Risk 1.0

Draft! Attack! Fortify! Play the original game of strategy and world domination ? now for your computer. Enjoy the classic look and fun of Risk? in an exciting new interactive experience. Play two ways as you strategize over the map and set out to conquer the world. Test your power against computer enemies, or compete with friends in Hotseat multiplayer.

New Yankee In Santas Service 1.0

Find Santa?s missing reindeer to avoid a Yuletide cancellation! When Mary cast the spell that was supposed to take her and Johnny home at the end of New Yankee in King Arthur?s Court 2, she goofed and scattered St. Nick?s reindeer with a loud KABOOM! Now the bearded one is demanding Mary and Johnny collect his sleigh pullers before Christmas Eve. As you guide the hapless heroes and a band of merry elves through a winter wonderland.

Endless War 3 1.0

Nice and addicting strategy war game! AWSD for movement; R to reload; Q to command; G to drop gun; SPACE for alternate weapon; 1234 to change weapon.

Feudalism 2 1.0

You start with only one city where you can recruit soldiers, but the bigger city you capture, the better troops you gain.Instructions: Instruction in how to play it is inside the game but you will use mouse for interaction.

My Little Army 1.0

In the sidescrolling strategy game My Little Army you control an army of your little, curious heroes. Fight battles and defeat enemy units to attack their leader. 8 classes of fighters, over 50 weapons, dozen of missions and other rewarding quests. Use the arrow keys and the mouse to play this game.

Zombie Apocalypse TD 1.0

Zombie Apocalypse TD is a strategy game where you need to defense your base from the zombies invasion, they?re hungry when see a human, so you need to kill them by smash them with a train. You can control it and choose where it should go out. And also you can put some mines or other which help you to kill those zombies.

Steampunk Tower 1.0

Build and upgrade the ultimate attack tower to defend yourself from wave after wave of enemy onslaught. Instructions: Use your mouse to play this game.

Conquer The Evil Bunny Empire 1.0

The evil bunnies of the Evil Bunny Empire want to conquer your land. Take revenge on these invaders by destroying them all. Place turrets, traps and unlock new weapons as you fight your way through new worlds.

Warlords Call to Arms 1.0

You control the yellow on the left. It indicates where you are to create your soldiers. You can move it up and down by pressing W and S or Up and Down Arrow Keys. To select different types of soldier use A and D or Left and Right Arrow Keys. When you have your preferred unit selected and he is ready, press the Spacebar to release him. Every 20 kills, you will get a charge where you can send out a line of 8 men. This indicated by a red arrow. Pres

Battle Gear Vs Myth Wars 2 1.0

This time you play as Myth Wars, after Humaliens attacks, this time Myth Wars turn, the battle between two game finally started! Who is better between Battle Gear or Myth Wars? You Decide!

Bomber at War 2 1.0

Fly your jet, shoot down enemy jets, & bomb targets. Earn money for upgrades to kill more. Instructions: Use the arrow keys to play this game.

WarLight 1.0

Description: WarLight is a simple but challenging strategy game where you try to conquer the world. Instructions: Use your mouse to play this game.

Creeper World User Space 1.0

Twelve awesome and highly original missions come your way in this latest episode of Creeper World. Boil away the blue menace yet again in these exotic and carefully crafted environments. Conquer the twelve. This ain?t your grandpa?s Creeper World?

Warlords 2 Rise of Demons 1.0

Warlords 2: Rise of Demons is a fantasy strategy battle game and is the sequel to the highly popular Warlords: Call to Arms. Instructions: See instructions in the game.

Khan Kluay Kids War 1.0

Can you imagine how do people fight against each other without pistols, guns, tanks, cannons, missiles or nuclear weapons? Well, they just send elephants to the enemy?s camp! What a creative idea! You can just play with your friends or play against the computer to explore the destructive power of elephants! Your aim is to send as many elephants as you can to destroy your enemies.

Alexander Dawn of an Empire 1.0

Description: Keep the enemy from reaching your side as you send out equally strong troops along the same path. Instructions: Use mouse to play the game. 1-3 to choose a soldier.

Turtle Defense 1.0

Description: Help the turtles to defend their land! Instructions: Use the mouse and the keys W,A,S,D to play this game. Have fun and good luck!

Kingdoms Heyday 1.0

The king is caught up in distant wars and unconcerned with the welfare of his own kingdom. While the king is away fighting, the princess takes over domestic affairs and wishes to restore prosperity, but she needs the help of a famous builder and treasurer, you! Help her repair the kingdom and write your name in history with this marvelous strategy game.

Path to Success 1.0

Set out in search of your place in the sun in Path To Success, a fun Strategy game with a world of a world of opportunities. The sky is the limit as you create and customize your character, and then hit the streets of a big city with nothing but a few dollars and a dream. Go to college, get a great job, decorate your penthouse suite, eat at the best restaurants.

Campgrounds The Endorus Expedition CE 1.0

With a priceless artifact as your guide, you and Addie lead an expedition of stalwart explorers through long forgotten lands. These explorers are relying on you to create campsites for them to stay safe and warm as they brave the unknown. Relive the artifact?s tale of an ancient civilization as they travelled to sandy beaches, through dense jungles, over high mountains and deep into mysterious caves.

Times of Vikings 1.0

The once peaceful village of Hawksworth has been torn apart by huge earthquakes. The Dragon, Yggdrasil, who has been sleeping quietly at the roots of the Tree of Life, has awoken from his thousand year slumber and has begun to incinerate the roots of the tree. The strongest warriors of the village have embarked on a quest to find the four elemental runes and fight the Dragon! Will they be able to find the missing runes and save the Viking Worlds?

Spring Daisy Mahjong 1.0

Spring into full bloom on Spring Mahjong.com with Daisy Mahjong! This easy layout should be great all year round. The mahjong tiles are pretty enough to enjoy in any season of the year! Select identical tiles to remove them from the mahjong board! Removing all the tiles will make you the ultimate winner of this amazing strategy game!

Rush on Rome 1.0

The Emperor commands his loyal troops to gather pieces of a mysterious artifact that should empower the Roman Empire for generations to come. A long journey through hostile lands lies before the faithful troops! While the scouts survey the land ahead you have to protect the outposts from hostile farmers and warriors. The members of the ancient cultures you cross aren?t quite happy about your mission but you must succeed to secure the glory.

Paradise Beach 2 1.0

Once upon a time you managed to become the owner of a resort on a paradise beach. You were the architect behind beautiful gardens, paths, beaches, and bars. Empty beaches came to life and were filled with thousands of happy vacationers from all around the world to enjoy your man-made paradise. Now you?ve decided to work your way to the top and manage the construction of the world?s leading beach resorts in Paradise Beach 2: Around the World.

Spring Watering Can Mahjong 1.0

Keep the Springtime fun alive with Watering Can Mahjong! This mahjong solitaire spring edition is sure to keep your excitement alive and blooming all season long! Match two mahjong tiles by clicking on the two identical tiles. They have to be open by having a full vertical side of the mahjong tile open. Match all the tiles and you are the Watering Can Mahjong winner!

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