Stan Flash XML Gallery 1

Stan Flash XML Gallery has been implemented in AS3 in order to provide a simple and efficient show. Stan Flash XML Gallery has been particulary appreciated for art shows where It is important to pay attention to the image beauty, with a minimum,essential and easy to use style. * Stan Flash XML Gallery do not change proportions betwen the height and the width of pictures shownwhen adapting them to the gallery visualizator; * Stan Flash XML Gallery

Clean 2 Level Menu with Deeplinking AS3 01 1

An important component for your website. Control the contents of your website or even send gotoAndPlay or gotoAndStop commands to the main timeline. Load swfs as your modules or redirect the users to another location. Resizeable and very easy to use! IMPORTANT NOTES: - close the black bar on top the preview page (if any) to let the menu make use of the deep linking feature; - use the support forum for posting questions. This is a 2 level menu wit

Game FISH-Pawn-Crab 1

Game Fish-Pawn-Crab for website.

XML Fullscreen Gallery with Description 1

Created in Flash CS5 with Action Script 2. Xml fullscreen gallery with description that supports html data with css, easy to use, you don't need to know Flash or Action Script to use it. You can easily use it in your projects. Gallery Features: 1. Thumbnail and Large image view. 2. Full Stage view for the large image. 3. Fullscreen view button. 4. Next and Previous buttons in the large image. 5. Description button for the large ima

Flip Text FX 1

Features: - special text effects; - HTML/CSS text; - can use external RSS feed and tweets; - other features available in Live Demo.

Image List FX 1

Features: - multiple animations; - HTML/CSS tooltip text; - rollOver effects; - autoplay feature; - customizable number of visible images; - other features available in Live Demo.

List Gallery FX 1

Features: - customizable List Gallery which uses the Image List FX with the same multiple configurable properties and adding many gallery properties, image transitions and text effects; - you can put the image list on any position over the gallery; - you can customize your XML list of image transitions using the Image Transitions; Generator: - you can customize your XML list of text effects using the Text Effects Generator; - customize all your p

Vertical Scale Menu XML v3 1

Features included: * Options are configurable via XML; * Font-background colors set in XML; * X-Y positions of menu set in XML; * Empty space between menu items set in XML; * Menu title inner left-right padding set in XML; * URL, JavaScript or ActionScript method call with arguments; * First item to process start-up function set in XML; * You can enable/disable method call of first item; * Includes WordPress & Joomla plugins; * Includes a html sw

TEN Transitions Image Viewer with Glow and Shadow 1

It can be integrated in HTML or Flash projects. You can resize it to any dimension by setting in XML the width and height. FEATURES: XML driven content; No Flash knowledge required for setting up this video player; Everything can be set from a main .xml file making it very easy to update and maintain. Component Options: From XML file you can set: - component width and height; - background color & transparency; - external link target: _blank or _s

Creative Flash XML Template 1.0

Here are some creative flash template with XML.It's contains website template and fan page template.

Creative Flash XML Template 1.0

Here are some creative flash template with XML.It's contains website template and fan page template.

Banner Rotator Slideshow PixelDissolve Effect 1

Highly customizable Flash banner rotator, XML driven. You can use it as a slideshow. It loads images (.JPG, .PNG, .GIF) and Flash files (.SWF). 18 settings in the XML file. Moreover, the code is OOP in external classes easy to change. This free Flash banner roatator includes the source files. The download files contain a help.txt file with instructions. You can set: * high number of images or SWF's through the XML file; * the banner's width and h

MyComputer Magazine (Flip Book) 1

Awesome Flip Book - My Computer Magazine! You can edit the background, titles, buttons and content of each page. Each page can contain images, music and even video. Enjoy!

Auto Play Product View 1

Product Features: * AS3.0; * XML driven; * Supports jpeg, gif, png, and swf files; * Supports auto play and set delay time; * Supports set style throught xml files; * Supports link to open a new window.

Wall Photography Template PayPal Shopping Cart 1

This XML Flash Template is the 2nd version of Wall Photography Template and it comes with an advanced feature of selling photography at multiple resolutions using a PayPal shopping cart. Also this template can be used for presenting and selling other products than photos. This is the ultimate solution for creating, editing and launching your website, no Flash knowledge required for setting up this Flash template and you don't need to have a copy

Iphone 4 Cases 1.0

Chmod Calculator is a utility for figuring out the premissions number to use with the unix command "chmod" by just simply checking groups permissions that you want to allow.

XML Resizable Photo Gallery 1

This Flash gallery was designed to be used embedded in HTML or standalone. You can use any numbers of images. The images are loaded from an XML file, so it makes it really easy to update. There can be an unlimited number of pictures. This Flash gallery is resizable after the browser size. The Flash gallery is adding an extra feature that supports thumbs. This Flash gallery has XML support and fullscreen support.

Cube XML Banner 1

Features: * Opens With CS4 , CS5; * Support images and swf files; * XML options: - cube size; - open cube on/off; - cube distance; - speed rotation; - border size; - border color; - file you want to see; - Image_URL : page that you want to connect; - Timer for slideshow; * image preloader; * ActionScript 3.0 , is very simple comment;* Very fast; * Very easy install; * Goog design; * Size 13 kb.

Custom Video Ads 1

Enhance your webpage with professional video ads; FEATURES - FLASHVARS - for ads settings; - RESIZABLE - any size you need; - FOUR MODES for displaying ads; - FORCE resize for the video ( if bigger than you want );- 5 EXAMPLES to get you started; - support for images and swfs ( background and video cover); - OOP code; - Documentation; Options: - background: can be a swf or a image ( optional ); - video path: any kind of video flash player suppo

Package01 1

Seven Banners for only 10$: * XML Banner; * XML Banner flip; * CUBE XML Banner; * DANCING XML Banner; * BLUR XML Banner; * UP DOWN XML_Banner; * ACCORDION XML Banner

Resizable Background Video 1.0 1

With this component you can set video file for your background, or you can set many videos which will rotate, with resizable dimensions. FullScreen supported. HTML Overlay supported. You can turn on or off options through XML. Full XML driven. Control your background video with PLAY, PAUSE, PREVIOUS, NEXT and MUTE buttons. Also, you can control this component via JavaScript. On background video you can put your own pattern, or you can put your ow

Thumbnail Image Gallery 1

Features included: * XML driven flash image / picture / photo gallery or slideshow; * All data can be changed in the XML file; * Supports multiple images; * Displays JPG, GIF, PNG images & SWF files; * Images are smoothed to display them with best quality; * Item dimensions (width-height) , background color, alpha, spacing are set via XML; * Image & thumbnails names / paths set in XML file; * Image title & content can be changed from XML; * You c

Video Player XML FLV H.264 V2 1

Flash ActionScript 3.0 XML Video Player. It plays any kind of video file that Flash Player supports ( FLV / H.264 encoded video including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V). This player is made for streaming local supported formats video files from the server. FEATURES: * Supports MPEG-4 standard container files that contain video and audio H.264 / AAC encoded including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V, FLV; * The movie an image are configured in the XM

XML Vertical Accordion Image Portfolio V2 1

Flash XML accordion image gallery. Features: 1. The images and URL are loaded from a XML file making the updates really easy. 2. Supports any screen size. 3. Full screen option. 4. OOP code. Other cool features! Along with this product you will receive a help.txt file explaining how to set it up. Enjoy!

Fun SoundPlayer Maker 2.3

Flash MP3 player builder software. Fun SoundPlayer Maker creates flash audio players and buttons for publishing to websites. The player can stream online radio, embedded and external music or voice messages with Fun SoundPlayer Maker. SWFObject 2.0 is included with the new version to avoid 'Click to activate' requirement of Internet Explorer.

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