Car Seats For Baby 1.0 - car seat for every baby. find the best baby car seat, infant car seat, convertible car seat, booster car seat, car seat travel system

Reading Buddy 2.0 2.0

Reading Buddy 2.0 enables homeschooled students to master a set of 6 universal rules that govern how English words are read. With almost no memorization, students learn to read and to spell more than 1050 of the most common English words. This remarkable reading feat exceeds the vocabulary of most second graders. When reading readiness has been verified, most students will reliably be able to learn to read within a matter of months.

Baby Nursery Ideas 1.0

Baby nursery ideas ebook for Internet Explorer. Popular Nursery Decorating Ideas - Side by Side Product Comparison. When it comes to decorating a baby nursery, the walls are probably the easiest, most affordable, and largest impact area in the room. There are several categories of products that you can consider. Some of the most popular are Stickers, Wall Art, Movable Murals, and Painted Murals.

Homeschooling Resources Toolbar 1.0

A handy browser toolbar just for homeschooling, parents, teaching. Links to great homeschooling resources and other helpful tools for homeschoolers.

Daily Factoid 1.0.1

A fun daily factoid for kids, families, teachers and life-long learners. A Mac OSX dashboard widget from

Halloween Coloring Book 1

A Printable Halloween Gift for Kids from This Halloween coloring activity book in PDF format has ten coloring book activity pages. Print out and have fun with these draw and color sheets, bookmarks, printable cards, masks and Halloween borders. is a fun site for kids with lots of Free Printable Coloring Pages, Printable Puzzles, Fun Pictures, Games, Activities, and lots of fun content for kids.

WordLang Study German Talking Picture Dictionary G 1.2

Study German Talking Picture Dictionary with Native Speaking Pronounciation for Kids.

TedCo SpellQuizzer Spelling Software 1.0.0

Spelling software for elementary school students to help them master their spelling words FAST! SpellQuizzer quizzes children on their weekly spelling words. You input the words for each list making a sound recording of each word. SpellQuizzer then quizzes the student on each word correcting them when they make a mistake. Guaranteed to help any student master their weekly spelling lists in time for their end of week test.

ABC Kid Genius 2.16

Teach children the Alphabet,Numbers,Counting,Reading and Spelling using sound,pictures and video clips. Using the recognition method young children learn by watching auto rotating lessons. toddlers learn to use the keyboard. Children progress to type the alphabet. Includes Story reading, Flash words and Spelling. You can also Create your own Spelling words using your pictures, voice and video clips. Can be set to US or UK English.

Lookup Reverse Phone Number 1.0

15+ Unusually Awesome, Freshly Tricked Out Tips for Your New iPhone. When you spend about half a grand on a cell phone, I'm thinking . . . "you want to get your money's worth." That's how I feel, anyway -- which is why I took my new iPhone through the paces from jump street by scouring the web's many iPhone resources for the most useful power tips/ tricks. The result is a collection of 15+ iPhone power tips -- and 2 really handy how-to guides.

Steps2Mind 1.0

Steps2Mind is the well-balanced program of exercises to develop your child. Steps2Mind will develop abilities and latent skills in your child. This educational software does not require special technical or pedagogical knowledge for its use. Before each exercise, detailed instructions are given. The course consists of several exercises. The exercises, in turn, have set of variants from several tens to infinity with different levels of complexity.

Swift DVD-Audio AAC M4A to Music Player 1.3.73

Swift DVD-Audio AAC M4A to Music Player - You need to convert your audio files to Mp3, Wma and Wave format, but you have tired to start audio conversion utility every time? Try to use our Newlive All Audio To Mp3 Converter. It supports the following format: Wave, Wma and Mp3. Convert Wav to Mp3 music format. Convert Wma to Mp3 music format. Convert Mp3 to Wave music format. Convert Mp3 to Wma music format.

Facial Massage and Massage Therapy 1.0

Facial Massage and Massage Therapy Resource for Internet Explorer. Search the best downloadable Holistic Facial Massage Home Study Program for hints, tips and proffessional advice.

xLive iPhone Video Converter 2.7.25

xLive iPhone Video Converter is a professional video converter to convert almost all popular video formats as AVI, MPEG/MPG/DAT, WMV, ASF, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, H264, MPEG4, AVC, MOV, QT, DivX, XviD, VOB, FLV to iPhone

Teach Your Kids Public Speaking 2.0

20 tips for public speaking for kids

ABC Kid Genius 2.15

Teach children the Alphabet, Numbers, Counting, Reading and Spelling using sound, pictures and video clips. Using the recognition method babies and toddlers learn by watching auto rotating lessons. kids as young as 18mths can learn to use the keyboard

BunnyMath (For PalmOS)-German 1.0

Mathematik lernen mit BunnyMath macht den Kindern Spa. BunnyMath ermglicht eine einfache Eingabe der Antworten, ideal fr kleinere Kinder (ab 4 Jahren). Die Lernstufen werden schrittweise schwieriger und jeder erfolgreiche Abschluss einer Lernstufe wird mit einer farbigen Animation belohnt. (English version also available from our website,

Internet Marketing Shareware 2.0.69

The process continues through all 90+ additional income streams and through an equal number of health-related products! - Thereby MAXIMIZING your profits indefinitely!! Now get Internet Marketing Shareware in the first place, So now is the time to take action and grab your very own super-profitable investement right away!

Eye Care 8.04a

'Eyes Care' is a program which can help you care for the eyes. 'Eye Care' helps you avoidoverstrain by locking your computer and forcing you to take a 5-minute break every 30 minutes. please visit: Teacher Salary 1.0 toolbar for Internet Explorer showing teachers how to find and make more money. Data charts help you find the best state to teach in. Access great information from your toolbar. Teacher salary information.

Guide to School For Troubled Teens 1.00

Communication is the thermometer for the health of the relationship between a teen and parentsIt is the parents who set the standard for the level of communication that needs to take place. Learn eight communication road blocks that many parents experience without even knowing it. Our trougl

Slowly reading 011

Slowly speed reading online training. Speed reading is not only read faster. Speed reading is some more. Read the text whithout short words. Slowly speed reading online training. Speed reading is not only read faster. Speed reading is some more. Read the text whithout short words.

How to draw a house B 12.21

How to draw a house drawing game. A drawing activity for kids centered around their houses. In this section you will be learning how to draw a house. You will draw the basic shapes to help you draw the house.

Follow the mouse drawing game 02 01

Follow the mouse drawing game. if you're a fan of animation, you might have . Learn how to draw link, one of the most legendary game characters from the series step start by sketching a circle as a head with a cross in it . Learn how to draw your favorite animals with creature features, an abc television series about pets, animals and the people who care for them. You will be learning step by step how to draw them so get out your pencils

Hunt a fox 010

This is free online hunt fox kids game. Hunt fox. Kids like action games. Use this game for free and fun. Fox hunting is often viewed as a typically traditional British activity - but hunting with hounds takes place all over the world. Fox hunting: The issuesFox Hunting: The issues. ... More than 200000 people take part in fox hunting in the U

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