Expert Christmas Sudoku 1.0

Merry Christmas! You have been around the sudoku world in your reindeer led sleigh and have mastered Easy, Medium, and Hard Sudoku! You have arrived at Expert Christmas Sudoku, our top level of online sudoku at! Hallelujah! Play expert Sudoku if you cherish lengthy, advanced strategic sudoku play as much as you love the joy of Christmas!

Medium Thanksgiving Sudoku 1.0

Is the gravy a little thin for your taste at Thanksgiving Easy Sudoku? If you are prepared for a thicker, more challenging sudoku game then try your hand at Medium Thanksgiving Sudoku. Like Thanksgiving Easy Sudoku, Medium Sudoku can also be solved with simple logic. However, this web game is a tad bit more of a challenge since the surplus of answers that you will find within Easy Sudoku are no longer available.

New Years Mahjong for the year 2012 1.0

2012 was the best year ever in the mahjong soltaire world, as that year is the year Battleline Studios/ 24/7 Games decided to release the best and most amazing mahjong solitaire games on the web and in the mobile markets! Dismantle this awesome easy strategy game one mahjong tile at a time to see the 2012 mahjong layout into the past and marked in history as your fastest puzzle game score ever. 2012 Mahjong is played just like classic mahjong.

Winter Fireplace Mahjong 1.0

Relax by the crackling fire in the Mahjong Fireplace in Winter Mahjong's set of great mahjong solitaire puzzle games. This basic mahjong solitaire game is played just like the classic turtle layout, as you will remove mahjong tiles by clicking on matches to make them disappear. The snowy tiles are able to be clicked when you have one vertical side open at any time. Identical tiles can be matched in this wintery fun strategy layout.

Winter Snowman Mahjong 1.0

Build the perfect Snowman this year with Winter Snowman Mahjong! The mahjong tiles make for a great (and warmer!) substitution for that chilly snow! With three fun layers in the fabulous puzzle mahjong layout, you'll be sure to keep coming back for more Winter Mahjong excitement all year long! Winter has never been so entertaining, so play in the snow even without the white stuff this winter with Snowman Mahjong!

New Years Mask Mahjong 1.0

Countdown to the New Years in style, with a fun party accessory, the Mahjong New Years Mask! This masquerade style mahjong mask is sure to make you the talk of the ball this New Years! Play mahjong just like the classic mahjong solitaire boards. Match mahjong tiles by clicking on identical tiles. These identical tiles will disappear from the board and you'll be on your way to beating the best New Years strategy game out there!

New Years City Mahjong 1.0

The city is the most rockin place to be this New Years Eve, so beat the crowds and come on over to City Mahjong on New Years and get that same thrill with a puzzle strategy game that will have you coming back all night long! This mahjong layout is a beginners layout on New Years, but it certainly can be enjoyed by all mahjong solitaire lovers alike. Who needs a date this New Years Eve when you can click pairs of mahjong.

Mahjong Solitaire Winter Snowflake 1.0

Enjoy a unique puzzle game with Winter Mahjong's Snowflake Mahjong Solitaire. The beauty of winter is evident in this great mahjong game where there is a little snow on the wintery mahjong tiles, a great piano song, and a multitude of layouts for you to enjoy after you are done! Get a great time and you'll earn the three mahjong stars on the level select menu. This easy strategy game is perfect for beginners.

Snowy Window Christmas Mahjong 1.0

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas outside the window of Snowy Window Mahjong. Even if it's not snowy out, imagine mahjong snowflakes falling with this original mahjong soltiaire board from Christmas - Mahjong com! Click open mahjong tiles in pairs of two, or in sets of seasonal / flower mahjong tiles to get rid of all the mahjongg tiles on the mahjong layout! Winning occurs when they are all gone! Remove all the mahjong tiles.

Three Freecells 1.0

Love Freecell and want to keep playing the same basic game but just with a little more difficulty!? Look no further than Three Freecells. This amazing freecell card game still has over a 99 percent chance of solving the puzzle each time, but you will only have three open free cells to work with the entire game, instead of four in basic freecell. Play 3 Freecells just as you would play Classic Freecell.

Two Freecells 1.0

Two freecells is a spin on the basic freecell game. It offers the player 2 free cells, though, instead of four in classic freecell. This makes it much harder to win. Two Freecells still has a random deal, but your win rate is reduced to about seventy eight percent with this variation on the game, versus over ninety nine percent with Freecell. No worries, though! You are already a winner playing on 123 Freecell!

Holly Christmas Mahjong 1.0

The holly this Christmas is the best in Christmas Holly Mahjong! Enjoy this beautiful plant that looks great in garlands and wreaths all Christmas Mahjong season. Take these mahjong holly leaves apart by matching two mahjong tiles at a time. When then disappear, match the rest and you win! Merry Mahjong Christmas! Free mahjong solitaire game presents all holiday! Share them with your mahjong loving friends and friendly!

Holly Christmas Mahjong 1.0

The holly this Christmas is the best in Christmas Holly Mahjong! Enjoy this beautiful plant that looks great in garlands and wreaths all Christmas Mahjong season. Take these mahjong holly leaves apart by matching two mahjong tiles at a time. When then disappear, match the rest and you win! Merry Mahjong Christmas! Free mahjong solitaire game presents all holiday! Share them with your mahjong loving friends and friendly!

Bakers Game Freecell 1.0

Baker's Game is renowned as the most difficult Freecell Solitaire variation known to man. It plays similarly to the card game Freecell, but in Bakers Game you must build stacks by suit, NOT by alternating color. As in Freecell, beat Baker's Game by getting all 52 cards into the four foundations in the top-right corner. You can place cards from the tableau into the four free cells in the top-left corner--but, always make sure you have a plan.

Thanksgiving Platter Mahjong 1.0

With all that delicious food being passed around this Thanksgiving, you will surely need a Mahjong Platter to serve it on! Decorate your table with this delightful mahjong solitaire game for everyone around the Thanksgiving mahjong table this year! Take this platter apart two mahjong tiles at a time as you simply match the tiles and click on those identical ones. Once you match all the tiles, you are the winner, and the best Thanksgiving mahjong!

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Mahjong 1.0

Serve up a slice of the most delicious mahjong this Thanksgiving, a Pumpkin Pie Mahjong! This simple mahjong solitaire layout may seem quick and easy, but be sure to employ superb strategic moves to take this one down. This mahjong will have you slobbering for more before it is even done. We here there is a turkey dinner mahjong out there too, so you may want to find that mahjong layout next!

Star Christmas Mahjong 1.0

Let the Christmas fun shine bright this year with Star Christmas Mahjong! Your Christmas tree will be beaming with mahjong solitaire fun with this amazing game on the tip top of its beautiful branches! This is one of the easiest mahjong games on Christmas - Mahjong so be sure to introduce all your friends to this mahjong solitaire game even if they have not played before - we're sure it will be the best Christmas present they get all year!

Thanksgiving Mahjong Leaf 1.0

The leaves are falling for fun in Thanksgiving Mahjong's Leaf Mahjong! This is a great beginners game that is sure to please everyone and teach the basics to those just learning this exciting mahjong solitaire puzzle game! Be sure to use the hint, undo, or shuffle buttons if you are stuck in order to lead yourself to a satisfying Thanksgiving Mahjong win! Work on beating your shortest time every time you play Thanksgiving Mahjong!

Expert New Years Sudoku 1.0

Beat the clock as it counts down to midnight with Expert New Years Sudoku! Expert Sudoku is only for those players who know their way around a sudoku board and want the biggest and best challenge New Years Sudoku can offer! Play sudoku by placing the numbers one through nine into each column, row and 3x3 box only once. You will need to use special pattern finding in order to beat this ultimate level of sudoku. Keep your brain smart with Sudoku!

Hard New Years Sudoku 1.0

New Years Eve is heating up and the New Year is near! Play Hard New Years Sudoku while counting down to midnight! Simple logic just won't do any more, and you must step up your sudoku game to include more advanced techniques to solve this difficult sudoku puzzle game. Play sudoku like you always have: Enter digits one to nine into each 3x3 square, column, and row only once on the sudoku board.

24/7 Wasp Solitaire 1.0

Get stung by Wasp Solitaire! Keep your eyes fresh and your wits about you so that you can win this puzzle game. Wasp Solitaire is not for the novice card player. After mastering standard solitaire card games, Wasp Solitaire will provide you with an exciting challenge to try and try again. Any card in the tableau is up for grabs in Wasp Solitaire. This means you can use the cards stacked underneath the other cards, unlike many other versions.

24/7 Scorpion Solitaire 1.0

Scorpion Solitaire is one of the hardest versions of solitaire to beat. Try this version if you are looking for yet another version of solitaire to liven up your day. Scorpion Solitaire is a fun, yet different way to play solitaire. The goal is to remove all cards from the tableau. Transfer the cards to the right side of the board, placing them in descending order. The cards in descending order do not have to be of the same suit.

Expert 4th of July Sudoku 1.0

Way to go! You are now a 4th of July Sudoku Expert! This is our top level of 4th of July Sudoku and if you can beat this online game you deserve a doctorate in Sudoku. Tell your friend to call you Dr. Sudoku! Play this game if you love lengthy, very advanced strategic game play that requires outside of the box sudoku reasoning. Play Expert 4th of July Suoku the same way that you play all other sudoku puzzles on this site.

Expert Summer Sudoku 1.0

It's burnin' hot this summer with Expert Summer Sudoku! As the name implies, this summer themed version of popular sudoku is only for those expert sudoku game players. To complete this puzzle, you do not need to guess. Logic will prevail, but you must be well trained in sudoku advanced solving techniques in order to win this type of expert sudoku game! The game is still played the same as all sudoku variations - enter a one through nine.

Cubetractor 1.0

In this action-strategy-puzzle hybrid you?ll use Cubetracting, the art of attracting Cubes, to crush enemies and build turrets! In Cubetractor, you must learn the art of moving and building cubes if you want to reach your goals. The game carries elements of a reverse tower defence and a grounded bullet-hell dodger to deliver a unique gameplay experience presented in a classic top-down perspective.

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