Comparing of sites ranking 1.0

Comparing of sites ranking (search for several URLs by one keyword phrase)Fee-based service that periodically checks major search engines and sends reports via e-mail.Review of more than 334 search engines from 37 countries to locate Websites in search engines using keywords. You can know about positions of several your sites using one search phrase. Comparing of a situation between your site(s) and site(s) of your competitors in major search eng

Discrete Appointment Book 1.0

Electronic appointments system designed for use at the reception desk in social escort and in-house agencies. It can service up to 12 suites per book and an unlimited number of hostesses. Appointment lengths can range from 10 to 240 minutes. Page templates are used to do detailed scheduling of each day of the week and a daily summary of earnings of individual hostesses and the agency is included.

Commissioned Software Package Slot 1 1.0

Commissioned Software Package

Friends Finder Agent 1.0 Beta

Friends Finder Agent helps contacts insure on the MAMBA

Nouveux Photo Album 1.0

Keep pictures and detailssuch as date taken, film id, place taken, etc organized and ready to print.Search Capability.

Control of changes on websites of the competitors 1.0

Do you want to have the latest information on your competitors activity Do you want to be timely informed of the changes on their sites If you answer yes to these questions, this service is for you.

HomePrint Labels 1.0

HomePrint Labels - Label designer with most of the Avery labels and cards formats support and powerful mail merge feature. The product has the Post Net barcode and ten more most often used barcode types generating capability. Powerful database feature allows creating and saving databases that make it easy to enter names from you keyboard or import them from another program. Databases can hold up to 32.000 records, and allow you to filter, group,

ToneBank 1.0

Complete bank manager/editor for the RolandXP-30/50/60/80 seriesof music workstations andthe RolandJV-1010/1080/2080sound modules. Convenient, Explorer-likeinterface. Works withPerformances, Patches,Rhythm Sets, Parts,Tones and Rhythm Parts.Supports all Rolandexpansion boards. Dragand drop sounds from onebank into another.Real-time auditing of allsounds. Real-time editingof all parameters.Uploading and downloadingof complete banks orindi

The Collectors Crown 1.0

A database for discerning collectors of Aniques, Art, Books, Ceramics,Carnival Glass Coins, Maps, Notes, Stamps, Videos, CD's, DVD's, Special collections or Photos, that has a very attractive graphical interface, that may be customized. Variously sorted reports are available, as is a slideshow, address book, appointments reminders. Records and Wishlists may be e-mailed to others who have the same database.

FotoReplica5.0 (Model 2.0M) 1.0

FotoReplica is a software for instant printing of digital photos using a PC. With its very simple to understand user interface and the unique DPI independent printing technique, FotoReplica makes printing of digital photos a childs play. It has all the features that are required for printing high quality digital photos easily, without any formal training. It comes with ready-to-use size templates for printing of photos on various standard paper

MetaScient Self-Empowering Personal Knowledge Syst 1.0

The MetaScient Self-Empowering Personal Knowledge System (MetaScient Oracle) is a unique Windows software product in the form of a highly literate yet easy-to-use electronic book, unlike anything you have seen. As your creative tool, it helps you to enhan

MakeCDROM 1.0

MakeCDROM is a full-featured visual authoring package for creating interactive multimedia menus for presentations that appear automatically when your CD-ROM gets inserted into a drive. This is a must for anyone distributing software or content on CD-ROM. MakeCDROM is Windows95/98/NT/2000 compatible.The easy interface guides you through the steps to create hotspots (a location and action when you mouse over an image)

Self-help Subliminals 1.0

Software for displaying subliminal messages. This program enables you to flash subliminal messages and pictures on your computer screen. Program your subconscious while you work and play. Contains 35 categories with over 370 messages and you can add your own. Free updates for customers.

Batch Barcode Maker 1.0

Start Printing your barcodes to labels with Batch Barcode Maker, the fast way to make your UPC A, UCC 8, UCC 12, UCC 13, UPC E, EAN 8, EAN 13 and they all supports ISSN (2 Digit supplement) ISBN (5 digit supplement)and now also Code 39, SCC-14 and code 2 of 5 Interleaved (Interleaved 2 of 5), Codabar. Save barcode as a Bitmap file (*.bmp) or a high resolution TIFF file (*.tif) up to 4800 dpi. Copy the barcode into your document or add or any wher

HelloEURO Currency Converter (End-User) 1.0

Euro conversion tool for Documents, Spreadsheets and databases. Highlight the area you wish to convert and press a Hot-Key. Works with Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint and any application that handles the clipboard. Includes Developer SDK and OCX controls.

HealthKeeper Performance Diet Pro (download versio 1.0

Maximize diet, weight loss, nutrition, performance, health results get 50 in FREE diet products. Everything you will ever need to lose all the weight you want and keep it off. You receive the Performance Diet Pro software, 5 full years of online diet

NeoMem 1.0

NeoMem allows you to store and organize all kinds of information in a cross between a word processor and database. It can be used to store to do lists, books, website passwords, addresses, account information, and collections of all kinds. You define your own types of objects and their properties, and search quickly for information across the entire file. Each object can also store formatted text in the simple word processor view.

CD Box Labeler Pro 1.0

CD Box Labeler Pro is a full featured but still easy to use CD/DVD Labeler. Dont spend hours on making labels, CD Box Labeler is created to make things easier for you, but still powerful to make professional CD DVD labels. This is the only labeler tha

Jammer and Tauscan bundle 1.0

Jammer and Tauscan work together. Jammer gives you a cyber fortress and Tauscan is the police force within that fortress. Jammer builds your fortress by constantly monitoring your Internet connection much like the typical firewall. The only way a malicious program can get through Jammer is if you open the fortress gate. Trojan Horses get their name from the Greek gift used to gain entrance to the besieged Troy. Modern Trojan horses are programs t

Racing Buddy 1.0

Log, organize, plan and analyze your workouts, racing and daily activities, past and future. Designed especially for athletes and exercise enthusiasts to look back and see their progress and what worked for them in the past, then plan for their next event

Easy W2K Directory/Admin 1.0

Implementing and Administering a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure.

Nimmers DiveMate 1.0

Nimmers DiveMate v. 2.0 Plan your dives and log them.Lets you plan up to three successive dives, view your DiveProfile, Log your dives and more. Restrictions Unregistered version You can use the program for 30 days before registration.

SchedulerLite 1.0

Staff rostering, employee scheduling and resource booking software tool featuring both pictorial and spreadsheet style views of a roster, recording and checking of staff availability, repeat roster patterns and shifts, parameterizable preview and printing of reports (e.g. individual timesheets), ability to define your own categories (e.g. draft/ completed, unconfirmed/ confirmed availability, on-call) and then preview/ print reports on them.

Spytech CipherWorks 1.0

CipherWorks allows you to fully encrypt/decrypt files, text, and directories in seconds with three varying levels of encryption and secure cipher. With CipherWorks you will never have to worry about others snooping in your files again

Spytech PasswordLock 1.0

Spytech PasswordLock offers convenient password storage in password protected fully encrypted lists for safe keeping and easy management of your passwords. PasswordLock also features an easy to use password generator and password revealer.

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