Mailer and Address Book, Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, CSV or tab-delimited text files and so on.

Emlun4Word 1.0

Emlun4Word is a Microsoft Word Add-In that allows you to send your document as a personalized e-mail newsletter to all your customers. Emlun4Word will deliver your mailing withing a few minutes using our dedicated email servers. Track exactly who has received your e-mail newsletter, who has opened it and who has clicked on a link. People who do not want to receive your newsletters may unsubscribe themselves automatically.

EMail List Organizer Deluxe 3.9

Email List Organizer Deluxe for Windows: easy-to-use database management software that helps you to organize and manage your mailing lists. Database management features will help you to remove duplicates, verify email addresses, change small letters to capital letters, create multiple email list databases, move/copy records between databases, export email lists to text formatted files, display email list statistics.

somanabolic muscle maximizer Review 1.0

somanabolic muscle maximizer Review technique Muscle building is a long process that takes months for obvious results. First of all, if you're not looking forward to getting into the gym any more, that may be a sign. It is true, you have to decide what you ant to do and since you want to build muscle, you need to increase overall caloric intake muscles but it is only when resting that your muscles get a chance to recover. Once you know exact

Repair EDB File to PST File 3.0

Recover Data with incorporates advanced features which makes it the most preferred tool to Convert EDB to PST. The shifting tool promptly shifts all the EDB databases files and folders to the newly created PST files in Outlook. The email converter keenly reads the EDB items and transfers to PST in the original format, without altering its text, RTF, HTMAL format. The email conversion is carried out in a haste and the user regains access data.

Advanced EDB to PST Conversion tool 3.0

Convert EDB to PST software by Recover Data is an extremely beneficial software to recover the EDB files that becomes corrupt or damaged due to virus attacks, CRC errors, edb log file deletion, mailbox deletion, power failure etc. The software also allows users to preview the mailboxes before finally saving it. Avail the freeware of EDB2PST conversion tool, prior investing into it.

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