Touch N Go 1.0.60519.

Touch N Go is a Biometric Framework (SDK or API) that allows programmers to integrate fingerprint recognition in their application with just FOUR lines of code. It supports multiple database (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL Enterprise, Sybase, and IBM DB2, etc.) and multiple programming languages (C/C++, C#, .NET, VB.NET, F#.NET, Java, Ruby, Delphi, etc.). It also supports most fingerprint scanners available in the market.

Unlock PDF Security 1.0

Unlock PDF security with advanced PDF Unlocker utility. This is an advanced PDF unlocker software that enables copy, print and edit PDF documents. Get free PDF unlocker tool and unlock PDF files security with single mouse click. Get free PDF Unlocker software.

CryptoForge Decrypter 5.1.0

Decrypter is a freeware, portable, and simple app that allows the decryption of files encrypted by CryptoForge encryption software. It is very easy-to-use, it does not need to be installed on the computer, and it can run from external USB drives. Just drop the encrypted file into the app's window, enter the password, and you are done.

CryptoForge 5.1.0

Data encryption software by CryptoForge allows you to secure your data everywhere it goes with strong AES encryption. The file encryption module allows you to encrypt files of any type and size, on any media. Email encryption module allows you to send encrypted files to anyone. It also includes a secure file shredder. The Text encryption module converts anything into ciphertext. This encryption software features multiple encryption.

Unlock PDF File 1.0

Unlock PDF file with advanced PDF unlocker utility that helps you to unlock PDF print, edit and copy restrictions. Download Free PDF unlocker software and unlock PDF documents easily and quickly. Get freeware version for checking all features and functions.

PDF Protector 1.0

PDF Protector is an advanced software to protect PDF documents. This is a complete PDF locker that locks PDF efficiently with passwords and copy, print and edit PDF files. Download Free PDF Protector Software for checking software features and functions.

Remove PDF Security 13.01.01

Get access to your crucial PDF files by utilizing Kernel for PDF Restriction Removal tool and remove PDF security passwords and restrictions in few seconds without involving in hectic manual methodology. User can download this software to remove PDF security form any version of PDF file as it supports versions of PDF and Adobe Acrobat extensively.

Unlock PDF Files 13.01.01

Remove restrictions from important PDF files that are required to be accessed on urgent basis by utilizing professional tool, Kernel for PDF Restriction Removal that unlocks PDF files instantly. The tool is capable of unlocking multiple portable documents in single action. Its advanced PDF managing skills enables user to handle PDF files of any version easily.

PDF Unlocker Free tool 1.0

PDF Unlocker Free tool is an advanced utility that developed for removing security from protected PDF documents. Through using this tool you can easily remove PDF passwords, remove PDF copy protection, PDF print protection and PDF edit protection. This will help you to remove all PDF protections.

PDF Unlocker Tool Download 1.0

PDF Unlocker Software is an advanced and simple utility for unlocking PDF documents. You can remove PDF passwords and securities easily. Download Free PDF Unlocker tool and unlock PDF files.

PDF Unlocker V1.0 1.0

PDF Unlocker software is super functional tool to unlock PDF files. You can unlock PDF copy, print, edit PDF documents. This is an advanced and easy tool for all home based and professional users.

Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM 5.0.40

PDF DRM security for the enterprise. Locklizard PDF document security software enables you to secure PDF documents from unauthorized use, control what users can do with them, control how long they are used, and audit document use. Stop copying, sharing, printing, screen grabbing, stop or limit printing. Generate reports and view statistics to see which are your most used documents. Instantly revoke documents when they should no longer be viewed.

PDF Password Remover 1.0

Download Free PDF Password Remover software that can easily remove and reset adobe PDF passwords. This is an advanced utility for converting and unlocking PDF files.

Unlock PDF 1.0

PDF Champ software is easy and helpful solution to unlock PDF documents. Download free Unlock PDF software to unlock PDF copy, print and edit restrictions. Download and get all features to unlock PDF files easily and quickly.

PDF Unlocker to Remover PDF Security 1.0

Download PDF Unlocker tool is an advanced and multitasking tool to perform multiple operations with adobe PDF files. Free PDF unlocker software will help you to unlock PDF files passwords and security. You can remove both master and user passwords from secured adobe PDF files.

Download PDF Unlocker 1.0

PDF Champ is advanced software to unlock PDF files. Download PDF Unlocker software for Windows and unlock all PDF files easily and quickly. This is an advanced software to unlock all PDF file security.

Convert PDF to Image 1.0

Download Free PDF converter software to convert PDF to image. You can easily convert PDF file to JPG, PDF file to GIF and PDF file to PNG file format. PDF to Image converter software is easy and helpful solution for converting, merging, splitting and PDF file formats.

Unlock PDF File Security 1.0

Unlock PDF file security tool to unlock PDF files easily. Download PDF Unlocker tool and easily unlock secured PDF files and add security on your PDF files. Download Free PDF Unlocker software and check all features of this PDF security remover software.

PureVPN Mac VPN Software 5.3.0

PureVPNs latest app for Mac is available in multiple languages including English, French, German, and Dutch. Plus, users can also connect using SSTP protocol, in addition to other protocols from within the app. Now you can get hack-proof online security via cutting-edge encryption by PureVPN. Connect to any of the 550+ servers in 140+ countries worldwide with a few clicks. Get an unmatched VPN experience on your Mac with PureVPNs Mac VPN app!

USB Secure 2.0.5

USB Secure can password protect any portable media including USB drives, External drives and even memory cards. It supports plug and play and automatic execution. No administrator rights or install is required on the other computer. You can take your USB drive anywhere without a fear of data leak or theft in case of a stolen or lost USB drive. USB Secure is a great program for people keeping private data on portable devices when travelling.

PDF Unlocker Tool 1.0

PDF Unlocker Tool or PDF Unlocker feature by PDF Champ software by Softaken. Download Free PDF Unlocker tool and easily unlock PDF files easily and quickly. This is an advanced and simple tool that help you to unlock PDF copy, edit and print features from secured PDF files and perform multiple tasks with PDF files. Check all with official PDF Champ website.

PDF Unlocker 1.0

Download Free PDF Unlocker tool to unlock PDF files. This is an advanced tool to unlock PDF files. Using this PDF Unlocker tool you can easily unlock PDF security like removing PDF Passwords. You can also remove all restrictions from secured PDF files. Download PDF Unlocker tool and unlock PDF copy, edit, print and password restrictions.

Unlock PDF 1.0

Download free Unlock PDF software that helps you to unlock PDF files easily and quickly. This unlock PDF tool will help you to convert, unlock, lock, split and merge Adobe PDF files. Great utility developed with advanced algorithm. Download Unlock PDF software and unlock PDF passwords along with copy, print and edit security.

Free PDF Password Remover 1.0

Free PDF Password remover software is one of the best solution that helps you to remove password and security from PDF files and as well as set security on PDF files. You can remove Master and user password easily and quickly. Download free PDF password remover software and unlock PDF files easily.

PDF Champ Tool 1.0

PDF Champ is the great product to remove PDF passwords, reset PDF passwords, Access PDF files, Open PDF files, Remove Security from PDF files, merge PDF files split PDF files and much more. Download free PDF champ tool to perform multiple tasks.

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