Virto Ajax SharePoint Web Part Calendar

Virto Ajax Calendar is a web part for SharePoint. It's built for displaying events collected from any SharePoint List in a single calendar view. Virto Calendar is designed for SharePoint Release 3 and built on Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. Virto is provided with a number of new features including easy events creating with one mouse click, quick navigation by using a date picker, drag and drop for events creating and changing event duration.

Affiliate Marketing Referral 2.0

Affiliate Marketing Referral Sales Copy Page Generator is a simple desktop application that will guide you through the process of creating professional sales pages step-by-step. By utilizing Copy Buzz to help you with crank out your sales letters, it's like having a copywriter on standby 24-hours every single day. That will certainly save you a ton of time and effort!

Stock Market for Beginners 1.0

Free Stock Market for Beginners CHMOD Calculator. Find securities trading resources from CHMOD Calculator. Easily reach all the trading information you need to trade stocks, futures and FOREX directly from your CHMOD Calculator.

FusionCharts 3.1

FusionCharts v3 helps you create animated and interactive Flash charts for web and desktop applications. It livens up your applications by converting monotonous data into exciting visuals. FusionCharts can be integrated with a myriad of web technologies like ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, Python or even simple HTML pages. It works with all databases.

Outdoor Sporting Equipment 1.0

Outdoor Sporting Equipment: Squeeze Page software for windows. To really enjoy your outdoor sporting activities you need to have the proper gear. Many places do stock outdoor sports equipment which are cheap inferior quality but you should make sure they are made of good quality material or they will get damaged or broken very soon. If you are shopping on-line this is where you can get the very best deals.

vehicle-insurance--audio1 3.01

Add AUDIO to Your Website, Emails, and Newsletters in 30 Seconds and Save 100's of dollars Per Year, No subscription fee's, No per minute charges, Just this FREE code Generator Simple step-by-step system to add MP3, WMA, Wav and MIDI files to your webpages in no more than a few mouse clicks

auto-insurance-rates-template1 3.01

Make and sell website templates for free, fast and easy. with our software you can design and resell templates or make a web template for your own site in just minutes, its fast free and easy and you dont need any programming knowledge.

Buy Cheap LCD TV 1.0

Cheap LCD TV: Optin form software for windows. At one time the only way to get a cheap LCD TV was to go for one of the cheap supermarket brands but as prices have now dropped on the major name brands such as Sony, LG, Philips, Samsung, etc. Don't be fooled by the the low prices of discount brands, they try to compensate for lower quality electronics and picture quality by offering sleeker designs and peripheral features.

Flat Screen TV 1.0

Flat Screen TV: Free info box creator software for windows. Plasma and LCD flat screen TV's look very similar, but inside they use very different technologies to create the image. If you are looking to buy a large television say over 40 inches then Plasma has always been the only choice however LCD?s are catching up and larger LCD panels are now available at over 50 inches. Plasma television technology has suffered problems with burn-in.

Best LCD TV 1.0

Best LCD TV: Link popularity checking software for windows. The current best top brands are LG, Philips, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic and screens vary from 15 inches to 57 inches. The larger screens are predominantly plasma, but new manufacturing techniques mean that large LCD screens are becoming available. At present large screen LCD televisions tend to be more expensive than the equivalent plasma.

Click Bank Make Money Instant Download F 1.0

Quickly create download forms on your website, where users can come along, enter there name and email address and have an email sent to them containing there download link - you also get an email with this persons email address. A fantastic tool for building up your mailing list!

Debt Settlement 5.1

Debt Settlement keyword search tool for seo. Find credit card debt settlement keywords for your best search engine optimization. We provide free consulting services that are geared toward anyone looking for information on debt settlement.

Philips 37PFL5522D 1.0

Philips 37PFL5522D, free coupon code generator windows software. Picture processing is via Philips 'Pixel Plus' technology which is designed to enhance picture sharpness, improve colour performance and natural detail. This televisions stong point By far is the quality of black levels having a contrast ratio of 7,500:1 (dynamic) giving an impressive level of shadow detailing. Equally impressive is the realistic colour graduations of colour.

42 Panasonic Plasma TV 1.0

42 Panasonic Plasma TV, free affiliate page generator software. Anyone looking to buy a 42 inch plasma wants the best money can buy, a high performance picture at the best possible price. The new range of plasma televisions from Panasonic are now a match for the very best and are attracting best reviews and ratings from the industry. Panasonic now have some of the best 42-inch plasma televisions on the market for the best quality performance.

credit-card-debt-settlement-wallppr 3.00

Automatically change your computers desktop wallpaper with our new, easy to use software Change your windows background every x minutes Change it to a background from a list that you put together

LinksMaker 1.0

ClickCoders dot org's LinksMaker is designed for those who use CMS systems, blogs, any publishing system that recognizes HTML. It provides a fast wizard driven method of generating quick links out of text and graphics. Enter the URL of the graphic (or the text to create a link from) and then the target to link to. Set the centering and "load in new window" options and then click MAKE LINK and LinksMaker will do the rest.

credit-card-debt-reduction-reseller 3.00

Customize Your Ebook Mini Sites Instantly Save Time And Effort Protect Against Expensive Mistakes New Software Does All This And More! Easy Resell Plus will automatically update the payment links in any mini site, ready for you to take payments. Even if there are lots of links scattered around the page, you can update the site instantly, just by pressing a button.

compare-auto-insurance-automakers 1.00

Add AUDIO to Your Website, Emails, and Newsletters in 30 Seconds and Save 100's of dollars Per Year, No subscription fee's, No per minute charges, Just this FREE code Generator Simple step-by-step system to add MP3, WMA, Wav and MIDI files to your webpages in no more than a few mouse clicks

credit-card-debt-help-contactfrm 1.25

The forms can either have 1 email address or give potential customers a choice. Contact forms like this are a great way of avoiding SPAM! Your email address isn't put into the html. Prefix the email subject for easy sorting. Contact Form Creator is a quick and easy software tool that sets up a php file for creating contact forms with maximum function.

obout ASP.NET Grid 4.0.3

Being the fastest ASP.NET Grid, obout Grid has superior performance with millions record rendering in a second. Besides, it possess many great features: (1) Rich Design-Time Support (2)Built-in AJAX, no coding needed (3) Multi-column sorting (4) Paging support (5) Customizing page-size selector (6) Able to add/delete/edit multiple records (7)Grouping the records (8)Localize the Grid to any language (9) Columns resizable (10)Export to Excel, Word.

best-life-insurance-company-url 2.00

Shrink Long URLs And Hide Your Affiliates Links Now Right From Your Desktop When it's time to send a long URL to a friend, wouldn't it nice to be able to send a shorter version so it won't risk to break and not work in your friend's email client? When you refer your newsletter readers to a product or service you're getting paid for, wouldn't it be nice if you could hide your affiliate links and instantly increase your commissions?

affordable-life-insurance-ecovers 2.00

Instantly Create Simple Covers For Any Project In Under 30 Seconds Finally you can fire your graphics designer and save yourself a truckload of money As a digital product owner, it's very likely that you have spent money to have a graphics designer create a professional looking cover graphic for your product. If you have, then you know that most graphic designers charge from $97 to over $150 just to create ONE simple cover!

life-insurance-company-jointv 2.00

Never Before Seen Software Generates Perfect Joint Venture Letters That Will Instantly Line Your Pockets?Even If You Don?t know What You Are Doing If You Want To Be Able To Churn Out Your Own Cash-Spitting Joint Venture Proposals Quickly And Easily, Then Here?s How To Get Your Hands On This Newly Released, Mind Blowing Software

what-is-the-best-life-insurance-keyword 2.00

Keyword Content Multiplier can quickly insert your specified keywords into web pages, creating multiple keyword relevant pages in seconds. Perfect for PPC landing pages and allowing you to offer more relevant results to your visitors.

biggest-life-insurance-companies-adtrack 2.00

lets you know what is effective in your advertising With the Ultimate Ad Tracker v2.1 package you will be able to run your own professional tracking system designed to give you precise statistics on your links You can assign a unique name to each link you create, with a note to identify it in your stats.

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