Graph Paper Creator Software 7.0

This software offers a solution for users who create graph paper using a printer. There is a full range of options for page size, margins, orientation and position on page. The user can then choose from a wide range of measurement scales independently for the X and Y Axis before setting the division measurements.

GREatest Quant Prep 1.0.6

GREatest Quant Prep is a new GRE practice test software which completely simulates and resembles Quantitative section of the New GRE test. Gain valuable experience by practicing under realistic conditions with a true section adaptive algorithm, which will give you the score most close to real GRE. All tests contain only high quality GRE problems with correct answers and complete explanations.

The math quizzer

The Math quizzer is a freeware designed to help students to improve there math skills by random math questions. The application is designed for all ages and have a number of difficult types. There is also a math game. The math quizzer is add supported and is also connected to a web site in order to provide math learning content online.

Analysis Center 2013

This sophisticated piece of software turns your computer into a modern, State-of-The-Art spectrum analyzer giving you features that go far beyond the possibilities of any stand-alone hardware unit.Displaying in 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/24 Octave frequency displayinge and FFT (2048 Bands) Decay settings (Display speed) for the Spectrum in the Octave Mode,, dBFS and RMS Peak Level Meter-Meters Big Window (to have a full screen of the spectrum)

ASVAB Study Guide 1.0

Free ASVAB Software which includes all the information you need to know about the exam. Feel free to download and enjoy the only ASVAB software available

Auriga Times Tables 1.0

Today's technology can help you learn the times tables without you notice it. Discover how the subliminal technology that is used in science and marketing can help you learn the times tables under the premise that the regular conscious way of learning is through repeated experience and practice, making the times tables stored deep within your mind on an unconscious level.

BHD Converter

BHD Converter is a simple tool programmed in java that lets the users convert between the numeric systems binary, hexadecimal, and decimal with the click of a button

PDNum Calculator 1.0

Free and easy Percent and Discount Calculator for home and business use. Modern interface, big numbers, supporting of clipboard and more tools. Can be used in the calculation of discounts, for settlement of taxes, payroll, sales and profit payments of loans. The program will be useful for accountants, sales managers, in advertising or programmers. It can be used to calculate the price discount when planning promotions.

FC-Win 5.00

FC-Win (tm) is a front-end program for Fortran Calculus (tm). The Fortran Calculus (FC) language is for math modeling, simulation, and optimization. FC is based on Automatic Differentiation that simplifies computer code to an absolute minimum; i.e., a mathematical model, constraints, and the objective (function) definition. Minimizing the amount of code allows the user to concentrate on the science or engineering problem at hand. 60+ examples

AshSofDev Math Tables

AshSofDev Math Tables is a small program written for my grandaughter to help with her math. Maybe someone else can get some use from it.


Simplexety is used to get the most out of Formula Parsing and Scientific Calculation. With it, you can evaluate mathematical formulas, draw graphs and program with very simple VBScript. Simplexety is a sophisticated calculation application. It supports direct access to the Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting engine. The program supports symbolic derivation and a host of other numerical functions. Simplexety is object orientated programmed in VC++.

Mathstyle Pro 1.4

Mathematics solver: equalities, inequalities, systems and sets of inequalities, derivatives. Shows step-by-step solution. Useful for students and teachers. Export to pdf support.

AshSofDev Flash Cards

AshSofDev Flash Cards is an addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division flash card program.

What is the Best Algebra Tutor for You? 1.0

An eBook about getting an algebra tutor.

Usmania Calculator 1.0

Usmania Calculator provides calculation in linear style, lengthy input entry just like it is written on paper. It enables you to write in normal, superscript and subscript. Calculation with numbers upto 36 bases are possible by using Usmania Calculator. Answer mode may be selected standard or scientific; and answer upto 13 decimal places are available. Built-in collection of physical constants and atomic weights. Comes in colors!

Random Number Generator Pro 2.01

Random Number Generator Pro is a application designed to generate random numbers.

Learning to Multiply Polynomials eBook 1.0

An eBook about multiplying polynomials in Algebra 1.

Process of Learning Algebra PDF 1.0

A PDF about the process of learning Algebra.

How to Combine Like Terms 1.0

An ebook showing how to combine like terms in Algebra 1.

Examples of Polynomials PDF 1.0

An ebook about polynomial operations in Algebra 1.

How to Teach Yourself Algebra 1 PDF 1.0

A short ebook about teaching yourself Algebra

FOIL Multiplication PDF 1.0

An explanation of FOIL multiplication for people who want Algebra 1 Help.

Simple Algebra Problem Solving eBook 1.0

A PDF of Simple Algebra Problem Solving Post

Larger Systems of Linear Equations PDF 1.0

A short eBook about systems of equations.

Standard Form v Regular Form: Quadratics 1.0

A short ebook about quadratic forms.

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