HTML5 Slideshow Maker 1.80

HTML5 Slideshow Maker is a light-weight, user-friendly, powerful and free photo slideshow maker. With this free HTML5 photo slideshow maker installed on your Windows computer, you can easily create a stunning HTML5 photo slideshow for free. The HTML5 slideshows generated by HTML5 Slideshow Maker can run fluently in all main browsers.

Italian store locator 1

xml store locator, italian map, as3, italian furniture, italian furnishing

Sothink SWF Decompiler-Flash Decompiler 7.4

Leading Flash decompiler and Flash to html5 converter. Converts SWF to HTML5/FLA/FLEX. Easily extracts Flash resources like shape, image, sound (mp3, wav), video (flv), text, sprite, ActionScript, etc; Imports SVG & edits shape elements; Replaces image/ text/sound elements; Supports Flash CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6 and ActionScript 2.0/3.0; Able to get XFL file from Flash CS5 SWF; Exports SWF resources in batch; One-click online Flash capture and download.

SWF to GIF Animator 1.0

With this program you are able to convert your SWF files to animated GIF format. Why using huge flash objects on your site if you can replace them with a small, browser-compatible GIF animation? You can convert any kind of SWF format, including flash with complex structure and flash with a single frame. The program allows you to configure output parameters such as GIF width, GIF height, frame rate, dithering method, background color and so on.

Sothink SWF Decompiler for Mac 7.4

Leading Mac Flash decompiler and Flash to HTML5 converter. Convert SWF to FLA/FLEX/HTML5. Add WYSIWYG Shape Editor in shape panel to modify the existing shapes. With the editing functions, you can edit shape element in the preview window and set color for the selected shape; Enhance SWF to HTML5 converting function; Supports Flash CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6. Able to get XFL file from Flash CS5 SWF; Exports SWF resources in batch.

ADShareIt Flash to Video Converter Pro 7.0

Convert Flash SWF to AVI, MP4, VCD/DVD, WMV, OGV, FLV, 3GP, Animated GIF files including movie clips, action scripts and audio in the Flash movies. No skip frames, support 32 bits alpha channel, allow to only convert the specified rectangular area. It also support convert SWF to transparent GIF Animation, so that you can create Animated GIF using Flash CS, Flex, Flash Builder and SWish.

toKaos 1.3.7

toKaos is a desktop software application which allows you to encrypt/obfuscate your Flash/Flex AS3 application protecting your work from SWF/SWC decompilers. toKaos is the only product able to operate directly on a copy of your source code providing you with a new encrypted/obfuscated source code. After the process you can compile and deploy your product (Encrypted SWF or Encrypted SWC).

PDF to Flash Magazine Converter for Mac 1.3.5

PDF to Flash Magazine Mac offers a professional solution for creating, storing, managing and distributing digital publications for desktop computers and mobile devices in business, publishing and advertising area. With dozens of setting for you to use, it enables you to create unique and wonderful e magazine, catalogue or flipping book animation with ease.

PDF to Flash Magazine Converter 3.8.5

PDF to Flash Magazine - Outstanding Flipbook Creator. PDF to Flash Magazine is a simple PDF to flash flip book software, which brings a great sollution to make ordinary PDF files into flash flipbook. With it, you can turn pdf documents to flipping online magazines, e-newspaper, online catalogs,digital booklets, and other publications to share online. Create Flash Flip Book Fast, Easy, Secure.

Free 3DPageFlip PDF to Flash eBook 1.0

Free 3DPageFlip PDF to Flash eBook Creator is professional and effective software offers a solution for users to convert one or more PDF files to high quality SWF files directly, accurately and quickly. It will help you preserve the original text, link, image and layout in PDF file in order to keep the output flash eBook the same as the original PDF documents!

Flash Flipping Shopping Catalog 1.1.1

Flash Flipping Shopping Catalog with easy to use interface, is the best way to flip shopping cart to digital flash book in a few clicks of mouse. It offers a new and interesting way to create products and promote, sell them online. You can also easily share via Email, social website like FaceBook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, etc. Use the shopping catalog creator to make your E-commerce more attractive and effective now!

F30 Miner Pro 2013

FREE Miner let you dig deep into your application performances issues. It can be used in two ways, embeding, or PreloadSWF.

Phen375 Flash 1.0.0

Phen375 Flash Developer Internet marketing professionals utilize different strategies for advertising their clients' businesses. With so much competition in the corporate world, it has become essential to discover latest trends in the advertising techniques in order to make effective use of them to avail benefits. The website owners or the people who work as internet marketers should consider using flash banner software for advertisements.

HTML5 Slideshow Maker for Mac 1.30

SlideWow HTML5 Slideshow Maker for Mac is a user-friendly photo slideshow maker. With this mac photo slideshow program, you can create an HTML5 slideshows with a few mouse clicks. HTML5 Slideshow Maker for Mac has a clean, cool and user-friendly interface, which makes the Mac users can easily find all the tabs and options. With HTML5 Slideshow Maker for Mac, even a newbie can can make a stunning and professional HTML5 photo slideshow on mac.

Odds On Ron 2.0

Advertising Like Hotcakes** Changing Within $4. forty-four For every Leap Inside Evaluation: Produce A huge 75% Earnings: I really Guarantee You will Develop Lots of Income Together with Under 2 % Pay back Cost!: Get a very own Email Swipes Within... Http: //oddsonron .com /jvpage. program code

CoffeeCup Web Calendar 5.1

With Web Calendar, creating a comprehensive calendar of events for your website is a pleasure. It's as easy as jotting a note in your personal planner, and as helpful for your visitors as hand-delivering a copy of your schedule. But it can do much more than just create a calendar for your website! You can also organize your events, keep track of your own personal schedule, and import information from your friends' calendars.

HTML5 Slideshow Maker 1.2

SlideWow HTML5 Slideshow Maker is a light-weight and user-friendly photo slideshow maker. With this HTML5 picture slideshow maker, you can create an html5 photo slideshows with photos in only three steps. HTML5 Slideshow Maker has a clean interface and various ready-for-use HTML5 slideshow templates. With HTML5 Slideshow Maker, even a newbie can can make a professional html5 photo slideshows for watching on any kinds of device.

Mac SWF Decompiler 5.3

With Mac SWF Decompiler you can turn any of your SWF movies into their source FLA or Flex file. Mac SWF Decompiler supports Flash CS 6 and conversion of SWF files with a standard Flash preloader (e.g. files with TLF texts). Mac SWF Decompiler also allows you to extracting images, sounds, videos, texts, scripts, etc. from a SWF file into separate files on a hard drive.

Sothink SWF Quicker 5.5

Sothink SWF Quicker is the leading Flash Editor and Flash Maker. With this Flash Software, you can export flash and HTML5 by editing SWF (Flash CS4 & AS 3.0 supported) directly or adopting rich built-in effects. You can also make Flash from scratch with the same vector editing capability as Adobe Flash but spend less. Diverse export formats (SWF, EXE, GIF, AVI, and Flash Lite) will enable you to apply the Flash everywhere you need.

Flip book maker for Seaside themes 1.0

Our seaside style looks quite quiet and full of peace. We make three themes of seaside. One is coconut tree style, as we all known, coconut tree is one of the most eye-catching sceneries on the seaside. Another one is chair.

SlideWow Free Slideshow Maker 1.00

SlideWow Free Slideshow Maker is a light-weight and easy-to-use flash creator. With this freeware, you can create flash slideshows with photos and music, in only a few steps. SlideWow Free Slideshow Maker provides user-friendly interface, ready-for-use flash templates and effects, and more features. With SlideWow Free Slideshow Maker, you can create gorgeous photo flash slideshows in SWF format for watching on computer, burn the gift CD/DVD.

Flash Video Capture Toolkit 1.0

A professional Flash Video Catcher helps Flash developer capture Flash videos of the various formats. It can easily scan and download flash videos; grab Flash videos embedded in any video formats; capture Flash Video from running program; extract flash SWF from APP application; convert Flash Videos to Desired Formats for iPad, iPhone, PSP available; and convert HD Video and HTML5 Video.

SWF Protector for PC 4.0

With SWF Protector you can encrypt your artworks, no matter if Flash or Flex technology was used. It protects ActionScript 1/2 and ActionScript 3, so none of your files, either old or new, will stay unguarded. You will be able to encrypt all ActionScript classes, or select specific ones with sensitive code. SWF Protector uses four different protection algorithms that allow SWF file playback in Flash Player, but conceal the source code completely.

Sothink Flash Game Develop Toolkit 1.0

A professional flash game develop toolkit to get everything ready for flash design. It can capture all flash games from browsers caches, process and App packages; convert these Flash games to the editing formats; extract resources to common formats for flash redesign; edit these Flash games by resource replacement; or convert Flash games to FLA to be modified in Flash editing tool; download the uploaded Flash to debug the game.

Sothink SWF to FLA Converter 7.2

Leading Flash decompiler and Flash to html5 converter. Converts SWF to HTML5/FLA/FLEX. Easily extracts Flash resources like shape, image, sound (mp3, wav), video (flv), text, sprite, ActionScript, etc; Imports SVG & edits shape elements; Replaces image/ text/sound elements; Supports Flash CS3/CS4/CS5 and ActionScript 2.0/3.0; Able to get XFL file from Flash CS5 SWF; Exports SWF resources in batch; One-click online Flash capture and download.

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