Smart Advertising Flash CMS Template 1

This FancyCMS based Flash template can be a good solution for adverting agency, PR consulting company or freelance public relations specialist. Features-The CMS template has all features you might need: * Unlimited number of pages; * Manageable image gallery with unlimited number of images; * FLV video gallery with unlimited number of video files; * Optional e-commerce(paypal integrated shopping card included); * Manageable background tool; * Dee

Media Production Company Flash CMS Template 1

It's a great template both for personal portfolio and corporate media portal. Photo agency media template where you can include different types of media files like images, flv videos, mp3 files. Features: * The CMS application allows to manage and extend site template without programming experience. * Easy to use Flash WYSIWYG editor helps to create amazing flash site in an hour. * Built in FTP client - will publish your website from your local c

Video Website 1

This Video Flash Template is the complete solution to showcase your videos, either your visitors use a PC or mobile / tablet device. Although a high complexity template, you may observe the high performance of this product. You can watch below a demo video to see how your website will look on a mobile / tablet device. This Flash template uses deep linking: unique link for all the template pages. Template Features: - Custom text windows: e.g. abou

Advanced Random Slideshow Template 1

Random Photography Template is the ultimate solution for creating, editing and launching your website, no Flash knowledge required for setting up this Flash template and you don't need to have a copy of the software (ADOBE FLASH) , completely XML driven, also you receive the source code. This Flash template uses deep linking: unique link for all the template pages generated dynamically based on the section name (e.g. you can give to a client the

Wall Gallery PC & M/T 1

This photo gallery works on Mobile / Tablet and other touch screen devices therefor your visitors will see corectly the gallery and will have the posibility to navigate through this Flash gallery either they will watch your photos using PC or using a mobile / tablet or another touch screen device. You can use this fabulous gallery in WordPress, Joomla or any kind of HTML content like Facebook etc. Gallery Features: * 100% XML driven; * fluid layo

Flash Bad TV Signal Effect 1

This effect can be applied to an animated MovieClip, static Bitmap (image) or any type of DisplayObject, basically it can be applied to anything that can be showed in your Flash project. It can be used as a continue effect, it will run without interruption or as a randomized effect, it will start and stop at random intervals. Both features can be viewed in the demo by pressing the start or start random buttons.

3D Spiral Gallery FX 1

Features: - 3d spiral effects; - HTML&CSS formatted text; - skinable assets; - customizable number of rotations; - other features available in Live Demo.

3D Cylinder Gallery FX 1

Features: - 3d effects; - HTML&CSS formatted text; - camera zoom; - skinnable assets; - other features available in Live Demo.

Ultra Useful Pack 1

The Ultra Useful Pack includes 21 flash components. Now at only 45$ instead of its real worth of 200$. Enjoy it! It contains site template, image gallery, photo gallery, accordion banner, banner rotator, photo site, video player, news reader, contact form, countdown time, preloader.

Facebook Fan Page Image Gallery AS3 1

FEATURES: * Multiple image categories support; * Easy to use XML file for images / titles / descriptions and links; * Scroll Bar component support for the text description box and image menu; * Use roll over scroll for the image menu or scroll bar component; * Big images / banners width / height adjustable from XML; * AutoPlay / Previous / Next with timer and adjustable focus symbol; * Time period adjustable from the XML file (in seconds);* Menu

Inspire Photography Website Template 1

TEMPLATE FEATURES - XML Menu and Layout: * XML based navigation menu, can be modified; * Support sub-menu; * logo can be changed via XML file. [ jpg, gif, png or swf ]; * MP3 Music can be changed via XML file; * You can add or remove your own social links; * Easy to use and configure. Advance Home Page: * Home page can load random images from your selection; * You can specify random image to locate particular page of gallery; * Number of images

X-Treme Photo Shuffle 1

KEY FEATURES: * Fully customizable XML driven content; * Unlimited number of image support; * AutoPlay with global or individual timer (in seconds); * Previous / Next navigation buttons; * FullScreen button functionality support; * HTML / CSS scrollable text description; * Background image and bg color support; * Image border / shadow / corner support; * Customizable rollover/rollout color effects; * Optionally set the XML settings file path in H

Image Field FX 1

Features: - Papervision3D engine; - text is HTML/CSS formatted; - images can link to an url; - possibility to use SWF and FLV files; - other features on the Live Demo.

Glamour Brand E-commerce CMS Template 1

Our Glamour Brand E-commerce CMSTemplate will make your web space unmistakably engaging. The comprehensible and flexible pages layout allows you to customize this Flash Template to a unique fashion store, or joyful personal website with plenty of media content, or combine these and more ideas to get an amazing result. The template is extremely customizable through the free CMS admin panel. You won't need any additional commercial software or prog

CMS Gallery Pro MegaPack 1

The following files are included in the package: Flash Image Viewer XML, Photo Albums & Portfolios, Other 3D Image Viewers, Flash 3D Carousel XML. Buying package at $49 you save $56. Please notice, you wont need any additional software besides FancyGallery Flash CMS which is totally free!

Image Flow FX 1

Features: - widths and heights is customizable; - HTML/CSS formatted text; - possibility to autoplay; - images can expand or link to an url; - background and shade properties; - other options in the Live Demo.

Focus Slider FX 1

Features: - widths and heights is customizable; - text is HTML/CSS formatted; - awesome depth of field effects that blurs the pictures that are far away; - button or drag and scroll as navigation; - images (JPG, PNG, BMP) and FLV files supported; - background and shade properties; - other features in the Live Demo.

3D Media Wall FX 1

Features: - Papervision3D engine; - widths and heights is customizable; - HTML/CSS formatted text; - multiple text effects; - various tooltip options; - images (JPG, PNG, BMP) and FLV files supported; - background and shade properties; - other features in the Live Demo.

Slide Image Gallery 1

This is a simple slide type image gallery with new and improved code which is user friendly for slow Internet connection and as well as Broadband user: * Two type of Transition; * XML Based; * Attractive & Simple; * Easily Customizable; * Help File Included; * Unlimited number of Images; * Support jpg and png files. To change the transition just you need to define "slide" or "alpha" in .fla file.

Header for travel site with slideshow 1

Header for travel site with slideshow. Header for travel site with slideshow is based XML. In the XML file you must write way to the photo, the width and height of the photos and more. You can easy change texts and coordinate's of text. Flash CS3 and Flash CS4 versions and the swf for both. Action Script 2. Swf file is 7 kB. Vector-animation: allow to scale any size. Original size - 900*300. Please, send me letter if you have any questions.

Spatial Mp3 player 1

Spatial Mp3 Player is a fast Flash mp3 player. It uses external XML file for playlist. You can add your own .mp3 files easily and embed it into your web page.

Accordion XML Banner 1

Features; * Opens With CS4 , CS5; * Supports images and swf files; * Blur and sliding effect; * XML Options: - Size for banner; - File you want to see; - Image_URL : page that you want to connect; - Timer for slideshow; - Description on/off; - Title text : text; - Description text : text , size , color. - * Image preloader; * ActionScript 3.0 , is very simple comment; * Very fast; * Very easy install; * Good design; * Size 39 kb.

Horizontal flash carousel 1

Set up this Flash gallery without knowing Flash. 100% xml driven. This Flash gallery is displayed the same on every resolution, browser or window size, your visitors will see the presented photos in the same way. This gallery can be embedded in a HTML page or loaded in Flash project. Photography gallery features: - XML driven; - The thumb width and height can be changed; - The thumb outline thickness can be changed; - The radius and focal lenght

Shoutcast MP3 Radio Player 1

This is a live Shoutcast MP3 radio player. Features: * Besides direct streaming it supports streaming through a PHP relay; * If given a playlist with artist, song title and time of play is displayed; * An oscilloscope visualizes the present sound wave form; * Out-of-the box the player has a dark or a light skin; * To prevent memory overflow the audio stream is "refreshed" after a while; * Sound volume can be changed through the included volume co

Basic XML Image Slideshow 1

This component will display slideshow of images/swf file. The images/swf can loaded from xml file. Features: * All images and swf files to display is configurable in XML file; * Configurable Title and Description for each image/swf; * Display image description in formatted text; * Hide/Show border around the image/swf; * Cnfigurable hyperlink on each image/swf; Enable/Disable autorun option through configurable XML or by Control button; Support

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