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ECard Magic 1.0

Ecard Magic is a card making tool which will definitely bring you fun. A card with your characteristic comes out in seconds Your favorite photos, landscape or other pictures can be input into the card. Your voice, video dialogue or any music can be recorded as greetings. More fun will arise from editing an audio greeting with recording segments Try your best to compose a unique greeting, its really challenging and interesting Functions such

Hubble Space Telescope (OSX) 1.0

2002 Hubble Space Telescope View the incredible images sent to earth from the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope. It was not until this telescope was launched into space that we were able to view these amazing images of deep outer space.-Over 110 photographs-Updated with the latest images-Free upgrades for life

ReadyToPrint Organizer 1.0

Create a hard-copy organizer from a selection of calendars, address books, and expense forms. Manage your contacts, personal diary or journal, as well as events, appointments and to do list with this simple program.

Atomic Time Machine 3001 1.0

Atomic Time Machine 3001 - The Ultimate Computer Time Piece. This Computer Clock Software will adjust your computers time to Atomic Time from the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado. It has an Alarm with many cool sounds to chose from, it has an hourly chime which you pick the sound, from cuckoo or grandfather style to animals, people, or nature sounds. Also, 300 different sounds to chose from. And, check time any

Art of Bouguereau 1.0

Adolphe William Bouguereau, an academic painter, exhibited in the annual Paris Salons for more than 50 years. In this screen saver you can view his paintings of the religious and mythological, and the tenderness in which he portrayed children and domestic scenes. His skill and passion for painting and his love of rich color are hallmarks of Bouguereaus wonderful paintings.

Van Gogh OSX 1.0

See the world of Vincent Van Gogh . Van Goghs paintings will show you the mind of one of historys greatest artists

Easy PDF Publisher 1.0

Easy Pdf Publisher Personal is a workspace that helps you to structure and merge several Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pdf...) into a single PDF file. It will automaticaly add a table of contents, bookmarks, headers, footers... The resulting file can also be a protected PDF file (to disable modifications or the print function). The Personal version is only sold on the web. Unit Price 39 euros - 45 US - 29 GBP - 65 CAD - 65 AUD

Sweet Pickle Jar Ultimate Web Designer Package 1.0

A huge collection of WebSite Templates, Graphics, Tutorials more

Impressionism Masterpieces ( Mac OS 8.5-9.2.2 ) 1.0

A collection of some of the most famous and popular Impressionists paintings. Artists included in this screen saver are Monet, Renoir, Degas, and many others.

DG Image Suite X Control 1.0

active x control for developers to add teh ability to edit and save image files to and from different formats (bmp, gif, jpg, png, tif, ico, tga, pcx and jpeg2000 add filters such as stretch, mirror, flip, negative, different rotates, edge, emboss, dither, grayscale, lighten, darken, contrast, dilate, erode, contour, jitter, blur, guassin, softe, sharpen, coloarize, rgb, make transparent, and more.

SourceSafe Reporter 1.0

SourceSafe Reporter

Applet Collection #2 1.0

Web Designers Toolkit includes a group of script authoring tools into one software. Some of them are winning-award tools. With this easy-to-use web authoring toolkit, you can draft, design, develop and deploy scripts to Web sites and Web projects. The scripts include menu, navigation, text scroller, search engine, date and time, clock, pop-up window, mouse trailer, etc. Web Designers Toolkit provides well-designed configuration interface to confi

Fast Link Checker Custom Version 1.0

Fast Link Checker is used for searching sites for broken links. It works like a robot of a search engine (Googlebot, MSNBot, WISENutbot, Alexa, etc.). You specify the file to start checking from and Fast Link Checker goes through all pages this file has links to until it checks all links on the site. If Link Checker finds a broken link, it shows its position in the document, the cause why it does not work and a hint how it can be fixed. Fast Link

Quick Business Manager Professional Multi-Users (5 1.0

QBM is an affordable solution for your organization to manage the business transactions, know about your customers, vendors, inventories, and manage employees. QBM is designed to be easy to use, with the state-of-the-art user interface. Some general features are Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Employees and Payroll, and Reports. Some other features are * Export Invoices, Quotes, Orders, Bills, and any other documents t

CZ-Xls2Csv 1.0

CZ-Xls2Csv is a batch csv converter that convert xls to csv, and can watch source file folder and convert new uploading ms excel documents to html files automatically. you can convert a lot of excel xls to csv files once time saving your time Key Features A. batch convert xls to csv, you can convert a lot of excel to csv files once time saving your time B. can watch source file folder and convert new uploading ms excel documents to te

Geeworks TrialMaster 2.0 Standard Edition 1.0

Geeworks TrialMaster is the *ONLY* product that allows you to add evaluation time limits to *ANY* Windows application without changing the source code. Stealth32, a patent-pending software protection technology, takes care of wrapping your software product so that it is ready for distribution as a time-limited trial software. There is no further development effort on your part. You dont even need the original source code - all you need is the ex

Quick Five Year Financial Plans Plus Ratios 1.0

QUICK FIVE YEARS FINANCIAL PLAN - MONTHLY FOR 5 YEARS - PLUS ANNUAL RATIOSFASTPLAN 9.0 FOR EXCELFastPlan provides a quick and easy way to prepare business forecasts. No previous accounting knowledge is required.With FastPlan 9.0 you can achieve the following1. With a few simple entries into the monthly unit sales, pricing, cost of sales and expense items template (100 rows of expenses), FastPlan generates monthly five year balance sheets, profi

Crystal Wallpaper 1.0

By showing pictures transparently like a flowing stained glass window, Crystal Wallpaper enables you to enjoy favorite pictures on the screen anytime you like with no need to pause any applications. Offer you a totally NEW way to enjoy your favorite images

MCBase - the (Multi Media) Music Collection dataBa 1.0

MCBase V3.6 - the Music Collection dataBase system. The most flexible tool to manage the collection of the serious music collector. MCBase not only stores the information on your collection, but can also store multi media files (both sound and video clips

Automotive Wolf 1.0

Full Service Car Care Software Easily track your repairs, maintenance, fuel usage, operating costs and much more. Setup your own maintenance reminders or let our built-in advisor configure each vehicle for you. Includes functional gauges that you can se

NoiseNakPlus 1.0

Allows the volume to be limited to different limits depending on the time and day, can slowly increase after unmuting and startup. The input volume levels can be preset and locked. The volume can automatically alter depending on the recorded level. Networked computers can be remotely muted and screen blanked. Screen resolution and volume settings can be set to automatically change depending on the program being run.

ESBCalc Pro 1.0

ESBCalc Pro is a Enhanced Win32 Scientific Calculator with Infix Processing, Exponential Notation, Brackets, Scientific Functions, Memory, Optional Paper Trail, Printing, Result History List, Integrated Help and more. Functions include Trigonometric, Hyperbolic, Logarithmic - Base 10, Base 2 Natural - Random Number and many more. Also includes heaps of built-in as well as user-defined constants. Now also allows for Floating Decimal Point, opti

CoffeeCup PixConverter 1.0

Convert all your digital pictures to use on your Website, sending in email, posting on auction sites and lots more. The CoffeeCup PixConverter is the easy way to batch convert your digital pictures for all your needs. Add pictures one by one or convert an entire folder You can Watermark your images with text and graphics. There is even a snazzy thumbnail maker built-in for creating Web Photo Albums in a snap The best part is with the Built-In F

DC Dynamic Components 1.0

Enhanced classess handle database management , dynamic report , software protection , num2text , image button , help authority , data entry validation , returnkey enable , form flipping , form translation , all in one package

Any DWG DXF Converter 1.0

Any DWG DXF Converter is a batch DWG and DXF bi-directional converter that allows you to convert DWG to DXF, DXF to DWG without the need of AutoCAD. It is also an AutoCAD drawing file version converter.

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