Work From Home 1.0

Desktop app that makes auto, scheduled posts on Twitter. Allows multiple posts that are automatically uploaded on autopilot! Useful for work from home businesses, home based businesses.

Compact PST File 10.03.01

Kernel for PST Compress and Compact is an advanced tool used for reducing the size of large sized PST files by removing attachments. Owing to the powerful features of the software, you can compress multiple PST files in a single cycle without hampering the data integrity of the file.

Kernel for Notes Contacts to Outlook 8.12.01

To access contacts stored in names.nsf file with MS Outlook most of the people think about importing the names.nsf file to Outlook but they do not get success in it because MS Outlook cannot recognize the .nsf file. Therefore, to access Notes contacts with Outlook, Notes to Outlook migration needs to done i.e. names.nsf file shall either be converted into .pst file or into .xls file so that I can be imported with MS Outlook.

PST Recovery Tool 10.10.01

Repair and recover Outlook contacts, appointments, drafts, journals, tasks, and emails with all its components including attachments, and properties from corrupt PST file using proficient PST Repair tool.

TRBOnet Watch 1.0

TRBOnet Watch is a client-server Windows application monitors all traffic on Motorola MOTOTRBO IP SITE CONNECT systems (or a single repeater with IPSC enabled). It displays transmitted GPS, ARS, Voice, Text Messages, System and User data with RSSI, source and destination radio ID's, Peer ID's. TRBOnet Watch helps to balance a channel loading, define problems in a network. A must for IPSC admin!

Split PST 10.03.01

Kernel for PST Split is a small but powerful tool to split PST files that have grown very large and about to reach their maximum limit. It helps to split them into various small portions and save to newly created PST files.

Data Logger Suite

Data Logger Suite captures and logs in real-time values from different ports types: RS232, TCP, UDP and several others. Aggregates and writes real-time data to disk as binary, text or Excel files. Capability to log data from multiple interfaces at the same time. Once Data Logger Suite captures serial data, it can store them in any database, including MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Access, dBase or any other ODBC-compatible database.

Banner Advertising

Add your Text and Banner Advertisement & start to increase your selling traffic within 96 hours. Email Marketing + Add in our sites network + Add in this web site + target market home page + Web link : Grow your business with cost-effective & Best Performance. online internet web (banner and text) advertising at

Freeblue Bluetooth Marketing Software 1.0.5

Bluetooth Marketing | Advertising | Mobile | Proximity | Freeware Software Complete, Professional and 100% Freeware

List Of All English Words Database Software 7.0

Generate, view and save a full list of all English words in the dictionary. You have the option to see the entire list or filter the list by methods such as number of characters. Save results as text or Excel files.

Supertintin MSN Webcam Recorder

Supertintin is a recorder for msn messenger. It records both audio and video streams. Very easy to use and seamlessly integrated with Msn/Live messenger. Best video recording quality. Not like the screen recorders, supertintin records original video stream directly without any data loss.

Actual Online Television Channels Manager 1.4

Get 4000 Live TV stations from your notebook. Not required of a TV tuner or decoder. 100% legal - no monthly fee needed. Connect to television shows online anywhere. All you need is our IP TV program, your computer, and Internet connection. Thousands of tv series that would cost you big money in the long time with traditional Television companies, now can view them with no subscription.

Actual IP Cam Tool 4.0

The software has been designed as common program for security cross platforms functioning simultaneously with wireless and wired Internet webcams, Television-boards, capture cards, power-line, and USB cameras. It has web interface with the equal look and functionality on the local and remote workstations.

Easy Digital Tele Vision Channels Centre 1.4

Connect to 4000 Online television channels from your PC. Not required of a TV hardware. 100% legal - no monthly payment needed. Watch television shows live anywhere. All you need is our Internet television product, your PC, and Internet connection. Hundreds of tv shows that would cost you big cash in the long time with traditional TV providers, now can watch them with no subscription.

Automatically Log WiFi Signal Strength Over Time S 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to automatically log WiFi signal strength at specific intervals. The user chooses the required interval from a list: 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc. There is a button to stop the program running automatically and another to run it during the interval. The history log can be viewed or copied to the clipboard.

Bulk SMS Sender 1.5

Bulk SMS Sender v1.5 is a software to send SMSes to thousands of Mobile Numbers from PC. You can send multilple SMSes at once through your connected Mobile Phone (GSM Mobile Phone). It also allows you to customize your SMS with many fields such as (Mobile Number Holder's Name).It automatically detects connected mobile phones and allows to select a mobile number through which you want to send SMSes from PC.

Bulk SMS Sender 1.0

Bulk SMS Sender v1.0 is a software to send SMSes to thousands of Mobile Numbers from PC. You can send multilple SMSes at once through your connected Mobile Phone (GSM Mobile Phone). It also allows you to customize your SMS with many fields such as (Mobile Number Holder's Name).It automatically detects connected mobile phones and allows to select a mobile number through which you want to send SMSes from PC.

Monitor Buzz 4.33

Motivator Buzz Software for your desktop to motivate your clients. Create beautiful graphic newsletters and marketing material. Motivator Buzz is a simple desktop software which allows you to quickly create pages that motivate your web visitor to buy your product. All you have to do is to use the software to instantly generate a script which you can upload onto your server!

NSF to PST Converter 8.12.01

Export NSF to PST or migrate from Domino Server mailbox to MS Exchange server with highly competent NSF converter that enables the user perform bit to bit migration from .NSF file format to .PST file format.

Panasonic phone system 1.5

Panasonic phone system, small business Panasonic phone system, Panasonic telephone system. The Office Phone - Office Phone Systems Panasonic,Avaya Corporate phone systems.

eaZySMS Basic 1.3.0

eaZySMSTM is the Bulk SMS Software allows you to create and send unlimited SMS from your computer via mobile phone. This is the fastest and cost effective mobile marketing software makes the easiest way to send your personalized SMS messages to your associates, clients and friends to stay in touch through text message using this simple PC based application without any internet connection.

Hasha Video Chat 1.3

Hasha Video Chat is application designed for multi user audiovisual communication. Users can see and hear each other and use a text chat at the same time. The application is ideal for community websites, for private communication of closed circle, support providing websites, and many others. Our software provides a unique interpreter feature for simultaneous translation. To see how it works view our demo page.

Overcome Panic Attacks 2.0

Learn How to Overcome Panic Attacks From The Comfort Of Your Desktop for Windows Operating System. This program is based on a technique that is completely unique and proves daily to be an absolute success when it comes to overcome panic attacks. If you work along its guidelines, it will proof to get you a full recovery using this program is based on results. You will use the exact same procedure that other people have followed in order to stop


Easily connect to the best WiFi around you at all times and help support a Free WiFi Community. By connecting, users share WiFi connectivity information with others. The more users, the easier it is for all to find and enjoy fast, reliable and Free WiFi.Version adds a brand New interface, new connection modes: Chose between automatic connection to any WiFi, approved WeSpots or only your favorite networks and Facebook integration.

Tesseract PAD Submitter 3.1

Tesseract PAD Submitter is a tool useful for software developers who wants to increase the popularity of their software products and so their sales. Tesseract PAD Submitter helps to submit software informations to different hundreds of PAD enabled web sites. Buying it you will have all new versions of the software without further fees. You will can install the software on all your PC (the license is for you and not for PC)

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