Discoverer 1

Professional, clean & elegant template, suitable for environmental care activity and its promotional process. Package Contents: - 1 layered PSD for 5 pages; - all content is nicely organized in groups, so that the end user can easily identify the graphic elements and export the images for the coding process; - proper PNG screenshots for each page. External resources: - fonts used: Melbourne (read about it here), Arial; - images displayed in the s

Think Big 1

Personal portfolio template coming in 3 color schemes. It uses a 'concrete wall' pattern and an eye-catching Sans Serif appearing in various sizes. Think Big features: - homepage that can display one or more recent projects; - main portfolio page, which presents all the projects; - second portfolio page, featuring a single project (providing more details about it); - about page; - contact page with built-in forms. Purchased package contains: - 3

Advanced XML News AS3 1

The basic ideea is the same, fully XML customizable component with unlimited number of news given in the XML file. Everything is given in the XML file so you only need a text editor to configure this component. You can use your own picture as background, your own text formats and your own pictures. The script support unlimited number of news items so you can use as many as you like. The design is simple and atractive, you have a scroll bar for th

Innovative Image Gallery - XML Driven 1

FEATURES: XML driven content. No Flash knowledge required for setting up this component. Everything can be set from a main .xml file making it very easy to update and maintain. Component Options - From XML file you can set: - component width and height (fix or 100%); - large image area dimension; - number of thumbs per row; - number of thumbs per column; - distance between thumbnails; - background color & transparency for the whole component and

Circles Photo Gallery FX 1

Features: - multiple categories of photos supported; - HTML&CSS formatted text; - thumbnails can either be circles or rectangles; - skinnable assets; - other features available in Live Demo.

Simplify 1

Advantages: - basic, fresh visual treatment and original aproach regarding the alignment of elements; - the template was built having in mind an HTML 5 implementation, which would permit the left panel to collapse when not in use (see the screenshots for details). The Simplify template features: - homepage (basic page that can display any type of content); - gallery page; - gallery entry (own page); - blog; - contact page with built-in forms. Pur

All LambertGroup Files Pack-80%discount 1

ALL OUR CURRENT and FUTURE FILES (except templates) can be downloaded at this special price of only $99. The discount is over 80%. You do not need to know Flash in order to set this components. Every setting can be done in XML, HTML & CSS making them very easy to update. Each product contains a complete help file. Also, one of our awesome template is also included.

Charts FX 1

Features: - customizable chart gradients through XML; - multiple chart types; - popular categories of charts: from 3D Pie to Lines/Dots; - timeline feature; - other features on the Live Demo.

Basic XML Image Slideshow 1.1 1

This component will display slideshow of images/swf file. The images/swf can be loaded from XML file. Supports two transition effects. Features: * Load all images and swf files to display from XML file. * Provides 2 transition effects. * Configurable Title and Description for each image/swf. * Display image description in formatted text. * Hide/Show border around the image/swf. * Configurable hyperlink on each image/swf. * Enable/Disable autorun

Powerful Video Players Pack - 53% Discount 1

This amazing package contains 4 video players and 8 skins. The discount is ~ 53%. You will receive two sets of controllers for each player, as you can see in Example 1 and Example 2, which means 4 players and 8 skins. In this way you will not need to create a new set of controllers to fit your project. You do not need to know Flash in order to set the video player. Every setting can be done in a main.xml file making it very easy to update. You ca

Guitar 1

This is a virtual guitar with 36 different sounds. Songs can be stored in the database (MySQL) through PHP. The sounds can easily be changed. You can play guitar through keyboard (keys: a s d f g h), and you can change sound through keyboard (keys: 1 2 3 4 5 6) or you can play guitar and change sounds with mouse click.

Banner CREATOR version 1.0 1

* Create your banner step by step; * Be original and create your own style; * You can create hundreds of different banners in simple way; * All you need is follow the simple steps; * Enjoy making banners.

Abstract Website Template - HTML details - XML Gal 1

Abstract Website Template - HTML details - XML Gallery - AS3 Project. Easy to edit you can add or remove pictures from gallery in XML file. You Can add HTML description in txt file without open project file. Abstract & Dinamic Background. Compatible with Flash CS3/CS4/CS5.

Homepage Banner Rotator 1

This is a simple Homepage Banner Rotator for your website and flash projects. More, we included in this package 3 more skins or better yet small apps derivated right out of the main component. Complete package: Homepage Banner Rotator, Classic Menu, Simple Image Menu, Simple Slideshow. A bargain, four apps at the price of one. A neat feature of this is the "stay time" for each slide. You will be able to specify the exact time in seconds, a slide

Landing Page by VipTechnology 1

Every important variable that this component use is set in the XML file, so you will be able to edit this only using a text editor. You can make a playlist with the songs that you like and use a background picture that represents you. You can find a documentation file that presents you how to use and what variables you should change to get your personal page.

Quibi 3D Flash CMS Gallery 1

Cool dynamic 3D gallery that supports unlimited number of images and image categories. Easy to use intuitive CMS application helps to create and upload your gallery in 30 minutes. All source files are included in the package (may be required for advanced editing). Notice: The CMS application runs under Windows OS only.

Design Magazine Flip Book 1

Awesome Flip Book - Design Magazine!You can edit the background, titles, buttons and content of each page. Each page can contain images, music, SWF files and even video. Enjoy!

Advance Floating Gallery 1

Advance gallery that can be use for any image presentation. Well documented and, as all my components, full XML customizable, you only need a text editor to configure this component to your needs. Every part of the gallery is optional so you can remove or use anything you like just using the XML file. The file has a simple design with a nice image transition, the text is HTML text, so you can edit the font, size, color and also you can add links

Facebook Party Vision Template 1

PartyVision is a Flash Template ready for Facebook Fan Page Tab. It's XML driven with modules like banner rotator, text module, contact module, news module. FEATURES: * XML driven content; * HTML /CSS formatted text; * Support add logo and backgroud image; * Add menu items throught XML file; * Support custom SWF or link; * About page with or without images - HTML/CSS format; * Contact form easy to setup; * Social icons added through XML file; * I

All Files 2011 Pack 1

The All Files Pack 2011 includes 50 flash components. Now at only 50$ instead of its real worth of 400$. Enjoy it!It contains site template, image gallery, photo gallery, accordion banner, banner rotator, photo site, video player, news reader, contact form, countdown time, preloader.

All Dynamics Files - Package 90% Off 1

ALL CURRENT and FUTURE dynamics FILES - only $99. The discount is over 90%.

PopOut Gallery FX 1

Features: - multiple categories of photos supported; - HTML&CSS formatted text; - thumbnails can either be circles or rectangles; - skinnable assets; - other features available in Live Demo.

Fashion Flip Book (Flash CMS) 1

Introducing Fashion Flip Book! This Flash page flip is totally XML driven. You can add unlimited number of pages, add video, swf files, manage navigation buttons, background images, colors, make the pages stiffen or folding. The CMS is free and can be downloaded from here

Arc Gallery FX 1

Features: - fully integrated lightbox support; - HTML/CSS formatted text; - navigation available : mouse, slider, buttons or auto play; - types of scroll available for auto play: finite and infinite; - other features available in Live Demo.

Simple Photography Website Template 1

TEMPLATE FEATURES: XML Menu and Layout - * XML based navigation menu, can be modified; * logo can be changed via XML file. [ jpg, gif, png or swf ]; * MP3 Music can be changed via XML file; * You can add or remove your own social links; * Easy to use and configure. Full-screen Photo Gallery - * Gallery can load unlimited pictures; * Photos are loaded dynamically via XML files, from external folder; * Support full-screen; * Gallery can fit photos

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