Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Windows 5.7.61607

Don't Let Compatibility Issues Ruin Another Movie Night Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a blazing-fast drag-and-drop digital video converter, DVD burner and converter, which lets you convert videos/DVDs to and from virtually any video format out there, with 30X faster conversion speed. Stop limiting your video entertainment options on your PC. Make your movies versatile by instantly converting them to AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MPG--ev

File Server Auditing Software 16.1

Using a file server auditing software is the simplest yet comprehensive way to carry out auditing of files and folders along with permission change tracking that monitors who is accessing your IT systems and doing what changes deliberately or accidently. One such file server auditing software that helps in proactive file server monitoring, tracking and reporting is LepideAuditor for File server.

SharePoint Server 2013 Auditing 16.1

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is an incredible software that provides enhanced support for mobile devices along with improved business intelligence. Keeping in view its exclusive features, it becomes important to ensure that the SharePoint 2013 environment is safe and secure for users. To simplify this process of tracking and monitoring, LepideAuditor for SharePoint is introduced to determine who is doing what, where and when to the IT systems.

dbForge SQL Decryptor 3.0

dbForge SQL Decryptor is a free database tool, used to decrypt SQL Server procedures,funtions,triggers,views,which supports most versions and editions of Microsoft SQL Server (except SQL Azure), decrypts all types of objects,requires no DAC connection.A build-in text editor allows you to see the original object definition with syntax highlighting,which facilitates reading of source code. dbForge SQL Decryptor has highly responsive user interface.

SharePoint Server Auditing Software 15.4

LepideAuditor Suite for SharePoint is a powerful tool to audit and monitor every single change happening within SharePoint server. In case of any unwanted change being made in groups, users, servers, permissions, accesses, sites, lists, libraries, farms, folders, contents, etc., it sends immediate notification to the concerned list of recipients via email.

Active Directory Auditing Solution 15.4

LepideAuditor Suite is an excellent monitoring solution that sends instant alert notifications via email whenever any kind of modifications done in the Active Directory are encountered. The software also generates object oriented reports that enhance productivity while also highlighting the attribute changes and identifying what's being changes via comparing the before and after values.

AD Auditing Solution 15.4

Whenever any changes ? may it be critical or non-critical are encountered during Active directory auditing; one can try an excellent monitoring solution - LepideAuditor Suite that not only helps in generating reports but also sends instant alert notifications via email. Not just this, the software also facilitates meeting your performance benchmarks with its intuitive & visually appealing dashboard views that display detailed information.

File Server Changes Monitoring 15.3

If you want to carry out real-time monitoring of File servers while also meeting strict security compliance standards, try LepideAuditor for File Server - the only change auditing solution that facilitates streamlined auditing and offers multiple alert platforms to send notifications about the changes done by users in files, folders, filer systems & file access permissions etc.

Active Directory Auditing Software 15.3

Performing IT security audits via conducting centralized tracking is now easy with Active Directory Auditor. With this tool, one can monitor AD changes in real-time while also identifying top users within the network & generating reports in multiple formats.

File Audit Tool 15.3

In this cybercrime prone world, it is extremely important to have complete visibility as to what?s happening within your files & folders; who is accessing them for what purpose and when the file permissions are being modified. All this is made possible by LepideAuditor for File Server ? an excellent change auditing solution that meets all your security compliance needs while also providing you with the features that native tools lack.

Change Auditing Software 15.3

Whenever any critical modifications are encountered; Active Directory Auditor generates reports for proactive health monitoring and sends instant alert notifications via email. Not just this, the tool meets your performance benchmarks with its intuitive dashboard and customized thresholds that displays parameters like resource utilization, database size and service status etc.

Monitor AD Changes 15.3

To monitor AD changes effectively & quickly, Active Directory Auditor ensures comprehensive AD tracking along with granular AD audits based on domain controllers, organizational units, object classes and logon or logoff events.

User Logon Audit Reports 15.2

Do you want to generate user logon audit reports for Active Directory Domain Controllers and user computers easily? Then download the free version of Lepide Auditor Suite?Active Directory. Using this user-friendly solution, you can audit Group Policy and Exchange Server components as well. After the trial period of fifteen days, organizations can think of licensing the tool for continuing the AD auditing.

Auditing Active Directory User Accounts 15.2

LepideAuditor for Active Directory provides complete information of who did what changes to which file and when this was done. By auditing numerous actions you can easily record which user is logging on and to which computer. This tool abstract chosen user audit information from security logs of event viewers in Domain Controller machines. It export reports in different formats such as XLS, CSV, PDF and HTML.

Active Directory Auditing 15.2

To ensure safety and security in an organization, it is important to adopt comprehensive Active Directory auditing solution for conducting both internal and external AD audits effectively. Monitoring the health of Active Directory at frequent intervals of time not only lets you keep a close watch on the user activities within your network but also allows you to fetch complete information about who is accessing what information & at what time.

Change Auditing Reports 15.2

LepideAuditor Suite for Active Directory is an incredible tool to provide comprehensive auditing of active directory, group policy and exchange server. It provides complete visibility of who, what, when and where information. It provide different types of change auditing reports such as Active Directory Modification Reports, Active Directory Security Reports, Active Directory State Reports, and Custom Reports.

Virtual Ethernet Switch 1.10

Virtual Ethernet Switch makes it easy as never before to connect devices, computers, and network segments into a network. It eliminates the hassle of carrying an extra hardware and searching for power outlets when a single laptop can be instantly converted into a network switch with custom settings for each port. Its lightweight implementation as an application reduces interference with other programs.

License4J Floating License Server 4.5.3

License4J Floating License Server serves floating licenses created by LICENSE4J License manager. Floating License Server has an installer for Windows, Linux UNIX version is not an installer file but it is enough to decompress and run a simple script on Linux UNIX. Floating License Server includes two components: licenser server itself and a manager GUI tool.

Windows File Server Auditor 15.3

If you?re looking for a complete monitoring solution, LepideAuditor for File Server is a tool that is worth trying. LAFS not only helps you in tracking the file server changes but also facilitates IT administrators to get notifications about every single unwanted change or information about unauthorized accesses. Effective use of LAFS can make real-time auditing a breeze for your organization.

File Server Auditor Software 15.3

If you?re looking for a freeware edition of any File Server Auditor Software to try it for some time, Lepide Auditor for File Server is available for a limited 15 day period. Users can perform unrestricted auditing, tracking and monitoring with this software to get hold of all the unwanted changes executed in their file servers or systems. You may purchase the enterprise edition for more features if you like the demo version of the software.

File Server Change Reporter 15.3

Are you struggling to find the details of permission changes on file servers? Download LepideAuditor for File Server, a user-friendly File Server Change Reporter for auditing Windows file servers and NetApp filers. After installation, you can make it freeware or trial version. The Freeware edition is free forever, but owns limited reporting features only. The trial version audits two files servers for 15 days; you can buy thereafter.

File Server Auditor 15.3

Want to try a File Server Auditor solution before paying for it? Download LepideAuditor for File Server. You can use it as freeware or as trial. Freeware edition, through free for lifetime, provides limited functionalities only. The trial edition that require a key activation works on two file servers for a 15 period of 15 days. It can be purchased after the trial. Please go through the installation requirements before downloading.

File Server Change Auditor 15.2

LepideAuditor for File Server provides complete security by auditing the Windows File Servers and NetApp filers. Download the Freeware edition of LepideAuditor for File Server to evaluate its functionality. It also simplifies the task of managing GPO settings. Furthermore, it also offers various other features like centralized auditing, multiplatform auditing, real time alert generation and inclusive reporting.

Active Directory Change Tracker 15.1

With the help of LepideAuditor Suite administrators can easily record Who, What, When and Where details of every Active Directory change. It assists Administrators to impose internal as well as external security policies on AD network to protect it from security threats. LAS performs intelligent change auditing which turn information into insights. With LepideAuditor App now you can get real-time updates instantly on your smartphone or tablet.

File Server Change Reporter Software 15.2

LepideAuditor for File Server offers you the capability to protect your organization against unauthorized access to file servers, intentional and deceitful changes in permissions, files and shared folders. This software provides automated auditing and real time monitoring of Windows and NetApp File Servers. With LAFS, you don?t need to manage GPO settings as software do it by their own when a NetApp agent is installed.

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