Belltech Label Maker With Data Merge 1.0

Belltech Label Maker With Data Merge, a feature rich professional quality business printing software to print address labels, letterheads, flyers, postcards, business cards, envelopes, brochures and more from your database files. It comes with many design templates and supports all standard paper stocks including Avery papers. This is perfectly suited for business printing. Product Highlights 1)Create labels, letterheads, envelopes and more. 2)Li

WordFax (CD-ROM): Easily Fax From Word 1.0

Faxing from Word has never been so easy with WordFax. Finally, an add-on for Word automates faxing using any fax program on the market. WordFax automates faxing and printing hard copies all within Word for Windows. With the included professionally designed fax templates, you can create custom faxes that get results. WordFax is the bridge between Microsoft Word and your fax software -- making faxing just a button-click away.

VueChat Enterprise Server, 10-User 1.0

VueChat is a set of business solutions, techniques and technologies that allow people to communicate and build modern and efficient relations with customers and partners all over the world. We supply VueChat Enterprise for the government and corporations as a solution for web-based Customer Service with CRM functions, featured with Live Video and VoIP (Voice over IP) technologies.

Plexis POS Point of Sale Network for Windows 1.0

Plexis POS 10 Register Network License for Retail, Liquor, Grocery, Pizza, Coffee Shops, Quick Service Restaurant and Delivery and More! Includes Sales, Inventory and Accounting. Fast, easy installation and setup. Instant Download. Plexis POS is not intended for use outside of the U.S.A.

Gate-and-Way - Full Package - 5 users 1.0

To be connected to the world has never been so easy and safe. The Gate-and-Way Control Panel guarantees one simple solution in the complex world of the Unified Messaging System. It's a centralized environment designed to easily manage and have full control over the server itself and its services. To add a client, to give it the permissions, to enable the services, to automate the operations, to quickly monitor whether everything is runni

My-CRM 1.0

Designed for the small business this level entry CRM software offers contact management,a fully integrated calendar,opportunities,quotations,invoicing with receivables and a project/helpdesk module.Manage your contacts with ms word integration for sending letters, appointments and emailingA project module that can also be used as a helpdesk for tracking jobs and issuesA fully integrated calendar system that will link events to contacts, opportuni

Global Trade Poster 1.0

Global Trade Poster is one of the best e-marketing software which can post your trade leads,sell buy offers and classified ads on 800+ trade boards and classifieds. Your trade offers can reach thousands of customers in short time.It's a powerful business searcher too. By using this great software, you can also search for target customers, trade leads and other business information on 100+ B2B web sites, online business directory, yellow pages and

Personnel Organizer Pro 1.0

Personnel Organizer Pro is a flexible personnel management software for Windows users. Our software solution gives you an easy way to gather, organize and manage information about all employees in your company or organization. For the database novice, Organizer's intuitive interface and ready-to-use personnel management solutions make it easy to set up and use. The package has a separate module called Designer. With Designer you can modify Person

Small Library Organizer Pro 1.0

Small Library Organizer Pro: Complete Windows software for small private, public, or corporate libraries. Our library software is designed to manage the following activities of your library: manage all library collections, manage member/patron information, and keep track of the library circulation data. Small library software solution includes four databases:- Small Library: manage and catalog all library collections (books, CDs, video tapes, DVD

KM Navigator 1.0

Generate sales leads, qualify leads, build favorites list and build powerfull Knowledgebase on topics of your interest from the internet quickly and efficiently. The KM Navigator utilises multiple search engines simultaneously and saves a lot of time and money for the user. The results produced by the KM Navigator are accurate and usefull to drive businesses through competition. Features of KM Navigator Vr 3.1:Search multiple search engin

Automotive Workshop Scheduler Network Version 1.0

Automotive workshop scheduler designed for use in networked auto service/repair centers. Can schedule up to 32 technicians/mechanics, and provides printouts of daily and weekly schedules. Uses page templates for detailed scheduling of each day of the week. Easy point-and-click operations for speed and efficiency. Detailed instructions on network installation and program operation given in the User Manaul.

Practice Records Manager Network Version 1.0

Practice records management system designed for use by healthcare professionals. Features: a compact client/patient details database; a simplified records keeping system that provides quick access to individual client/patient case notes, easy editing and printouts; an integrated document scanning facility that allows clinical documents (lab reports and x-ray reports, hospital discharge summaries, etc) to be stored digitally and

Appointment Book - Network Version 1.0

Appointments system for networked professional and business offices. Services up to 20 persons per book, provides printouts of individual appointment lists. Provides templates for detailed scheduling of each day of the week. Multiple books can be installed and run side by side.

Automotive Workshop Scheduler Network (HR) Version 1.0

Customized version for Appointment Book Network and Network (MLT) Versions. This version has been customized to suit requirements of specific customers by prior arrangement. It is not for general release or sale.

Desktop Sales Manager 1.0

Sell smart. Win more. Professional selling firepower from sixth generation, Outlook friendly contact management/sales automation software. Track, manage, and master all the details of each sale, contact, meeting, call, email, and letter. With selling insight you'll be on time, on track, and on message for every deal you close. Use your Outlook contacts, and manage your time and activities though your Microsoft Outlook calendar with appointments a

Mission Expert - Consultants Edition 1.0

It guides you, or your team, through the process that begins with your vision of the future, and takes you through a step-wise process for creating a mission statement, strategic goals and a set of core values for guiding your organization. We highly recommend ordering the CD ROM option for the larger products, especially if you are on a dial-up internet connection. If you choose this option, you can still download it electronically in

Practice Manager 1.0

Office management system for professional practices. Features (1) a versatile appointments scheduler that provides printouts of daily appointment lists for individual practitioners; (2) a compact client/patient details database; and (3) a simplified billing system that will satisfy the needs of mostprofessional practices. Suits solo practices or small group practices of up to 20 members. Particularly suits health care professionals.

Practice Records Manager - Single User 1.0

A practice records management system designed for use by healthcare professionals. Features a compact client/patient details database and an efficient records keeping system. Provides quick access to individual case records, easy writing/editing of case notes, and printouts. Can be complemented by our Appointments Book software series.

Office Manager 1.0

Management system for small business and home offices. Features (1) an appointments system that services up to20 persons per book, and provides printouts of individual daily appointment lists; (2) a compact client details database; and (3) a simplified billing system that will satisfy the needs of most small businesses.

Squinch 1.0

Squinch is a tool which helps plating and anodizing companies more accurately estimate their material costs when quoting jobs. The user enters the basic cost of the minimum thickness layer per square unit of area, and fixed and variable cost multipliers. Then, the user selects any of nine standard shapes, enters the appropriate dimensional data, and the program instantly calculates the cost for multiple thicknesses.

ProKalc - Unlimited Site License 1.0

ProKalc is a full-featured scientific/financial calculator with scrolling tape. Using a point- and-click interface, you enter data for trig, exponential, scientific, and amortization problems and get immediate answers, with your input reviewable on tape. You can print results to the Clipboard, a file, or a printer. Ten memory locations, online context-sensitive help, pop-up work screens for complex calculations, and 15-digit accuracy without roun

Automotive Workshop Scheduler Single User (HR) Ver 1.0

Automotive workshop scheduler designed for use in auto service/repair centers. It can schedule up to 32 technicians/mechanics, with bookings lengths ranging from 10 to 240 minutes. It provides printouts of daily and weekly schedules, and uses page templates for detailed scheduling of each day of the week. This version is customized for screen display 1024x768 pixels small fonts

Conference Rooms Scheduler 1.0

Scheduler designed for easy onscreen scheduling of up to 20 rooms for various events like conferences, functions, meetings, lectures, dinners, etc. Provides daily/weekly views and printouts of schedules as well as printouts of individual room schedules. The schedule page column widths are user-adjustable.

Automotive Workshop Scheduler Single-User Version 1.0

An automotive workshop scheduler designed for use in auto service/repair centers. It can schedule up to 32 technicians/mechanics, with bookings lengths ranging from 30 to 360 minutes. It provides printouts of daily and weekly schedules, and uses page templates for detailed scheduling of each day of the week. Easy to use point-and-click operations for speed and efficiency. Detailed instructions given in the User Manual.

TelcoMgr - Telecommunications Management Software 1.0

Telco Manager (TelcoMgr) is a computer software application designed to help you accurately record your business telephone and data services. The program includes a database that can be used for multiple customers such as a vendor may wish to maintain or for a single end-user with multiple locations. TelcoMgr is 'network ready' and can be used by 'multiple users' simultaneously. The relational databases include the following information: Master

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