XML Gallery V2.0 1

Product Features: XML Driven. Simple,Easy. Support add logo. Support swf,jpg,gif,png files. Support multiple package of all files. Supports a large number of pictures. Supports HTML Format for image information. Supports scroll effects,etc.

Horizontal XML Image Scroller v3 1

Dynamic XML controlled horizontal smooth zoom & slide mouse image/swf scroller. Features Included: * XML driven Flash image gallery / product viewer * Supports multiple items defined in XML file * Dimensions (image width-height), border size, border color are set via XML * Image/swf names/paths set in XML file * URL links & targets for each item set in XML file * Border unselected, rollover colors set in XML file * You can show/hide borders * Y

Circle Party 1

Circle Party animation useful as a background for your project. Included files FLV (1024x768 & 1280x720) and QT MOV H.264 (1024x768 & 1280x720)

Menu Drop Down v2 XML 1

You can set this Dropdown Menu very simple: by editing the XML file. You can set a URL path (link) on any button. The Menu and the SubMenu are configured via the XML as below: main menu1 sub menu1_1 sub menu1_2 main menu2 sub menu2_1 sub menu2_2 sub menu2_3

Horizontal Blinds - Bitmap Manipulation 1

This is a elementary example of bitmap manipulation. In this file the following happens: * import a image from folder "contentimg" (not via XML) * break it into 8 pieces (bitmap pieces) * create a small animation "Horizontal Blinds"

Sliding Flexible XML Menu v4 1

XML driven dynamic horizontal-vertical menu with sliding bar line. Features included: * Options are configurable via XML * Horizontal/vertical menu direction * Horizontal alignment for vertical menu direction (left, right) * Show / hide bar-line * Font size, color, rollover color set in XML * Menu item inactive/rollover alpha set in XML * X-Y positions of menu set in XML * Spacing/padding between menu items * URL, target of menu items * You can

X-Treme Dock Gallery XML AS3 1

XML Image Dock Gallery / XML Photo Gallery Rotator / XML Image SlideShow KEY FEATURES: * Fully customizable XML driven content * Customizable width, height and item size * Unlimited number of images ( JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF ) and SWF support * Easy to use XML file for images / titles / descriptions and links * View banner images by using the number buttons and left / right end arrow * AutoPlay / AutoScroll / Previous / Next with global or individ

Count Down Timer 1

Count-down-timer is very useful and it's very easy to change the targeted date. Open the Count Down Timer.fla file in Flash and go to library and open the COUNT DOWN TIMER movie clip in the "count down timer" FOLDER Now open the action script at the first frame and change these field. var time = 24; //// Targeted time var year = 2010; //// Targeted Year var month = 12; //// Targeted Month var date = 31; //// Targeted Date For any questions pl

Horizontal 3D Cube Banner 1

Show your creativity with the Horizontal 3D Cube Banner. You can easily config the banner with just one XML file, no flah knoledge required at all. This product can be used in presentation and comercial sites to have an impact on your clients or visitors. Key Featues - XML driven content ( no need to edit the flash file ) - FLASHVARS support ( for the location of the XML configuration file ) - unlimited number of images - unlimited text lines

2010 XML Social Media Toolbar 1

You have a Blog or a website and you are crazy bookmarker? Your search its over. The 2010 XML Social Media Toolbar is a complete solution to display all your social media networks. With 20+ XML settings this social media toolbar is a must to get for your website. Main feature of the toolbar is the display of logos or images, and title and/or description in a tool tip. Features:- fully customizable; colors settable form XML; resizable; content ea

2010 XML Image Ticker with Description 1

The 2010 XML Image Ticker with Description is a complete solution to display latest images or products on the website. With 20+ XML settings this ticker is a must to be used as a teaser on the main page of the website. Maine feature of this ticker is the display of images or products title in a tool tip. Features: - fully customizable - colors settable form XML - resizable - content easy to change from XML - animation time settable - unlimited i

DJ Table 1

The program uses two separate sound outputs. In this way you can make mixes between songs or other combinations. Features: - Unlimited number of songs that you can set in the XML file. - Show/Hide Playlist - Analogic vumeters - Play-Pause button. - Volume control and balance. - Duration of song and its name is displayed like mixing plate. - Equalizer - ten bands - Preamplifier button - Boost button

Flare Buttons 1

Flare button HOVER effect and button CLICK effect. Special blockbuster movie type visuals for button mouse "Over" (soft visual) and mouse "Click" (full impact visual). The buttons also generate a sparkling particle effect, guaranteed to impress. Features: - Easy to set up, easy to customize. - You can change customization of the button flare effect separately for mouse hover and mouse click. - You can change the particle motion tween and parti

Multi Color Circular Noise Loop 1

Multi Color Circular Noise Loop - useful as a background, presentation, intro, transition, title, logo, banner, site, etc. 5 color variation : (multicolored) (purple+blue) (white+blue) (yellow+blue) (yellow+red) Included files FLV (704x576 & 720x576) and best qualiy QT MOV H.264 (1280x720) For custom variation of colors send me a message

Energy Fireball Loop 1

Energy Fireball Loop useful as a background, presentation, intro, transition, title, logo, banner, site, etc. Included files FLV (704x576 & 720x576) and best qualiy QT MOV H.264 (1280x720) For custom variation of colors send me a message

Energy Fireball Loop 1

Energy Fireball Loop useful as a background, presentation, intro, transition, title, logo, banner, site, etc. Included files FLV (704x576 & 720x576) and best qualiy QT MOV H.264 (1280x720) For custom variation of colors send me a message

Cool Fireworks Glitters 1

Cool Fireworks Glitters useful as a presentation intro, transition, title, logo, .... Included files FLV (704x576 & 720x576) and best qualiy QT MOV H.264 (1280x720)

Christmas and New Year card 1

Christmas and New Year card You can use this file as New year e-card for your Clients or Partners. You can only drag & drop movie clip "cardNY" to the center of scene. You must open movie clip "your_logo" and place your logo or company name here. Zip includes: Flash CS3 and Flash CS4 versions and the swf for both. Zip file contains also instruction file. Action Script 2. Vector-animation (original size - 700*500). Small size: swf file is on

Beach 1

Simple beach with animated seagulls, boats, ships, palm trees, clouds, etc. All objects are vector based, so just copy and paste any movie clip to your own scene, duplicate, resize or move around them. All file takes up only 36kb!

MP3 Player with XML Setup 1

This is an XML based MP3 Music Player developed using AS3. It can play streaming audio tracks so can be used as a desktop MP3 Player as well as an online MP3 Player. Requires Flash CS3 / CS4 and above / Actionscript 3.0 (AS3) to edit the source files. Key Features : 1. XML driven easy setup - MP3 music files can be specified through the XML file. 2. Previous, Next, Play, Pause and Stop Buttons. 3. Loop Back Button 4. Mute Button 5. Volume Bar 6

Laser 3D 1

Laser 3D is a component which creates a three dimensional animation by slowly drawing out the outline sides of the object with a laser or lightning ray. It does not require any 3D plugin or class, all the calculations of the shape's corners 3D positions and what line it currently is gradually generating are done internally by the component. You only need to draw your 2D shape with the drawing panel, which can be a LOGO or TEXT or anything you n

Mp3 Player by VipTechnology 1

This a new MP3 Player designed by VipTechnology and it's a useful component for any kind of site. All the graphics, the design, texts and colors can be changed in the XML file . It's very well documented,has a great skin and great price. The support for this component is free.

XML Animated Contact Form 1

This is a XML based contact form which is powered by Papervision3d. Parameters that can be changed in the XML file: 1. Fields for headings. i.e. header(Contact form) and other fields like name, email, subject, message and you can also change the buttons text. 2. It supports many languages including European and American languages. If you also want Asian languages you can contact me. 2. RollOver color for buttons by adding hex color code. 3.

Testimonial 1

A XML driven Testimonial Module very nice and clean and at only $3. It's simple to use. With the help of the XML file you can change everything as below: For any help please leave a comment.

Attractive Slideshow Banner 1

It can be integrated in HTML or Flash projects. You can display unlimited number of images/swfs. You can resize it to any dimension by setting in XML the width and height (including FullScreen) FEATURES: XML driven content No Flash knowledge required for setting up this video player. Everything can be set from a main .xml file making it very easy to update and maintain. Component Options From XML file you can set: - component width and height

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