First Class Video Player - FLV/H.264/MP3 - Google 1

Any type of video file that Flash Player supports can be played with our player: - FLV/H.264 encoded video: MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V; - RTMP (using FMS or RED5) and RTMP live streaming. It also plays Audio MP3 files. It supports Google Analytics. You can set this player to any size you want from the configuration XML file, changing the player width , the player height and the playlist width. You can easy integrate this in any projects you ne

Grid Flash Photo Album Template 1

- This is an ActionScript 3.0 XML driven Flash template. No Flash knowledge required for setting up this template. Everything can be set from a config .xml file and also each gallery has its own .xml file making it very easy to update and maintain. Features: * Grid Flash Gallery - original navigation and zoom; * Modular Flash-CSS pages; * Add unlimited galleryes and images.; * Thumbs in grid gallery it arranges automatically after the window size

Ghost Slot Casino Game 1

Controls: Bet your desired amount by clicking on the bet one and bet max buttons and then press spin. Wait for your luck. Brief: A viral game which can be used in Facebook for application development. This stores users balance in local cookies. If you clear your cookies the score will restore to 5000. This flash game can be customized/modified using Adobe Flash CS3 or above. Scripting is well commented. There is an option provided to display your

Time and Date with Pendulum 1

This file was written in Flash CS4 and uses AS3. I have provided a Flash CS3 version also. This file is contained within a single movieclip on the stage, so you can use it in your projects. You can change the graphics by editing the relevant movieclips in the library, and this file is also resizeable.

Mini Quiz 1

Polls are out - the Mini Quiz is in! If you want to add some interaction on your website, but you think that polls became too boring - why not choose some questions by yourself and set a simple test for your visitors? Features: - any number of questions and up to 5 answers for each question is loaded from XML file; - number of points for each question or default number of points can be set in XML file; - color of background, buttons, label, text

Glow Menu XML v2 1

XML driven horizontal / vertical menu with glow effect. Features included: * Options are configurable via XML; * Horizontal/vertical menu direction; * Font size, color, rollover color set in XML; * Glow alpha, size, strength, transition speed-delay time set in XML; * You can add-remove sound effect for mouse over, click events; * X-Y positions of menu set in XML; * Spacing/padding between menu items; * URL, target of menu items; * You can select

The Curtain V2 1

This is the latest version of the curtain component. This can be used in your website intro page or index page or other presentation projects. It is a nice effect for banner also. Features Included seperate FLA, SWF for each color. 100% vector. Re sizable to full screen. Change speed using fps. Change curtain color Change frill color Add more frills Add frill on top, middle etc. Less thank 5 kb only. Ready to drag and drop. HTML help file include

Impressive Banner Rotator - XML Driven 1

FEATURES: XML driven content. No Flash knowledge required for setting up this video player. Everything can be set from a main .xml file making it very easy to update and maintain. Component Options- From XML file you can set: - component width and height. If the width is set to 100% it will take the browser width; - background color & transparency; - external link target: _blank or _self; - buttons customization, color & transparency; - autohide

Imposing Video Player - FLV/H.264/MP3 - Google Ana 1

You can set this player to any size you want from the configuration XML file, changing the player width , the player height and the playlist width. You can easy integrate this in any projects you need, HTML or Flash. FEATURES: NEW*: If needed, a movie can belong to multiple categories. XML DRIVEN CONTENT- You do not need to know Flash in order to set the video player. Every setting can be done in a main.xml file making it very easy to update. AUT

Lassers circuits menu 1

The source must be edited for modifications. Lasers, circuits, menu, buttons, circle, fx.

Mini Guestbook 1

Easy and clean mini guestbook. You can easily change color, size and so on.

Multiple mails form 1

You can add multiple departments in order to give your client different areas for support. Everything is well documented, and you can easily add new departments through a XML file.

Lovely flash site 1

A classic Flash CS5 design and AS3 develop. Anyone with a few notions about Flash can customize the site. To customize it, you'll need to modify the source, and also Flash CS5. For any information do not hesitate to ask me. Thanks.

Compact & Stylish MP3 Player with Spectrum 1

This mp3 player was written in Flash CS4 and uses AS3. I have provided a Flash CS3 version also. The features of this mp3 player are: Auto Start on/off; Shuffle Play Auto Start on/off; Scrolling player buttons; Sound spectrum with changeable colours; Song thumbnail; Shuffle play; And other standard controls and display. You can add this player to your projects because it is within a single movieclip on the stage. The player is not designed to be

Countdown Timer Clock 1

XML driven countdown-countup timer / clock. Features included: * XML driven timer or clock; * You can change timer type to coundown timer, countup timer or clock from XML; * X-Y positions of timer clock set in XML; * Text, timer colors set in XML; Blur filter for timer (Set "0" to hide blur effect); You can set target date/time for countdown-countup timer from XML; Reflection alpha, scale, spacing, blur set in XML (You can show/hide reflection

HCS Rich Text Editor 1

HCS Rich Text Editor is the editor to create pages for flash-html. This is just a small list of what this editor can do/support: * Completely customizable by Actionscript/Javascript, parameters and XML; * Supports images!; * Can create valid (x)html as well; * 40+ javascript and flash methods/properties for complete control. * Ability to add custom text controls/buttons. * Includes a standalone and a component version. * No flash knowledge/progra

Tooltip with Icon 1

Features: 1. AS3; 2. customizable on: * transparency * time delay * maximum width * bg color * text color * shadow color * font type * font size; 3. Easy to implement; 4. Auto aligned position if touch the edge of screen; 5. Works on flash professional, flex, or pure As3 projects.

FireCode All Files Pack 1

Over 40 customizable FLASH products at your fingertips! This special package contains ALL FireCode products with over 90% Discount. All of these products include the source files, documentation and are XML configurable. Every product has documentation, AS3 OOP code easy to understand. Save your money and enhance your website. Enjoy this excellent release from FireCode! Visit our portfolio for new attractive components we've developed.

Simple slideshow is based on XML 1

Flash CS3 and Flash CS4 versions and the swf for both. Action Script 2. You can only dragged'n'dropped movie clip "main_mc" to the center of scene. You can add as many photos (jpg, png) as you wish, can display swf files or image files. You can set delay of slideshow, speed of falling pictures and set link and target for each picture through XML file. All photos must be of equal size. But this size can be anything. You must set the size of your

Advanced Random Slideshow Gallery 1

This photo gallery works on PC and most important also works on Mobile / Tablet and other touch screen devices therefor your visitors will be able to see corectly the gallery and will have the posibility to navigate through this Flash gallery either they will watch your photos using a PC or using a mobile / tablet or another touch screen device. You can use this fabulous gallery in WordPress, Joomla, Facebook or any kind of HTML content. Gallery

Ultimate XML 3D Thumb Wall Gallery 1

This is a 3D gallery that can be used as a 3D photo grid, a 3D photo album or a 3D image viewer in the shape of a 3D wall. It can have any number of images and any number of columns and rows (e.g you can have 10 columns and 2 rows). On a thumb click, it will enlarge, and you can also flip it to see a text on the other side (you can see this in the first example) or you can have the title near the photo (like in the second example). Gallery Featur

Break-A-Block Game 1

This game was written in Flash CS4 and uses AS3. I have provided a Flash CS3 version also. The object of the game is to demolish the blocks by hitting them with the sphere via the paddle. This game has ten levels. After the fifth level the speed of the sphere increases to make the game more challenging. This game is designed to be embedded directly into a HTML page. It is not designed to be loaded into another .swf or to be resized. You can c

Revelation Photographer Template with Deep Linking 1

You can add unlimited number of pages and menu levels. We've created 2 samples for you as you can see in the preview. All were configured only from XML & CSS. Two types of image/multimedia galleries are included. No Flash knowledge required. Is extremely flexible and easy to customize. Everything is configurable from XML and CSS. You don't need to open the sources files, which are also included. The template contains the following type of pages:

3D Globe GPS - with 3D Grid Flash Gallery - Paperv 1

A full Papervision 3D photo gallery - for professional photographers or personal gallery. Realistic 3D Globe Heart with GPS Menu, and 3D Papervision 3D Flash Grid Gallery. Features: * Ad unlimited GPS Globe Buttons; * Ad unlimited photo in Grid Gallery; * Controlled via simple text files; * Symple integrate in your project.

Sliding Puzzle Promotion App AS3/XML 1

A beautiful easy to use sliding puzzle application to promote your photographs or artwork. With your logo and link to your site. Made in AS3/XML. You can add up to 6 square images and they will be made into sliding puzzles. The user can choose a different image at any moment. When the puzzle is solved, the whole image will be shown. The small images have a nice slide in / roll over effect. You can edit the following settings in the xml file: * sm

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