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_Mode_.?Put the cream into a _lined_ saucepan with the sugar, lemon-peel, and isinglass, and simmer these over a gentle fire for about 10 minutes, stirring them all the time. Strain the cream into a jug, add the yolks of eggs, which should be well beaten, and put the jug into a saucepan of boiling water; stir the mixture one way until it thickens, _but do not allow it to boil_; take it off the fire, and keep stirringit until nearly cold.

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THE MANNER IN WHICH A SIDE OF BEEF is cut up in London, is shown in the engraving on this page. In the metropolis, on account of the large number of its population possessing the means to indulge in the ?best of everything,? the demand for the most delicate joints of meat is great, the price, at the same time, being much higher for these than for the other parts. The consequence is, that in London the carcass is theredivided

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Mode_.?Choose a hen lobster, as this is indispensable, in order to render this sauce as good as it ought to be. Pick the meat from the shells, and cut it into small square pieces; put the spawn, which will be found under the tail of the lobster, into a mortar with 1/2 oz. of butter, and pound it quite smooth; rub it through a hair-sieve, and cover up till wanted. Make 3/4 pint of melted butter by recipe No. 376;put in all the ingredients

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BAD MEAT. In the flesh of animals slaughtered whilst suffering acute inflammation or fever, the hollow fibres, or capillaries, as they are called, which form the substance of the lyer, are filled with congested and unassimilated animal fluid, which, from its impurity, gives the lyer a dark colour, and produces a tendency to rapid putrefaction. In a more advanced stage of suchdisease, serous, and sometimes purulent matter, is formed in the

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Soles for filleting should be large, as the flesh can be more easily separated from the bones, and there is less waste. Skin and wash the fish, and raise the meat carefully from the bones, and divide it into nice handsome pieces. The more usual way is to roll the fillets, after dividing each one in two pieces, and either bind them round with twine, or run a small skewer through them. Brush over with egg, andcover with bread crumbs

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_Mode_.?Butter a pudding-basin, and line the inside with a layer of raisins that have been previously stoned; then nearly fill the basin with slices of bread and butter with the crust cut off, and, in another basin, beat the eggs; add to them the milk, sugar, and grated nutmeg; mix all well together, and pour the whole on to the bread and butter; let it stand 1/2 hour, then tie a floured cloth over it; boil for 1hour, and serve with sweet

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THE SPECKLED HAMBURG.?Of the speckled, or spangled Hamburg which is a favourite breed with many persons, there are two varieties,?the golden-speckled and the silver-speckled. Thegeneral colour of the former is golden, or orange-yellow

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The territory of Tripoli extends over the greater part of Mount Libanus. The Pashalik is divided into the following districts, or Mekatta [Arabic], as they are called: viz. El Zawye [Arabic], or the lower part of Mount Libanus to the right of the Kadisha,?Djebbet Bshirrai [Arabic], which lies round the village of that name near the Cedars.?El Kella [Arabic],?El Koura [Arabic], or the lower part of Mount Libanusto the left of the Kadisha.?E

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Take a white cabbage and slice it up, and throw it into some stock or water.

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As a rule, English women cooks, especially when their title to the namedepends upon their being the mistress of the house

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2 tablespoonfuls of tinned tomatoes, or 1 fair-sized fresh one, 1small finely chopped and fried onion

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Medical men are all agreed on one point, and that is that haricot beansrank almost first among vegetables as a nourishing article of diet

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This is the Way to prepare the food for babies. One part of water isadded to two parts of fresh milk

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In order to do this you must beat up theyolks separately in a basin and add the hot butter sauce gradually,

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Put the blackberries in an enamelled saucepan with a little water at the bottom

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It is as refreshing as TEA, as tasty as COFFEE, as comforting asCOCOA,

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The utility of currants, red, black, or white, has long been established in domestic economy

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The hostess or host, during the progress of a ball, willcourteously accost and chat with their friends

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Cut and boil the beans by the preceding recipe, and when tender, put them into a stewpan, and shake over the fire, to dry away the moisture from the beans. When quite dry and hot, add the butter, pepper, salt, and lemon-juice; keep moving the stewpan, without using aspoon

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Put the oysters in a stewpan, with their liquor strained; add the cloves, mace, butter, flour, and seasoning, and let them simmer gently for 5 minutes. Have ready in the centre of a dish round walls ofmashed potatoes,

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Eggs for poaching should be perfectly fresh, but not quite new-laid; those that are about 36 hours old are the best for the purpose. If quite new-laid, the white is so milky it is almost impossible to set it; and, on the other hand, if the egg be at allstale

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This, as a matter of course, greatly depends on the nature of the ground and bait upon which the animal feeds. Its natural food are small crabs and shell-fish. Its colour also depends on the colour of the ground where itfeeds

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This is by far the most formidable and fatal of all the diseases to which infancy and childhood are liable, and is purely an inflammatory affection, attacking that portion of the mucous membrane lining the windpipe and bronchial tubes, and from the effect of which a false or loose membrane is formed along the windpipe, resembling in appearancethe finger of a glove suspended in the passage,

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LAMB, in the early part of the season, however reared, is in London, and indeed generally, sold in quarters, divided with eleven ribs to the forequarter; but, as the season advances, these are subdividedinto two, and the hind-quarter in the same manner;

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Prick the sausages with a fork (this prevents them from bursting), and put them into a frying-pan with a small piece of butter. Keep moving the pan about, and turn the sausages 3 or 4 times. In from 10 to 12 minutes they will be sufficiently cooked, unless they are _verylarge_, when a little more time should be allowed for them.

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