Sticker Activity Pages 2: Fantasy World 1.00.05

Find the correct stickers to complete scenes from medieval times in this second set of Sticker Activity Pages. With dozens of pages and hundreds of missing stickers to find, kids will have hours of fun while improving their matching skills. Published by Dataware.

Matching Game 3 1.00.05

Matching Game 3 gives you more cards to flip - plants, animals, household items, and fantasy characters! Flip any two cards to see if they match. If they do, watch them disappear. Make all the cards disappear to complete a level. Complete 10 levels to win the game! Matching game has two levels of difficulty with an easy level for younger kids and a hard level that provides greater challenge for older kids. Published by Dataware.

Math Coloring Book: Kindergarten 1.00.05

Solve kindergarten level math problems while coloring these 50 pages. Discover a hidden picture on each page by coloring by numbers, shapes, counting, or other math concepts. The hidden pictures are revealed as the pages are colored correctly. The pages in this program focus on essential math skills children need to succeed in kindergarten. Skills include number recognition, shapes, counting, and math symbols. Published by Dataware.

Math Coloring Book: Grade 1 1.00.05

Discover a hidden picture on each page by coloring and solving first grade math concepts on 50 pages! The hidden pictures are revealed as the pages are colored correctly. The pages in this program focus on essential math skills children need to succeed in first grade. Skills include: counting by 2's, 3's, 5's, comparing and ordering numbers, counting backwards, measurement, fractions, addition, subtraction, and more. Published by Dataware.

Hotel Swimming Pool Jigsaw Puzzle 1.0

Hotel swimming pool jigsaw puzzle for kids. This is a great game for kids. Solve the puzzle to view the image of lovely hotel swimming pool

Japanese Garden Jigsaw Puzzle 1.0

Japanese garden jigsaw puzzle for kids. Are your kids bored of toys? Let them enjoy this simple but challenging game. They are likely to enjoy this puzzle.

Action Ball 2 and more Games

Looking for a Breakout game that will surprise you? Action Ball 2 features everything players loved about the original Breakout hit and more! In addition to improved visuals and pulse-pounding audio, Action Ball 2 comes with four upgradeable paddles from which to select, four new enemy robots with which to do battle, 30 bonuses to use and more than 80 eye-dazzling stages!

Age Of Emerald and more Games

Age Of Emerald: Download a colorful match three game for free and try to become the greatest architect! Use your skills to help four magicians build the most splendid city in the entire world. Match building materials, delicious food, gold and magical artifacts! Build a marvelous city for the King and host the King`s birthday party. With over 200 levels and 30 buildings to build, Age of Emerald has something for everybody!

Marutswa African Forest Puzzle 1.0

Download and enjoy this simple nature puzzle of Marutswa forest located in the beautiful South Africa.

Coloring Book 14: Robots 1.00.01

A 14th coloring book program filled with 50 pages of robots! It includes a huge variety of robots that will entertain sci-fi fans for hours. These kooky robots are in scenes that depict them doing activities at home, work, and play. Published by Dataware.

Hungry Animals - Fun Kids Learning Game 1.0

Extremely Fun reaction time and concentration game for all ages. The game play is simple, feed the animals the right food as quickly as possible. The animals are super hungry and they don't like it when you feed them the wrong food! The game starts off fairly easy and gets more challenging over time as some of the foods get infested by insects and the speed at which it falls keeps increasing.The objective is to direct the falling food to correct

Alpha Catcher - Learn To Spell 1.0

Alpha Catcher - Learn Spellings. Teach your kids the alphabet, some new words, or even add in your own words you want to teach them. All thru this fun, entertaining and highly addictive game Alpha Catcher! The game is fun for all ages young and old!. What better way to teach your kids, while still having fun! The new Custom Word list allows you to add words you want your kids to learn, for example if you're teaching you're kids about animals then

Uprinting Coupon Code 1.0

This is an easy coupon jigsaw suitable for children of all ages.

TMD Math Tool 4

Kid's calculator. Easy to learn, it will help teach your child to add and multiply numbers. Child-friendly pictures of beetles and bees will make learning fun, like playing a game! Free games!

Spy Equipment 2.0

Surveillance gear gives you several advantages for both home and business owners. Security items and spy products will make certain that your kids at the moment are remaining well looked after by their more mature siblings. Security devices ordinarily release radio waves, even so the greater advanced variations are not dependant on them, and therefore are quite hard to detect. Surveillance products, when buying, always opt for quality.

Noughts and Crosses 1.0

Simple Noughts and Crosses game for your PC. Play against the computer with 3 skills levels, Easy, Medium or Hard. Alternatively play against a friend in 2 player mode. No internet connection required, once downloaded its yours to play forever!

Alex Marias 2.3

Alex Marias is a software developer from Romania

Spiderman Experiment Game 4

Control Spiderman as he swings through the city in the amazingly fun Spiderman grappling game. Free game

Fun shoe jigsaw 1.0

Fun kids jigsaw puzzle suitable for kids from age 3.

Ten Amazing Fruits and more Games Free

Like a virtual version of the classic Mr. Potato Head, Ten Amazing Fruits lets youngsters add eyes, noses, mouths, and a hat and cane to a collection of juicy produce characters. Using the colorful and appealing interface, you can drag and drop objects on the right to the oversize organic. A posh voice identifies the items as you pass your mouse over them, but can easily be turned off. Download adventure and find the lost treasure.

Sky Kingdoms and more Games Free

Sky Kingdoms: Strategy and action come together like never before in Sky Kingdom, an explosively fun free marble-popper game! First, you'll be challenged to destroy colored spheres and upgrade bonus items to new levels of destructive power as you explore a breathtaking fantasy world. The Treasures Of Montezuma: You will enjoy playing this gem game! Follow the beautiful and clever Dr. Emily Jones as she solves a mystery

Strike Ball 3 and more Games Free

Strike Ball 3: Strike Ball 3 takes Breakout games to explosive heights with spectacular graphics and outrageous animation! Featuring levels in which a tank tries to fend off attacking aliens, a robot fires eye-popping laser bursts at swarming androids and the player can bring a windmill crashing to the ground with a well-time air strike, Strike Ball 3 will knock off your socks.

Super Motocross and more Games Free

Download for free motocross game and become the driver of the coolest motorcycles. Dirt roads and wind are your domain! Pass all the tests in tropical jungles, to become a real freestyle motocross champion! The twisting roads, mind-blowing jumps and obstacles already await you now. You can get through it all, because you have a racing motorcycle. Unlock all the mysteries of this ancient game! Persepolis - the mysterious heart of Ancient Persia.

Star Defender 2 and more Games Free

Star Defender 2: It's high time to download free alien games! In this fabulous Shoot'em up game you will get a chance to destroy enormous armies of the cruel invaders and to save the Galaxy! The game includes nine missions with a wicked Boss at the end of each of them. This free downloadable alien game is full of dangers! Cradle Of Rome: Welcome to free building game: Cradle of Rome! Use the chance to build Ancient Rome.

Road Attack and more Games Free

Road Attack: Play race car game, leave everybody behind! The game Road Attack presents a breathtaking variety of races including shooting. Drive a super high speed racing car equipped with the most advanced weapons. Take a dangerous route destroying the enemies to finish first. Thirst for speed and danger makes the race car game more captivating. Brickshooter Egypt: Download free brick game and plunge into the world of ancient Egypt!

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