SBMPro Unlimited User License Pack 1.0

Small Business Management Professionals Unlimited User License Pack. You can have up to 1,000 unique user IDs.

SpyAgent Upgrade 1.0

Upgrade your current SpyAgent version to the latest build

zTrace Gold 1.0

zTrace offers tracing and recovery services for laptops/PCs when they are stolen. The pre-installed zTrace software package is invisible on a customers computer. If the computer is stolen, the owner notifies zTrace of that fact by email, fax, web or phone and zTrace turns on its monitoring feature which is on the lookout for the computer. zServer patent pending technology can identify the location from which the connection is made. After the l

Utility Package 1.0

Receive a license key to all of our applications, at an amazing discount Great to complete your digital toolset. The price for this package is 27.93 - a savings of 189.32

Military Aviation 1.0

See the worlds greatest aircraft including F-16s, F-15s, Stealth, Bombers, Transports, and many others in this award winning screen saver. Delivery Method.

TuneZilla 1.0

Tune In to the world of MP3 music files with TuneZilla WAY COOL This program automatically finds, downloads, and plays music and video files from Usenet. It gets MP3, AVI, and MPG multipart files. The Problem Music and video files are very large. Because of that fact, they are usually stored on Usenet as many small fragments instead of one huge file. This technique is called multipart posting and it causes some unique prob

9.95 MEGA PACK for Palm 1.0

9.95 MEGA PACK is the compilation of ALL ten 9.95 SOFT best-selling software products for Palm OS174. You get 10 great applications for the price of 5 and SAVE 50

Pluckit Multimedia Studio 1.0

PMS quickly searches the newsgroups (USENET) where 1000s of MP3 files are posted every day. You select which MP3 files you want to download from the list PMS creates for you. Then just tell PMS to get those files for you. Its that easy

Sort-it 1.0

Its a FILE ORGANIZER, not just a graphics/image sorting utility. With Sort-It Professional, you can easily sort ANY files on your computer. This means all those old documents, spreadsheets, letters, and text files that you have been meaning to clean out for years can be sorted, deleted, and organized in minutes. If you have a program on your computer associated with the file type, you can use Sort-It . Nothing could be easier.

Label Plus Pro/Media 1.0

Plug-in Module forContact Plus Pro. Allows you to create non-standard label sizes.

Employee Handbook Templates - English Spanish 1.0

This is a full Employee Handbook Template and related bonus materials written in both English and Spanish. The templates will work in any word processing program, including the Mac. The template is priced at a special discount for the Allstate Corporation.

Hand-made monitoring of online news and web 1.0

We inform you on weekly basis of any announcements, reviews and discussions on your software in the Internet news, forums, etc. As search criteria, we use all information you fill in the order form below - program name, version, author, homepage. We send you the first report during 2 days after you complete the order process.

Hand-made shareware and freeware sites monitoring 1.0

Our experience has shown the importance of following-up the work carried out on your behalf. To ensure that your product receives the attention it deserves, we have a policy of following-up the main software site submissions, and keeping you informed of any progress with your software on weekly basis. Where necessary, we may contact the site in question, and even resubmit your software. We also iform you about any awards your software receives on

Hand-made monitoring of shareware crackswarez 1.0

We notify you on weekly basis about appearance and online distribution of crackswarez for your software If you subscribe to this service, you will be able to - effectively protect your software from unauthorized use - keep and update your black-list of cracks and serial numbers - have the legal grounds to get the crackers sites closed by Internet service providers. As search criteria, we use all information you fill in the order form belo

Competitive analysis 1.0

Identification of your top competitors in the search engines. What are they doing thats working, and how can you apply that to your website

Plug-in Modules for Contact Plus Pro/Download 1.0

All Plug-in Modules forContact Plus Pro. Includes Fax Plus Pro, Label Plus Pro, Map Plus Pro,Event Plus Pro and Report Plus Pro.

WebQuiz XP (CD-ROM version) 1.0

WebQuiz XP (new version of WebQuiz 2002) is the new educational product which allows you to create interactive HTML questionnaires, quizzes and tests that you can immediately answer on-screen or publish to the Internet. By using an easy wizard, you can enter the questions, add pictures and equations, define the options and then set the final evaluation. WebQuiz XP supports five question types and you can choose several ready-to-use professional t

Opti-in Email List 1.0

We will contact you about the name of the category you are purchasing, you can change the quantity of categories you will like to purchase, by changing the Quantity field.

Penetration testing 1.0

Determining the likelihood that the specific system under evaluation could be compromised by an attacker with access to computers connected to the companys network. Investigation of whether or not an attacker could penetrate the system, without the company providing any more information than would naturally be available to legitimate users.

New Age Compatibility 1.0

New Age Compatibility is an easy-to-use compatiblity software that can be used to produce individual personalized reports. The reports can contain any combination or all of the following types of analysis Numerology, Biorhythm, Zodiac, and Lottery Numbers. Generate revenue at a new age show, at your own place of business, in an exposition, in a mall, at school, on the internet, by email, or just about anywhere where the opportunity arises.

New Age Profiler 1.0

New Age Profiler is an easy-to-use personality profiler that can be used to produce an individual personalized report. The reports can contain any combination or all of the following types of analysis Numerology, Biorhythm, Zodiac, and Lottery Numbers.

Extended Voice/Internet Support for 2 user network 1.0

Extended Voice/Internet for 2 user network systems. Support for one year. Additionally, the support plan includes updates to Contact Plus Professional for the support period.

Mekashron Publisher - Advanced Edition 1.0

Mekashron Publisher is the award-winning marketing software that will promote Your Business and INCREASE sales in unbelievable way. Mekashron Publisher provides you all the important aspects in marketing your products or services in one tool.

Press release distribution 1.0

We distribute your press release to special computer newspapers and magazines. We guarantee the distribution of your shareware press release to at least 1000 addresses.

Spytech SecurityWorks 1.0

Spytech SecurityWorks is a comprehensive security suite with nine different utilities. The included utilities range from password secure storage, secure encryption and deletion, to network security and active spy surveillance.

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