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VSceneGIS Desktop 0.9.2u3

VSceneGIS Desktop. (GIS) Analysis, Computing and Editing. Customer Project Development, Analysis, Computing and GIS editing. VSceneGIS Desktop applies the concept of Tree and Graph Topology to implement the data model in a GIS.

PhlebotomyAnalyzer 2.9

The phlebotomy software is used with many methods of introducing samples into the automated analyser machine. This software can archive all data that result with placing blood test tubes of sample into racks, which can be moved along a track, or inserting tubes into circular carousels that rotate to make the sample available.

QuimAP 2012 2012

Chemistry educational software, in spanish. It has more than 30 data items on each element, including uses, melting and boilling points, electronegativity, natural an radioactive isotopes, history and more. The program includes utils to compare elements, calculate molecular weights, compare bond properties, list properties in sorted lists, graph the properties, unit convertion tool, games, etc.

7-Diet Secrets v 1.0 1.0

It's an exciting program on diet

FlyCarpet 1.1

FlyCarpet is a rapid and visual modeling software platform for dynamic/static system design/optimization/simulation, it models multi-industry system with components and platform features, so this software can be used for many fields as fluid, fluid power, control, mechanics, chemics, electrics/electronics, hydraulics, aeronautics, astronautics and so on.

Refrigeration Package for FlyCarpet 1.1

Rapid modeling tool for static refrigeration systems and heat exchangers design and simulation, simply drag and drop to model refrigeration system in very short time. The visual operation makes it easy to create system and complete system calculation. Many refrigeration system components included to enable most application. This package will be installed to FlyCarpet directory and must be run under FlyCarpet, so please install FlyCarpet first.

Psychrometric Chart + Duct Calculator 4.2

A convenient, precise and powerful tool for HVAC&R engineers. This psychrometric chart is perfectly consistent with all ASHRAE charts of No.1~7(SI Units) and No.1~5(IP Units). Features include: High precision calculation; Metric(SI) and English(IP) units support; Convenient chart operating; Powerful process calculating; Include thermal and adiabatic effect calculation for air/liquid duct. Full functional trial, free upgrade.

cloison nasale 1.0

La cloison nasale est un cartilage tres grand qui separe le nez en deux moities, narine droite et narine gauche. Différentes personnes ont differents degrés d'écart. Parfois, cette division peut etre tres importante. Cette cloison nasale contient une muqueuse. La cloison nasale a cinq structures principales qui sont l'os vomer, le cartilage de la cloison, les os maxillaires de crête, crête de l'os palatin et l'os ethmoide. Il est normal d'avoir

comment maigrir 1.0

S'en tenir a une alimentation saine pour comment maigrir est generalement plus difficile que de s'en tenir a un regime qui n'est pas si sain. Quelle est la difference? Eh bien, beaucoup de gens qui essaient de comment maigrir veulent simplement des resultats rapides sans aucun effort.

MagicPlot Pro 2.0.1

MagicPlot is a handy application for scientific and engineering data analysis, graphing, nonlinear curve fitting and multi-peak fitting.

chalazion 1.0

Qu'est-ce qu'un chalazion? Quelles sont les causes d'un chalazion? Quels sont les symptômes d'un chalazion? Quel est le traitement d'un chalazion? Quel est le pronostic d'un chalazion? Comment un chalazion peut être évité ?

page protector 2 1.1

This reference guide contains details about page protector and other medical record keeping supplies. If your medical office needs more supplies, this reference guide will help you become better informed.

computer carts 2 1.1

This reference guide contains details about computer carts and other medical record keeping supplies. If your medical office needs more supplies, this reference guide will help you become better informed.

computer cart 2 1.1

This reference guide contains details about computer cart and other medical record keeping supplies. If your medical office needs more supplies, this reference guide will help you become better informed.

Create Better Maps with Global Mapper 13 7.9.7

Global Mapper is more than just a utility; it has built in functionality for distance and area calculations, raster blending, feathering, spectral analysis and contrast adjustment, elevation querying, line of sight calculations, cut-and-fill volume calculations, as well as advanced capabilities like image rectification, contour generation from surface data, view shed analysis (including Fresnel) from surface data, and triangulation.

Google Earth Pro 1

Google Earth Pro is an incredible application which displays satellite images from around the globe, with some areas better defined than others With Google Earth Pro you will see streets, cities, monuments, "travel" from one city to another, and more. Google Earth Pro version differs from "normal" in many respects, including allowing you to view GPS information from GPS devices or using files. GPX or. LOC, includes features that draw a map.

Satelite Google 1

Satelite Google Earth es una aplicación que permite viajar por todo el mundo que combina imágenes de satélite, mapas, imágenes en 3D y un montón de información sobre cada sitio. Google Earth dispone de un potente motor de búsqueda de coordenadas, nombres de ciudades, pueblos, calles, edificios importantes, tiendas. También permite la adición de capas en el mapa o imágenes de satélite con información de varios de los datos del censo.

Free Satellite Maps 1

Free Satellite Maps is a Google service offering powerful mapping technology and easy to use, and local business information, location, contact information and driving directions. There are different ways of viewing the maps, such as satellite imagery, terrain maps, street view. Google maps allows the user to find the driving directions, find information also allows hotel or business in the place they are visiting.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Keyboard Dock Review 1.0

This free e-book covers Samsung ECR-K14AWEGSTA Galaxy Tab Keyboard Dock for 10? Tab Review. Must read before you buy. Want more the hot gadget review? Visit this site

Google Earth Sky 1

Google Earth Sky is an integrated tool in Google Earth that lets you view images of planets, stars, galaxies, constellations. Google Sky combines photographs from satellites and telescopes with the powerful Google search engine. Google and offers you the world's geographic information and space on your computer screen. With Google Sky can navigate between stars and planets follow their movements in time and space.

Google Earth Voyager 1

Google Earth Voyager is a program for automatically building a Google Earth cache file for a specified geographic area. Gev does this by controlling Google Earth, making it systematically scan over the area you want to cache. Google Earth caches what you see on the screen. This means that the size, resolution and selected layers is saved in a file on your hard disk. The next time you look at the same area.

GPS TrackMaker 1

GPS TrackMaker - If you use your GPS professionally, certainly you need GTM PRO. The professional version of GPS TrackMaker is for those users that need area calculation, data transfer to Microsoft Excel, import and export to AutoCad and ArcView, and other advanced functions. The program uses a hardware key or dongle, an electronic plug that works as an unlock password for GTM PRO.

Amazon Kindle 3G Review 1.0

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Canon ELPH 300 HS Review 1.0

This free e-book covers Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12.1 MP Digital Camera Review. Must read before you buy. Want more the hot gadget review? Visit this site

HP TouchPad Wi-Fi Review 1.0

This free e-book coversHP TouchPad Wi-Fi 32 GB 9.7-Inch Tablet Computer Review. Must read before you buy. Want more the hot gadget review? Visit this site

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